Shape of You - Ed Sheeran


This song was played so many times on the radio and the next time it comes on I'll either change the channel or shoot my eardrums with a handgun. Oh wait, I don't have to do that, as this song literally makes my ears bleed. It has a mediocre dancehall melody that every pop artist and their mom is trying to replicate, the song is about loving a girl solely for her bodily appearance, and every white girl and her single mom is playing this on the way to school and soccer/volleyball practice, with a stop at the local Starbucks. 2/5-Annoying. - shiftaltkey

"Last night you were in my room, now my bed sheets smell like you." Stupidest lyrics of all time.

Annoys the demons inside of me. That beeping drives me to the verge of insanity, not to mention the perverted lyrics. Simply poor music at it's best. Ed has musical talent with other songs such as "Castle on the hill" and "Thinking Out Loud" but this isn't the Ed Sheeran that I knew.

I like Ed Sheeran as a singer. However, I do not like this song. It sounds good, but if you actually listen to the lyrics, he's objectifying this girl, and he sounds like a stalker when he sings this song.

Being so inoffensive to the point of being offensive was already bad enough, but the fact that this is the most successful song of the century worldwide when Ed Sheeran can do so, SO much better (such as The A Team or Afire Love) makes this a lot worse. It's kinda fitting since this song represents why 2017 been such a miserable year for music. 0/10. - NiktheWiz

Apparently this was supposed to be given to Rihanna. Glad it wasn't because Rihanna mostly has good music and I'd rather she not get another Pile of Crap. So I think was given to Ed Sheehan instead. And HOLY CRAP it is as generic and overplayed as "Closer" by The Chainsmokers. His vocals are very annoying and too low for him, the generic sex theme is here, the beat is annoying...I'm so sick of hearing this on the radio and at the gym. Can't even... - DCfnaf

I was never a fan of Ed Sheeran, but he was at least tolerable until this "song" came out! It's songs like this that make modern music as hated as it is, because it's nothing but generic, overplayed, inappropriate, and absolutely unbearable at this point!

It's not even bad it's just not a ingesting song to even give a crap about ed is just singing not having emotion it's so bland and modern and I can't really hate it to be exact there's just nothing to talk about this song I get why people hate this it's because it's old I'm not gonna say it's bad but it's a downer 2.5/5

This songs is catchy but perverted. Bart Baker parody was better.

In this song Ed Sheeran sounds like he just lost his virginity and was so excited that he HAD to tell all the world about it. This songs' lyrics stating outright that he loves a woman only for her body paints the rest of his discography in a new light. - Rambo

The lyrics are what makes this so crap. "Last night you were in my room, and now my bed sheets smell like you." Ed, please think of the children that can listen to this on the radio.

So overplayed on the radio. Ed Sheeran can do better than this, plus this song is so sexual. I heard this like a million times already, don't play it anymore. - AnimeDrawer

Overrated, stupid, annoying, repetitive beyond imagination, and Ed says the same three words most of the song. I except more from him. Any Justin Bieber song is better than this

There is literally nothing to the song, with the annoying repetition of the jingle nearly driving my ears to bleed. I just can't understand the fuss around this song!

"Last night you were in my room, now my bed sheets smell like you." Stupidest lyrics EVER. - Sammmm

This is just the more disappointing version of Don't Wanna Know by Maroon 5. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

This song is horrible. It sounds like a nightclub owner trying to lure underage girls into his club. I don't know why, it just sounds like that for me. - TwilightKitsune

This is the male version of Cheap Thrills. 3/5 - ProPanda

The difference between the two is that Cheap Thrills is a decent song. - DCfnaf

I'm probably the ONLY KID IN MY GRADE WHO HATES THIS SONG! All Ed does in this song is talking about some girl's body. I SERIOUSLY want songs these days to be something OTHER THAN love! - PhoenixAura81

Just a generic horrible song, music is pretty much dead at this point

We were in a school bus and while we were going back to school, this song came out and all I wanted to do was to smash the window, fall down in the street and get hit by a car!

Why does he have to say "my bed sheets smell like you" in the song, why?!

Castle on the Hill was boring, but it wasn't a song I could call bad. This, however... - Spark_Of_Life

What is with these social justice-pandering albums these days? First it was NO, now it's this. Well, that depends on the way you interpret the lyrics. Either this girl Ed's wooing has a good body, or it's another "you don't need to be skinny to be hot baby" album, which both are really cliché aspects of the pop genre. Either way, this is really disappointing from someone immensely talented as Ed Sheeran. Not only has his voice shrilled to the point of the lyrics becoming ad-nauseam, but the guitar. Yes, the thing that makes Ed's songs as upbeat as they are is an underlying lick Shawn Mendes could replicate in a mere solo. It seems like Ed's going to sell out to the housewives and working-class women demographic with this boring song. Boy, isn't that fun? - Swellow

The beat is good. But his voice ruins the song. Plus it's REALLY overrated, there are many other songs that deserve better