Top 10 Worst Songs of 2018-2019


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1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Lil Meerkat

Can someone please explain how this is enjoyable to listen to
And even 10% as good as the original

Imagine taking this seriously

How dare you hate this masterpiece. - RadioHead03

I'm speechless

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2 Billy - 6ix9ine

Saying the n-word over and over again does not make you cool, smart, or interesting regardless of what race you are - IronFist13

Chill out with that word, That's why you"re going to prison until you're 65 anyway. Terrible song, terrible rapper. - RobertWisdom

I agrre that's racist you can't say n-word
Its not in you vocabulary

So profane. - GeneralJP

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3 Girls Like You - Maroon 5

Slow, lifeless, boring mediocre trash that got way too much airplay and makes me question how bad popular music is in the late 2010s - IronFist13

I think it is very boring. In other words not enjoyable - Jetister

How is this song worse than Gummo? - Chris2285

What do you mean this song is amazong

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4 Butterfly Doors - Lil Pump

No this song is good it was rated one of the best rap song I love it

If it's made by Lil Pump then it's a dump - DarkBoi-X

Yeah, it's by Lil Pump. - GeneralJP

CHING CHONG - Not_A_Weeaboo

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5 GUMMO - 6ix9ine

6ix9ine is garbage - DarkBoi-X

6ix9ine is garbage
F up

Just put every 6ix9ine song on here. - shiftaltkey

Terrible. - RadioHead03

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6 FEFE - 6ix9ine

I can just put only 6ix9ine songs on this list because he is that untalented and atrocious at making music - IronFist13

I hate 6ix9ine but this song is kinda a bop

FEFE had a good beat that was the only reason I wouldn't hate this song. - GeneralJP

First Keke then Bebe, Sese, Zeze, Jefe and now Fefe? Is this what music has come to? Oh please no... - tyrelljanderson

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7 Stoopid - 6ix9ine

Perfect song title to describe this song and everything about 6ix9ine in general. He deserved to be in jail for the rest of his life for all the atrocities he's committed, physically and sonically - IronFist13

This is one of the few actually good 6ix9ine songs. - MemeTheKeem

He looks like a walking skittle

Funny, though. - GeneralJP

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8 F**K All Does Lamas - Submarine Man

I think what you guys don't understand is that Submarine Man is a troll. I don't think this counts as a song of 2018-19. - galaxyfox

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9 Captain Out of Tune - Lil Mosquito Disease UListen to Sample
10 7 Rings - Ariana Grande

This is bragging (sorry).
Have anyone of you heard monopoly?
Ariana Grande brags more about her riches in this song.

Terrible song. It is just her bragging about how rich she is and rapping terribly.

Worst song ever made. This will be history in the future. It's terrible

Make this number one.
It sucks like Pewdiepie.

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? Zeze - Kodak Black UListen to Sample
? Under Enemy Arms - Trippie Redd UListen to Sample

The Contenders

11 Money - Cardi B

If you listen to it closely, it's the same note and hi-hat played over and over again. And not to say, there is no actual content in this song, just endless yammering talk and inappropriate BS I won't bother throwing away. No amount of money is going to make this song better. - MChkflaguard_Yt

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12 Mo Bamba - Sheck Wes

Poor production, dumb title, stupid and nonsensical lyrics, annoying vocals, sleep-inducing beat, spawned unfunny memes. This has almost everything a bad song has going for it nowadays - IronFist13

This was awful. - GeneralJP

Gotta disagree with this one - 2storm

Still better than that piece of crap they call a "song", Sicko Mode. - B1ueNew

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13 The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

My GOD I hate this song it's so monotonous I have a mini stroke every time I hear it! The whole song sounds exactly the same even the "drop" is disappointing, theirs this build up for nothing and its just sad

I feel like with a song that has a futuristic vibe made by a famous DJ, Maren Morris isn't cut out for this. The song itself is overplayed and Maren Morris sings pretty bad, the beat itself is pretty good. - PolyStation

Some how this got song of the year on Iheartradio awards - Monkeywolf228

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14 Big Ole Freak - Megan Thee Stallion UListen to Sample
15 Kelly - Kelly Rowland
16 Dog Walk - Submarine Man

All his songs are jokes. - Userguy44

Go search up the lyrics to dog walk on genius, they are very disturbing - ShrekTheGoat

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17 I Love the Smelly Feet - Submarine Man

Awful - tyrelljanderson

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18 Warzone - Yoko Ono UListen to Sample
19 Apple Berry Nana - Eric Bellinger UListen to Sample
20 Shake 88 - Denzel Curry UListen to Sample
21 Stinko Foot - Submarine Man


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22 Close Friends - Lil Baby UListen to Sample
23 Shave that Stinky Head - Submarine Man UListen to Sample
24 Old Town Road - Lil Nas X

I get the joke. Here how about this poem
No as in HELL NO.
Outraging (in a bad way)

This song is garbage, It should be #1 on this list because of how bad it is

Country + Rap = Crap.
Get the idea? - I80

It sucks

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25 Fortnite N Chill - Ricegum

Why should something like this even exist? - Smashball23

Don't even get me started on this one. Just as bad as 7 rings.

It's songs like these that make me question my faith in humanity - IronFist13

Ugh, not this song again - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

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26 Der Kommissar - Sido & Falco UListen to Sample
27 Sicko Mode - Travis Scott

Good idea, bad execution. For starters, this song is split into three distinct sections complete with tempo changes and different instrumentation, all totaling up to a run time of nearly 6 minutes in length, longer than most other modern pop and rap songs. Novel idea, right? In hindsight, yes. However, the song gets ruined by its shabby production, weak lyrics, and boring vocals, especially from Drake, who sounds just as bland and monotone as ever. Need I mention that annoying unfunny meme where people ask if you want to listen to this or Mo Bamba. Again, this song could have been something decent had they put a bit more effort into it, but it ended up being just another run-of-the-mill trap song but with progressive elements instead - IronFist13

Na, this is good - tyrelljanderson

Trash, trash, trash, and, oh yeah, TRASH.

One of the worst mainstream songs in a while. - B1ueNew

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28 High Top Shoes - Jojo Siwa

I haven't heard it yet, but it's jojo siwa so I'm voting for it. - galaxyfox

Could not bare to listen to this after 54 seconds

This is a terrible song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Get this to number 1 - tyrelljanderson

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29 Early 2K - Chris Brown

This is so lazy, to the point where this wouldn't feel out of place on an Eric Bellinger album. - DaWyteNight

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30 Ice on My Wrist - Lil Flexer

This song is just Ice on my Wrist, Gucci Gucci - tyrelljanderson

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31 Friends - Anne Marie and Marshmello

Incredibly over-rated but not completely terrible - oceanbreezetheawesomewarrior

Childish yes, but still good. - GeneralJP

Childish and rude - IronFist13

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32 Earth - Lil Dicky

The video is decent, but the song is horrendous. The beat is a snoozefest, and it just feels like they got a whole bunch of celebrities to act like cute animals saying unfunny dirty jokes, which doesn't even happen the whole time. At least Freaky Friday knew what it was trying to do! This just tries to say "save the planet" and then does not understand how to convey that message. The lyrics are also very bland and basic. There is a reason charity songs died down after the turn of the millennium.

I won't lie though, Keven Heart saying "and I'm Kanye West" was so random and stupid that it made me chuckle. Even then though, that line was supposedly intended for Kanye, but Lil Dicky couldn't get him on this song. - Atham

Haters gonna hate. I love this song but we all have our own opinions

Horrible song. This is probably on the worst song of the decade.

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33 Ain't Ya Ex - Eric Bellinger UListen to Sample
34 Why - Yoko Ono

Turn this off immediately - tyrelljanderson

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35 Memes - Lil Flexer

You know you've made a terrible and pandering song when it is simply titled "Memes" - IronFist13

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36 I'm Single - Jake Paul

Good that your single idiot, No one wants you. - B1ueNew

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37 Sad! - Xxxtentacion

I hate this song and XXXTentacion in general. He makes a song threatening suicide, the song gets big, he ends up killing himself as a result and becomes a martyr, and the industry pumps out all his "songs" for everyone to sheepishly embrace because they think that he is their god when in reality, I've seen 5-year olds that have more talent than him. If you like his music, fine. That's your opinion. But I feel that this song does not deserve the hype and praise it gets, nevermind the fact that it sounds as lifeless as a rock in the middle of a desert and that XXXTentacion is a terrible role model as well - IronFist13

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38 Hehe - Lil Meerkat

SOnIc bOdY pIlLoW. - RadioHead03

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39 You Need to Calm Down - Taylor Swift

This sounds like something straight out of a Trolls movie because of the harmonising in the chorus. - tyrelljanderson

Thanks for telling us what to do as if we are the vad guys, Taylor Swift.


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40 Kream - Iggy Azalea

How is this below Natural? - GeneralJP

I don't care what anyones says this song is a bop - Sharkie

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41 I’m Richer Than You - Lil Meerkat UListen to Sample
42 Every Girl’s a Super Girl - Jojo Siwa

She is an awful brat in my opinion. She tries to look good so everyone will like her, but she is a terrible singer. Her songs sound like they came off the Disney channel. - tyrelljanderson

Does it matter what gender you are? I don't think so. - LightningStrike

Can Jojo Siwa just go away already?

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43 Shoot - Majoe UListen to Sample
44 Imagine - Yoko Ono

No! You can't perform your husband's masterpiece! - LightningStrike

Oh no! - Userguy44

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45 When Vultures Cry - Kodak Black UListen to Sample
46 B*TCH I'm Bella Thorne - Bella Thorne

I hate Bella Thorne

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47 Without Me - Halsey

Like I said with Happier, this song is overplayed. I hear it every day in the car and it's getting boring. Radios should allow this song to zoom zoom off the radios and play Nothing Breaks Like A Heart and Giant more, cause those songs are ACTUALLY GOOD. - DewSpectrum11

Being overplayed doesn't mean it's the worst - Iamcool

I love Halsey in this song. But it is overplayed a lot. - tyrelljanderson

It’s ok I guess - sadical

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48 Money Float - Eric Bellinger UListen to Sample
49 Get Enough - Paul McCartney

Worst Beatles song ever. I already had enough (lol) - LightningStrike

€'Get back to where you once belonged Paul”. Everyone gets the reference? - Userguy44

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50 Todokete - Lil Meerkat

At least get your autotune in key - tyrelljanderson

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