Baby - Justin Bieber


You cannot study anything about pop culture these days without talking about Justin Bieber. He's consistently in the top 10 trending things on Twitter, and any discussion of music can easily turn to him.
Yet as I listen to the track that made him, I'm baffled. What was it in the first place that brought him such attention? The Beliebers- they blindly follow him, but I think it's just because these are all poppy love songs, not because they actually like Bieber.
Sappy, poppy, bubblegum electro rap love songs have their place. But it just doesn't seem like this kid should've become bigger than The Beatles for it.

And who said he started the dubstep revolution?!


His voice is enough to make this song an abomination. It sounds like a dying, choking cat with its larynx ripped out trying to speak human language. Exaggerations aside, I was horrified when I realized it was sung by a 16 year old. What the hell? 16? It has to be a joke or something.
That's just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more reasons why this song is atrocious - autotune abuse, terrible lyrics, tormenting tone/beats and disgusting rap. Everything in this song is outright disgraceful, and for that it's the single worst song in human history.

I Agree. And, All Justin Talks About is Buying Things. Well, Girls Don't Like You For You Justin, You Idiot. They Like You Because You're a Rich Drunk at 19 on Cocaine, Marijuana, Who Never Hit Puberty. You Think Just Because People Like Your Singing, You Can Go Around the Neighboorhood, Screaming, Speeding in your Car. Every Song He Makes Talks about buying the girl stuff. I Bet a Bum Would Be a Better Boyfriend Than You. The Girl in the Song is Foolish. She Ignore Him, He Says he Will Buy Her Anything, He Dances Crappy in Front of Her, Now She's Making Out With Him. Bull Crap.

This song is just crap. The lyrics are crap, the music is crap and its just a total waste of money. I do not know how this guy is so successful, he will never be remember in 20-30 years from now. Our new generation should be listening to good new songs and the great old music that actually sounds good (The Beatles)

Usually, I say that people have their own opinions about music they like and I'm fine with that... But sometimes I don't. I know someone already said this, but this song has no emotion or feeling. It makes me feel empty. It was just a dumb way to get fangirls. I say, that's not how you make music.

This song is just made with cheap fake vocals, it doesn't grab your ears, it only kills them. Look at how many views it got on YouTube, then look at the dislikes, 800, 000, 000 people have even bothered to listen to this fake crap. Sadly, it has the most views on YouTube. At least it has the most dislikes.

Ok. I'm not writing only just for this song. But for every song in this TopTens. I've been passing from page to page and I have only seen POP songs. I don't have anything against the POP music but it's just that I HATE it. First of all, the music. It's not even music! It's just some random DJ who is not recognize at all for the effort that he put on the song. And most of all, almost every POP singer lip sings... Second of all, the lyrics. I think that a song, in general, should have a meaning. But not on this GENRE. The only phrases we here are all about sex, drugs, alcohol, etc. What meaning do this phrases have? None. So what I'm writing this moment may help some of you POP fans. I'm just suggesting that if you could go online to YouTube and search some POP PUNK or POP ROCK music like Blink-182 or Sum 41, your idea of the POP genre will be over. Or, in fact, search for old POP, the GOOD POP, like Madonna or Michael Jackson. Then you can compare them to Lady GaGa or Nicky Minaj. ...more

This song is awful. I hate this song. This is hands down the worst song of all time. To all the beliebers out there reading this, this is Justin Bieber's worst song and the worst song of all time. I don't know how you guys can like it. People say "call me maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen is horrible (to me it's awesome). They haven't heard this song if they say that. It's sad how artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Hedley are way less popular than Justin Bieber when they're music is awesome and Justin's music is awful. If you wanna listen to good music, listen to Hedley and Carly Rae Jepsen. Not Justin Bieber.

This is thew worst song of all time? You've obviously never heard Stupid Hoe. That noise makes Baby look like the greatest song ever. - allamassal

I'm shocked to see some really good songs here, I decided this one is the worst, I have never heard anything worst. Even Hannah is better for me. Can't stand this boy's voice and song makes no sense.

Baby baby baby ooh baby baby baby ooh is all that happens throughout the song Bieber is a lame teenager who has no talent at all and he probably plays checkers with his mom
Every day before going to bed at 5:30 with a mug of hot coco. He probably has an IQ of about 9 and thinks he is the next john lennon if he knew who he was

I cannot stand this song. I'm usually a person who lets others have their opinions no matter how much they piss me off, but to say this song is even adequate is a crime to humankind. Any craptard on the planet, no matter how depressed or lovestruck or physically ill, could come up with deeper, more emotional lyrics than this child. I mean, COME ON. Feminine shrieking + highly mediocre lyrics + repetitive chorus = hell, otherwise known as Baby by the one and only stupid kid, Bieber.

I voted so I could ask why there are ac/dc songs on this list. why have people voted like that and put things like Eminem above Justin beiber. I don't like Eminem but I know how much more talented he is that Justin beiber.

It's because while Baby is mediocre, FACK is the worst song to be put in existence. - WonkeyDude98

Probably because of FACK. It's awful. And Sweatshirt is the worst - AlphaQ

The worst song I ever heard... Bad lyrics just baby, baby And yeah badly sung, Justin Bieber what should I say...
He doesn't sing from heart, just what his songwriters give him, sad...

People just hate this song because it's by Justin Bieber. Now don't get me wrong it's a terrible song but it's definitely not the worst song EVER. Anaconda and pretty much anything by Nicki Minaj is WAY Worse. Friday is WAY worse, and I can't believe nothing by Lil Wayne is on here. - AnythigGrunge4

Every single song from this list is aids in mp3 but this is plague, ebola and cancer in one

Dear God! I was indecisive, but I thought about between this and Hannah Montana. Hmm... And I clicked on this. Bieber killed real music, so my vote goes to him. Classic Rock rules. Keep it alive.

Good lord what has music become today. I mean all the kid says is baby baby baby over and over again. He can't even sing and people still like this kid? COME ON! This kid uses AUTO TUNE and still manages to sound horrible. Most people don't even know what good music is these days. I feel so sorry for Selena. No wonder they broke up.

This is so dumb, it shouldn't even be called a song. All he really says is "Baby, baby, baby, ooh! " over and over again. It's just one really stupid and really annoying song being repeated. All of his music sucks, but this one is definitely the worst. To this day, I can't believe that this guy even has any fans. His music is awful and he has a horrible personality! He's a joke!

The lyrics are stupid as hell and should remain at number 1. The music video deserves a lot of dislikes as well. He thinks he is superficial because of this song but it does not show any proof at all. I'm also sick and tired of that annoying "baby baby baby" chorus because it is usually repeating in my head as well.

Prepare for noises worst than an ear damaging banshee holler. The chorus is repeated excessively, no wonder future citizens will loathe us besides our obsession with Jersey Shore and other stuff. Worse than Disney Channel, we expect no better.

I throw up every time I hear his name. This truly is the worst song ever. You know he was voted villain of the year in the 2012 NME awards. There was a reason he won that award: he melts people's ears of with his awful music, his awful voice, and his awful everything.

I rather listen to someone on the toilet making poopie diarrhea noises than listen to this horror music!

If Disney buy the right to Justen Beiber, it will be the end of human civilization as we know it!

So Annoying, I hate his guts and he should go die in a hole so he can't bother us again. When dies of someone shooting him in the head I will dance on his grave. Wish that will happen today and everyone flushes his crap music down the toilet and never talk about him ever again.

I would rather listen to nails on a chalkboard, some sort of scraping noise (I hate scraping noises), and someone screaming, all mixed together and piped into my head with earphones, than listen to ANY bieber songs, if you can call them songs (more like dongs).