Top 10 Worst Songs of 2022

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1 Phuckboi Rejects - Royal & the Serpent Phuckboi Rejects - Royal & the Serpent Cover Art

This is should be no.1 than any Yung Lambo songs. This song is completely abysmal. Sounds like a dying whale. So whiny and annoying.

I really hate this song that it's on the top of my remix, it makes "Iffy" sound "so good".

After listening to the sample, I can agree. This song is cringe.

2 Iffy - Chris Brown Iffy - Chris Brown Cover Art

Another uncreative song made by Chris Clown. When will he finally stop urinating on popular music?

Wait, he's back? Please no!

This is should be above any Yung Lambo songs. Yung Lambo is just a troll.

3 Lovesick - Maroon 5 Lovesick - Maroon 5 Cover Art

Annoying song with a bland beat and Adam Levine belting out like a decaying goat. It was just released as a radio single in some countries but it's gonna tank for sure.

This is plain boring

4 Gine - 6ix9ine Gine - 6ix9ine Cover Art

I haven't even listened to this song and I have no plan to listen to it, but I still think it sucks and I don't think this needs any explanation. It's gonna tank for sure. A lot of people who were "fans" of his "music" finally grew a brain last year.

As always, 6ix9ine releases an atrocity. Let's hope it tanks just like his last one.
Edit: thankfully it did.

This "song" is absolutely abysmal and so is the music video.

This is awful, easily worst of the year so far. Hoping he never drops the album

5 We the People - Kid Rock We the People - Kid Rock Cover Art

Another atrocious song made by Kid Rock. Much worser than Don't Tell Me How To Live.

6 New World Order - Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun New World Order - Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun Cover Art
7 SDWM - Whokilledxix SDWM - Whokilledxix Cover Art
8 Permanence - David Guetta & Morten Permanence - David Guetta & Morten Cover Art

Big room house is out of style, and David Guetta doesn't seem to get it.

9 Whiteboyz - Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun

Did anyone even ask for a sequel to "Whiteboy"?

10 Mona Lisa - Lil Pump Mona Lisa - Lil Pump Cover Art

I thought Lil Pump was no longer a thing by 2020...

Lil Pump still makes music?! Listen to Panic! at The Disco's Ballad of Mona Lisa instead.

I thought we left this guy back in 2018.

This sounds terrible

The Newcomers

? G.O.A.T. - The Notorious B.I.G. G.O.A.T. - The Notorious B.I.G. Cover Art
? We Don't Talk About Bruno - Kidz Bop Kids We Don't Talk About Bruno - Kidz Bop Kids Cover Art
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11 Amazing Call - Yung Lambo & Hood Guy Amazing Call - Yung Lambo & Hood Guy Cover Art

This song is just a troll. Please don't take it seriously. This is just a joke.

This is actually garbage

What am I listening to

12 Smile - RuPaul Smile - RuPaul Cover Art
13 Step Back - Got the Beat Step Back - Got the Beat Cover Art
14 Can't Get Enough - Sigma Can't Get Enough - Sigma Cover Art

The AutoTune is so poorly mixed on this bland track and the chorus is really annoying. I like Sigma but this is definitely one of their worst songs ever made.

15 Menace 5 - Lil Squeaky Menace 5 - Lil Squeaky Cover Art

Is Lil Squeaky a troll artist?

16 Fingers Crossed - Lauren Spencer-Smith Fingers Crossed - Lauren Spencer-Smith Cover Art

What is good about this? I really don't get it. The incredibly bland acoustic guitar beat with quiet finger snaps which are barely there and they feel more like an unfinished filler than percussion, the vocals just sound like melodic screaming at certain points and it really doesn't sound good, I really don't see any good through listening to this, it also comes on the radio too much. This is basically the next Someone You Loved, the two songs are so similar in every way plus I hate them both equally.

This has to be the most overrated acoustic ballad of the year. It has an okay melody and the lyrics are heartfelt, but the vocals at the chorus are actually painful to listen to. I'm not a certified vocal coach whatsoever, but I still think Lauren Spencer-Smith needs to take singing lessons so she can correct her pitch.

17 The Fallen - Boris The Fallen - Boris Cover Art

I honestly disagree with Boris being on here. W wasn't an amazing album, but I found it enjoyable even though it has many flaws

18 Pushin Cheese - Lil Stuart Little & Yung Bink$ Pushin Cheese - Lil Stuart Little & Yung Bink$ Cover Art
19 You Will Know (Ohayo Version) - Boris You Will Know (Ohayo Version) - Boris Cover Art

Unpopular opinion: Torturous mess with no substance whatsoever

20 Hate Über Alles - Kreator Hate Über Alles - Kreator Cover Art

Unpopular opinion: this song is formulaic as hell, but I guess I just don't like thrash metal.

21 High - The Chainsmokers High - The Chainsmokers Cover Art

No one asked TCS to come back, especially after they killed EDM in the late 2010s. This song just sounds like a demo that was rejected by The Kid Laroi. The beat and the guitar are generic, Drew Taggart's vocals are horrendously drowned in AutoTune and the lyrics are as immature as any other TCS song. Let's just leave the Chainsmokers back in 2018 already.

22 Very Dope 2 - Yung Lambo & Hood Guy Very Dope 2 - Yung Lambo & Hood Guy Cover Art

They should play Yung Lambo's songs on the radio and attach him to a bigger label. *joke*

23 Welcome to the Playhouse - Steve Aoki & Shaquille O'Neal Welcome to the Playhouse - Steve Aoki & Shaquille O'Neal Cover Art

Well that's a given! A has-been DJ inviting a rapper that never was in his new song. I haven't listened to it but it's guaranteed to suck.

24 California - Oliver Tree California - Oliver Tree Cover Art

Bland instrumental + corny lyrics + obnoxious vocals = this pile of crap. Usually I like Oliver Tree but his new album is such a disappointment, and this is arguably the worst song in the bunch.

25 Purge - Willow Purge - Willow Cover Art

This song makes "Whip My Hair" sound like a masterpiece.

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