Anaconda - Nicki Minaj


I love snakes, and this stupid song makes everyone think of twerking when they hear about the Anaconda, which is a species of snake which I happen to like. The song is terrible and my entire school won't shut up about it. - NoodleRidley

The fact that people actually like this song makes me fear society as we know it.

Remember the original Baby Got Back? That song was about breaking the stereotype of big butts being unattractive. It was about how we shouldn't be ashamed about ourselves just because some fashion magazine shows being extremely thin as hot.

Meanwhile, Anaconda is about Nicki Minaj bragging about her butt, and dissing skinny people. This is not only a terrible song, but it takes a much better song and drags it down with it.

It's full of stupid innuendo. Any kid over 12 would get what it means. It's not even appropriate for the radio! Anaconda? Really? Oh look, another song about butts and sex. Yawn. And then there's the cover art. "Hmm, I don't know what to use for my new cover art! I'll just take a racy picture of my butt! " Yeah so imaginative. It's funny because the, um, cover "art" is so inappropriate they put the parental advisory sticker over nickis butt. It is the worst song of the whole year! Absolutely terrible song. - SammySpore

Why are critics giving so much praise to this song? Why is it being nominated for a Grammy?! THIS SONG HAS NO TALENT! It's just a sampled beat with a really obnoxious rapper and a porn video to go along with it! THAT'S MUSIC?! THAT'S WORTHY OF A GRAMMY?! I'd rather shove a knife into my ear and listen to this song!

This is a long, long story, especially given the shallowness of this song. So, I'm probably alone on this, but...

I wish Minaj would go back to making pop songs like Starships and Super Bass. Yeah they were typical, but they were catchy and actually listenable. She has never made a really good song beyond maybe Super Bass. She was bad when she started, and then somehow got worse after her work with Big Sean. SH was an obvious mess (if you don't know what I'm talking about, look at #3), she was absent entirely in 2013 (wipes forehead), then skip 2014, and this year she was imbecilic enough to think that working with a dull producer like David Guetta's a good idea to get mainstream for the year, and tried desperately to stay working with this typical boring club rapper Meek Mill and the notorious Chris Brown. She failed twice in a year.

Now go back to 2014 when this was released. Where Hey Mama was at least somewhat slick and Starships was catchy, Anaconda ...more - WonkeyDude98

As terrible as Stupid Hoe was, it didn't really sell a lot. It only reached the low end of the Hot 100, and quickly faded from the charts.

This song? It reached #2. Yeah, lots of people actually bought it, despite the fact that it's barely any better than Stupid Hoe (actually it's worse in some ways). Humanity is doomed.

Congratulations Nicki Minaj. YOU'RE EVEN WORSE THAN Justin Bieber!

At least Bieber's voice got a little lower over time. But Minaj's horrible, horrible voice stayed the same. She needs to retire now.

I don't know but this was like THE worst song EVER. (even All About That Bass was way better ) She just flashes her buttocks for fame and money and views. Simply ludicrous. AND THIS SONG DRIVES ME CRAZY. GO TO HELL, MINAJ!

This song is suicide! I cannot think of one person who would sit down and enjoy this song. It's almost impossible to find a person who would like this song.

I already hate this song enough without the critics praising it for whatever reason, but the thing that makes me hate this song go the brink is the most ignorant song reviewer of all time: Todd In The Shadows. He says that this song is her best song yet, and says it is better than Demons - Imagine Dragons (my personal favorite song of all time), All Of Me - John Legend, and Me And My Broken Heart - Rixton. He is as much of a disgrace to music reviewing as this is to general music. - WonkeyDude98

This is by far the worst song I've heard ever. Its about Nicki Minaj showing of her "plastic ass" in an unoriginal annoying song THAT SOUND ALMOST LIKE YOU LISTENED TO A BAD VERSION OF BABY GOT BACK. I consider this one of the songs that will kill the music industry.

The fact that Stupid Hoe failed to end this awful woman's career, and that this song became a huge hit, means that we as humans have failed. I am disappointed.

This is just Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot. Only this time is the feminist version, a diss at skinny girls, and just a terrible rip-off and a most obvious one at that. When your most popular song is a rip-off of a controversial, but guilty pleasure from the 90s, you are just desperate. - MilesW1998

The beats are taken from the song " Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix a lot which is ALSO about big butts, EVEN THE NAME "ANACONDA" CAME FROM "Baby got back" (look at 3:01 part of the song, you will see)

A month after this song came out I was at my friend's house for a sleepover and was hanging out under their bed when it collapsed on me. Whilst I was trapped there, my friend showed me this song to torture me beyond belief. It's basically just pornography that managed to make its way onto YouTube.

Much worse than Baby, since Baby isn't porn.

Nicki Minaj cannot rap. She abounds so annoying when she tries to. DOES she ever even try anyway? The beat is pure garbage. The lyrics... Well, Nicki Minaj write them, of course they'll be bad. Terrible song. Please get it higher.

Anaconda. The modern and even worse version of Baby Got Back. And what's more? Sir Mix-A-Lot actually COMPLIMENTED her! People these days... - PizzaGuy

Number 19? NUMBER 19! This song should be MUCH higher!

It's one of the only songs I actively dislike: sexist lyrics (at least Led Zeppelin got good riffs), non-existing melody (at least Revolution #9 -a "song" I'm not fan of-was spooky) stupid synths, absent atmosphere, absent hooks, no humans playing...
Really, I usually respect other people's tastes... But this?

This is quite possibly the worst song I have ever heard in my entire life. This woman has no talent whatsoever.

This can't be one of the worst songs of all time. It would have to be music to be on that list, which this obviously is not. It noise to go along with some porn they called a "music video".

It was between this and "Achy Breaky Heart" but where that was just an annoying song, this song actually made me feel unclean. I couldn't even get through the whole song without me being scarred for life.

This song is meaningless and annoying. I would rather get killed by a Dalek than listen to this crap again. It's demeaning to women and should be banned - RickyReeves

The beat comes from Sir-Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back. The rap was pretty decent but the lyrics are too sexual! But anyways, Nicki Minaj's Anaconda is even way worse than this! Bad lyrics, low-quality rapping, plagiarized beat and Nicki enjoying being treate as a sex object. If you'd check out on my rant, you'd see how much is questionable with this "song".