Top 10 Worst Songs Of All Time (Parody)

As you well know music has taken a dive off a cliff in the past couple decades. It's all become a bunch of fake autotune and stupid stuff and all people sing about is sex and drugs and they use autotune and also the instruments are fake and they use autotune. People only judge music by the artist's looks. Today I'm here to count down the 10 worst of all of them, of all the stupid songs that have come out after 2000.

#10: "Gangnam Style" - Psy
This isn't even a song. It's in another language and other languages are bad. All the stupid people who bought the song can't even understand the words, it's so stupid. Also it made a stupid dance and the dance is stupid. This guy needs to shut up and stop making music because he's bad at it.

#9: "Problem" - Ariana Grande & Iggy Azalea
This song is so stupid. Ariana Grande is ugly and she sings bad. Iggy Azalea is ugly too and she raps bad. This stupid song was popular and it was on the radio all the time and I hate it because it's stupid. I want to chop off Ariana Grande's ponytail and burn it because she's stupid and she's a bitch and she has no talent. Iggy Azalea needs to die too because she's stupid and her voice is stupid and she's trying to sound black but she's not. Why is she even rapping? She's white. I thought rapping was only for the Black people.

#8: "Happy" - Pharell
This song is stupid and overplayed. It's lyrics mean nothing and it's stupid and it's just a song about being happy. How dare somebody make a song that's about happiness!? I hate songs that get popular like this because it's stupid and Pharrell has no talent. I hope that this song gets flushed away from everyone's memories because it's one of the worst songs ever.

#7: "What Makes You Beautiful" - One Direction
Oh my God I hate this song so much! All it's about is about stupid girls and it's sung by stupid boys who have no talent. I hope that all the members of One Direction get AIDS and die. This song is one of the worst songs ever because it's stupid and the lyrics are done and it's not even a good song. And it was on the radio all the time and it's overplayed it's so stupid Oh my God kill it with fire. All boy bands HORRIBLE AND SHOULD DIE!!!1!1!111!

#6: "Best of Both Worlds" - Hannah Montana
Hannah Montana is stupid I hate that show. And this song is by Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus is ugly and she can't sing. This song is for the stupid little girls and it's one of the worst songs ever. Who even came up with this show and theme song? My little sister used to watch that show and I'd have to hear this song all the time and it's so annoying Miley Cyrus needs to die! Also she's a whore and she sets a bad example for little girls. There's a video where she's swinging naked on a wrecking ball so that means this song sucks.

#5: "Let It Go" - Elsa
Oh my God this song sucks! This song is so stupid and meaningless in Elsa can't sing! Frozen is so overrated and it's a stupid movie I hate it so much! This song is so annoying and it sounds horrible! How does anyone even listen to this crap? The people who wrote this and saying this need to go to hell because it's so bad and it ruins lives! I wish this song never existed because it's so terrible and I hate it! And we're not even at #1 yet!

#4: "Call Me Maybe" - Carly Rae Jepsen
Oh my God I hate this song so much! It's so annoying and it's so overplayed and Carly Rae Jepsen needs to just die!!1!1! This girl can't even sing her voice is so bad and I want to just strangle her for making this song! It's just about some boy and she wants him to call her that's so stupid, why would she write a song about a relationship!? And the chorus is so stupid in the lyrics are so stupid and it needs to die! It's so repetitive too, it repeats the phrase "call me maybe" like 10 times! Oh my God why do people even buy this I hate it!!111!!1!

#3: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is so stupid and she's done and she's ugly and she should die! All she does is right about her ex-boyfriend and she writes about breakups and she writes about boys and her life! She's so stupid why does she even write songs about that and her songs are also stupid. She only writes songs for little girls and she manipulates them into buying her stupid songs about nothing! This song is the worst of them because she sings bad. And also the lyrics are dumb and she repeats the chorus 4 times! I want to kill her for making this song! Why do they play this garbage on the radio and not Metallica and Iron Maiden, that's real music that doesn't use autotune!

#2: "Friday" - Rebecca Black
This song is so stupid and I hate it so much! Rebecca Black should die for making this piece of stupid garbage! This song is about the days of the week. That's so stupid I already know the days of the week! Why would she even make this song, and why do people even like this it's so stupid and it sucks! Also, Rebecca Black doesn't sing good at all she sounds like a dying rat! Also she uses autotune. They need to make a law that states that only people with Talent get to make songs and they should ban autotune because it sucks and I hate it! Why is this popular and not "Bohemian Rhapsody"!!1?!!31?!! Rebecca Black should kill herself for making this stupid song!

#1: "Baby" - Justin Bieber
OH MY GOD I HATE THIS STUPID SONG AND JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!1!1!!!! This song is stupid, all he does in it is say baby over and over again and it's stupid. He sings like a girl and he is dumb! He is gay and he likes boys which is why he maked this gay stupid girl song! He looks like a lesbian and he can't sing and he sucks! Justin Bieber needs to die of Ebola mixed with AIDS! He has no talent and he doesn't deserve to be alive! Please go kill yourself Justin' your music songs are terrible and you are a gay lesbian!!!1!1!!

Well, there it is. The ten worst songs of all time, they are all songs that ruined the world and the artist who made them should die. Why do people even listen to this crap. They should listen to old music and Metal. People who listen to this crap should due too, anyone who doesn't listen to the music that I do should die because the music I listen to is the best. I hope the people that made this crap and listen to this crap suffer one day for it!!!!1!111!!!!!!


No offense, but this has me laughing. - Swellow

Keyword: Parody.
Cookie would never put Carly rae on a worst list - ProPanda

He knows. That's why he was laughing. Lol. I would never put Taylor on a worst list either. - visitor

I can't talk about how awesome sauce this is.
You forgot I love you by Barney - ProPanda

I'm going to do a parody. - Swellow

Not bad, but you know you can just do a remix. Also, you forgot "Miracles" Insane Clown Posse. - visitor

It's a joke lol. I'm making fun of people that make lists and defend them like this. It's not real - visitor

About that miracles song, just yesterday I tried ranting about the song, but the admin had put it on some random list where nobody can see it so its gone. - visitor

WOW, I'm so glad this is a joke. Oh well, may well give my opinion of every song in the top ten.

10. I like this. I used to dislike it, but that's before I listened to Gentleman again, wow that song is awful.
9. I like this song, definitely better than either Break Free or Fancy.
8. I like this song, it's just no one can tolerate a song getting played more than twice.
7. This is one of the only three songs in the top ten I actively dislike, and even then One Direction has done so much worse (and even their worst song Steal My Girl isn't even one of my 20 least favorites of 2014).
6. Meh.
5. I actually am pretty close to loving this song, but wow am I sick of it.
4. I like this, not to the extent you do though.
3. One of Taylor's worst, and I still find it a bit decent.
2. The only one on the list I actually HATE. And even then, it's still only #8 on my list of the worst 2011 songs.
1. You already know how I feel about this.

As a parody, this is a 10/10 post. - WonkeyDude98

I think Taylor's absolute worst is Bad Blood by far - Martinglez

That's her only terrible song in my opinion (it's rare she has a fantastic one though), and her worst. By FAR. - WonkeyDude98

The other Taylor songs I don't like I'd give like a 4/10, but that one was just horrible - Martinglez

The worst song from Taylor is Style and then We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together but the 1989 tour rock version of We Are Never Ever Getting back Together is the only I like. - BeaM456

I like Style, and probably would have loved it if not for the overplay. - WonkeyDude98

Style is dope. It's my 4th favorite from 1989. - visitor

This post is hilarious. Good job. - Martinglez

How can Justin Bieber be a Lesbian? He isn't a girl! - visitor

Precisely, my dear friend. - WonkeyDude98

This post was a joke making fun of people whose lists and reasoning are actually like this by the way - WonkeyDude98

Justin Bieber isn't gay either because he sings about girls. - AlphaQ

That sentence on that Problem song: "Rapping is only for black people" DO NOT EVEN KNOW EMINEM! - ArigatoKawaii

It's a joke. - visitor

Yes, visitor - Bieber is not a girl, he is a lady - Ananya

Gangnam Style was overrated - Moorefamval

I know this is a parody, but where's Stupid Hoe? - visitor

This is my opinion on all the songs on this list

10. Forgot about this. Lol. 2/5
9. Kinda like this. Easily one of Ariana's best and definitely Iggy's best. 5/5
8. My favorite out of the lot. 5/5
7. Boring but alright. 2/5
6. What? 1/5
5. Absolute garbage. I'm sick of it. 0/5
4. A better version of Friday but I still don't really like it. 1.5/5
3. Taylor's worst stuff but meh. 2.5/5
2. Easily the worst out of the lot. -3/5
1. I hate this but not as much as other people do. 1/5

How bout Stupid Hoe which is worse than Baby? - AlphaQ

Where are the Nicki Minaj songs? - TwilightKitsune