Top Ten Worst Songs of 2021

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1 Hey Boy - Sia Hey Boy - Sia Cover Art

Sia never sounded so annoying on this song. Overall, it sounds like something Tones and I would've made. I've been losing faith in Sia for a while now but this could be the death knell to her credibility.

Sia's music has hit the point of no return. This song is horrible matching the horrible ableist nature of that movie.

This song is not only terrible, it also comes from her ableist autism movie so ew

This was made by Sia?

2 Fake Woke - Tom Macdonald Fake Woke - Tom Macdonald Cover Art

Up and New Truck were bad songs, but this song... takes it to a next level. Should be Top 3 at least maybe number 1. I'm surprised it got to Number 1 on the chart. Give Up credit for at least having a decent beat and being catchy. And New Truck actually isn't that bad to me either (At least, not as bad as other songs this year.) There's no good things about this song at all. I haven't heard any of this guys music, but this is not a good impression. Like I mentioned, should be higher.

Ok, I'm seriously surprised at how most of you are going out of your way to hate on that new Cardi B song 'Up' and acting like that's almost the worst thing to come out of this year while...this egocentric turd of a song exists.
Sure, Cardi B isn't exactly a great role model for 12-year-old girls but she would definitely be a better role model than Tom MacDonald would be for ANY age group. Screw this guy and screw the fact that this is somehow charting right now. 1/10

Anything by Tom Macdonald is enough to turn me off. I gotta stay away from listening to his crap.

Never heard of this dude until now. This has GOT to be satire

3 Up - Cardi B Up - Cardi B Cover Art

Gosh, so much swearing for nothing on this lifeless song. Also, those vocals are really annoying and the instrumental sounds like second-rate Megan Thee Stallion. Unfortunately, it might get popular because of TikTok as stupid brainwashed kids will buy into this mindless crap and start a trend out of it. Thankfully, we have Olivia Rodrigo who has put a lot of effort and dedication into "Drivers License" and still had the success it deserved and would still be very successful if TikTok didn't exist.

This song is awful, the amount of cussing is unnesecarry, the video is just as disgusting as WAPS video, the lyrics are awful and the vocals are ear grating. This is the worst cardi b song with WAP. Oh and I loathe the awful production in this, it just sounds effortless and like some second hand Meghan thee horse beat

This song is super annoying and like the rest of Cardi B's songs; it's got awful lyrics and ear grating vocals. At this point, this unpleasant woman is my least favourite music artist of today due to how her awful music bleeds my ears.

Ngl, the beat is pretty catchy and well produced but the lyrics are god awful and her voice is ear grating. I now want 2 minutes and 37 seconds of my life back.

4 Country A$$ S*** - Morgan Wallen Country A$$ S*** - Morgan Wallen Cover Art

Yet another generic country song. And besides, this guy's career is crashing on takeoff after he said the "n-word" in a recorded video. Also, he needs to shave his stupid mullet.

Unlistenable garabge.

5 Loco - Anitta Loco - Anitta Cover Art

Yet another derivative Latin song with an overly repetitive chorus and butt shaking in the music video for the sole purpose of getting men turned on. It's so shameful to have to do this to make people watch a music video and it exacerbates men's sexism towards women.

6 New Truck - Florida Georgia Line New Truck - Florida Georgia Line Cover Art

Florida Georgia Line are just as country as two Southern-accented men driving a brand new pickup truck, having barbecues, drinking whiskey and hooking up with chicks wearing ripped jeans.

I haven't listened to this but I still think it sucks because: a) it's an FGL song, and b) the title boasts an obnoxious cliché in modern country music. Guess I haven't missed out and never will by not listening to it.

Does it really need to be explained why this is here? This is pop trap garbage.

This is probably FGL's worst song yet.

7 Substance (We Woke Up) - 03 Greedo & Wiz Khalifa Substance (We Woke Up) - 03 Greedo & Wiz Khalifa Cover Art

03 Greedo's vocals are so awful and Wiz Khalifa can't even save the song from being a total bore. In fact, this song is mortifying.

8 Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo Drivers License - Olivia Rodrigo Cover Art

unpopular opinion: shes very talented and has amazing vocals but the song itself is generic and not special. no hate though, im sure she made better songs than this.

Just a glorified diss/hit track on someone over weak drama

Pop music at its worst, bland and forgettable.

This song is meh, not the best but not the worst, very overrated though

9 Shame Shame - Foo Fighters Shame Shame - Foo Fighters Cover Art

At least No Son of Mine was good, this on the other hand...

10 Zaza - 6ix9ine Zaza - 6ix9ine Cover Art

Who cares? We all know the majority of his songs are terrible, so why are we still paying attention. And honestly, his stuff from last year is worse.

Why did 6ix9ine have to return with this atrocity?!

First Yaya, now Zaza. What's next? Aaaa?

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11 Vibez - Zayn Vibez - Zayn Cover Art

Zayn's music is too generic and lacks personality.

This isn't good, but I've heard worse than this.

This should be better...massively disappointing.

12 Wasted on You - Morgan Wallen Wasted on You - Morgan Wallen Cover Art

His rusty voice makes me want to gouge my ears out

Generic bro-country music.

13 1+1 - Sia

I could put all of Sia's soundtrack to Music. The whole album is full of rehashed and repetitive melodies, repetitive and childish lyrics, outdated beats, and Sia's vocals sounding more ear grating than ever. To be honest, it makes me feel like I'm listening to Tones and I coupled with Meghan Trainor's pretentiousness. Her music was already declining in 2016 but now it's hit a point of no return. It hurts to say that but Sia probably never should've become famous.

Anything Sia does that is connected with the film "Music" will instantly be one of the worst of the year for me. This song is condescending, pretentious crap which equals the condescending crap that is the film "Music"

It’s a shame she’s a good singer but an ableist

14 Eye to Eye - Sia Eye to Eye - Sia Cover Art

The production is okay but Sia's vocals sound horrible. In fact, she's becoming as unbearable as Tones and I unfortunately.

Listen to this Sia monstrousity? I’d rather have the song with the similar name from The Goofy Movie?

15 Don't Play - Anne-Marie, KSI & Digital Farm Animals Don't Play - Anne-Marie, KSI & Digital Farm Animals Cover Art
16 Flames - MOD SUN Flames - MOD SUN Cover Art

I just don't think Mod Sun and Avril Lavigne have any chemistry whatsoever

Err, what is this

Just putting this so it’s above KSIs song

17 Skin - Sabrina Carpenter Skin - Sabrina Carpenter Cover Art

"drivers license" doesn't deserve to be above the two desperate, attention-seeking diss tracks that came afterwards, especially this one.

So petty and immature, especially when "drivers license" didn't even paint Sabrina in a bad light at all. Talk about having a thin skin.

Honestly, this song seems like a cash grab, mooching off of the success of driver's license.

This sucked so bad

18 Lay Down Your Love (2020 Remix) - Whitesnake Lay Down Your Love (2020 Remix) - Whitesnake Cover Art

The first half is okay, but the guitar solo is way too naggy and painfully demonstrative. The guitarist sounds like he's stuck in the 80s and there is so much distorsion that it makes the solo unlistenable. Anyway, glam metal is out of style, and for good.

19 Something Stupid - Jonas Blue & AWA Something Stupid - Jonas Blue & AWA Cover Art

You wanted a new club hit? Here's a zillionth sample of "Show Me Love" by Robin S! You'd be lying if you said you never heard this song before (FYI, this song has been sampled on countless hit songs such as "Show Me" by Kid Ink, "Don't Wanna Go Home" by Jason Derulo, etc. etc.)

You wanna know something stupid? This song.

20 Windowsill - Zayn Windowsill - Zayn Cover Art
21 Lifestyle - Jason Derulo Lifestyle - Jason Derulo Cover Art

If it was just Jason Derulo, this would be a decent-to-good song. I hate how Adam Levine still sounds just as apathetic as ever. That may have been the case in Nobody's Love too but at least that song was catchy and had a good hook. Here, it may only seem like the hook could wear out on me over time, but the hook's still not good. 5/10

This song is actually okay but hearing Jason Derulo singing his name at the beginning of each song is starting to become annoying, plus he sounds tired at the beginning of the song.

This is just boring.

22 Lie Lie Lie - Joshua Bassett Lie Lie Lie - Joshua Bassett Cover Art
23 Sand in My Boots - Morgan Wallen Sand in My Boots - Morgan Wallen Cover Art

The most irritatingly raspy voice I've ever heard.

24 Not My Problem - Escape the Fate Not My Problem - Escape the Fate Cover Art
25 "Bop" - CJ
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