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241 Surrounded by Silence - Design the Skyline

Come on boys, THIS is what we should be hating on. The instruments are off beat, the vocals are terrible, a lot of autotune has been used and need I say anything more? The reaction to this song was so BAD that people threatened Victory records to unsign the band.

I hate these verb the noun bands honestly they all suck

Why hasn't this made to the top ten? It's worse than Brokencyde, more hilarious than BOTDF and absolute trash compared to Bring Me The Horizon.

It is my top ten worst songs ever. The beat sounds so off key, why mix dubstep with metal? The lyrics are about forests and vines, stupid, the screaming is annoying and bad. And some parts sound so autotuned and bad they sound like a BOTDF song. - AnimeDrawer

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242 We Did It! - Dora the Explorer

Uh oh, Guess What? Nobody Cares?

Really? Do all the songs in Dora have to be on this list? Everyone rants on kids shows but just think about it, guys. That show was meant for toddlers. Whoever put this on the list has literally no life at all.

Guys, IT'S A SONG FOR LITTLE KIDS. Of course you're not going to enjoy it - you're too old for it! If you honestly think this song deserves to be in the worst songs list, you may as well add "Old McDonald Had A Farm" and "The Wheels On The Bus". Grow the hell up and move on from shows for little kids, people! They're not designed to entertain you!

Dora: We did it!
Me: EWW! You're underage!

Dora: We did it!
Me: Guess what? Nobody cares! - Powerfulgirl10

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243 Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Hey I love this song take it off

The list

Pretty much used by internet goers all over the world for mischevious acts on the web. And I don't really know why they chose this song.

This is the reason we're all getting rick rolled stupid rick astley

No just no! Take it off!

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244 The Climb - Miley Cyrus

I actually love this song! She sounds amazing and the lyrics are super meaningful! She's trying to tell you to never give up and stay strong even if you are having a tough time. The song is so meaningful and the lyrics just make me feel happy because it makes me feel good about myself. - PerfectlyPink1210

It's a motivation for us all to never give up and stay strong. Miley Cyrus was very beautiful in Disney. With Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers. I wished they go back to Disney.

I was doing a test, and we had to compare the theme between this "song" and a passage. I know what's in common, DEATH

The climb it took us to get over you.

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245 Tik Tok - Ke$ha

To be honest, I quite like this song, I know she uses auto-tune, but it's a nice catchy party song

This song is trashy and offensive. Ke$ha treats boys like sex toys. Honestly, if a male singer had lyrics like that about women, he'd be called a sexist and a pervert, so why should Ke$ha get a pass?

Well, to be fair, pretty much everybody gets a pass, rightly or wrongly, in the music industry except Eminem. - Themusicman

I know she's trying to Be a party girl or something but She's gone way to far with autotune and Already killed her career! This song is also just plain & dull.

Thank goodness it's low, I love this song - Neonco31

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246 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

I dislike this song because it has no real redeeming qualities and what this song is about has been heard in so many other songs throughout music history. Who Cares! No intelligence in such a song anyway! Pure junk pop like most of it you hear today. Kids it's almost the end of the decade and your music does not say much as other decades in the past have stated. Better get on the ball with some intelligent, social and music of real statement and creativity. Every decade from the 90's and before the 90's has you so incredibly surpassed in music that made a statement and defined each decade. This is what you have to offer. You need to really change your top 100 taste to make a statement of any value for future decades to even care about later. So disposable it is right now, music that is!

You do realize this song is supposed to be a diss at the people who call her "psychotic" and say she does nothing but date boys and write break-up songs about them? - Swellow

You guys shouldn't have commented! (I mean EVERYONE who commented! ) then there would've been a blank space! (Help me I cannot joke)

This is actually a great song. Amazing self parody. 4/5 - DCfnaf

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247 Kiss You - One Direction

I hate this song so much. The nerdiest boy in my class dedicated this to me at a School dance a thon. I moved a week later. Bad song=Bad memories

I wish I could bang my head on a wall so hard until the song is over for 100000000000 years

This song is terrible how can my sister like this

This one is truly unbearable. - Entranced98

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248 Sorry - Justin Bieber

I just happen to see it popping up a lot in 7th grade. It's just overrated, and that's what I hate about it other than his hidden chipmunk voice, and how many producers it took. The best song ever only took 1 producer, amazingly.

This song isn't that bad.

This is the song by Justin Bieber that's not that bad (love yourself too)

Well, it's much better than Baby - Neonco31

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249 Harlem Shake - Baauer

Why is Strawberry Fields Forever On here. One of the best songs ever is on this list. How retarded do have to be to put a great Beatles song on here. I've only heard this song a couple times, but Harlem Shake to me is kind a annoying - westofohio

I don't get this song. I don't get it at all.

This is dance music, its just VERY OVERRATED

Baauer can and has done better - ProPanda

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250 This is Why I'm Hot - Mims

Yes Mims! This is exactly why you we hot... For like... 5 minutes!

251 1-800-273-8255 - Logic

I just wanna diIII-ii-iieee after listening to that sample! - JBDBIB_Baerman

252 Blah Blah Blah - Ke$ha

Pretty much describes modern music today. Way to go kesha

Below me is a bunch fangirls say its good its not it is VERY annoying AND even WatchMojo put it number 1 for worst songs of the 2010's and also Autotune don't get me even STARTED on Autotune if you don't know what Autotune is it is usually a android app that makes girls (Usually) get songs with 90,000,000 views._.

Ke$ha's worst song needs to be way higher on the list

How is this not higher? This is one of the stupidest songs I have ever heard!

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253 Hampster Dance - Hampton the Hampster V 3 Comments
254 I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord

Creepy, disgusting, and ear-bleeding in it's lack of taste or talent. These two creeps need to fade away fast. - Spark_Of_Life

The music video is so damn creepy. Worst than Wrecking Ball or Anaconda's music video. - AlphaQ

Unless someone farts and sits on this song. It will remain one of the worst songs to be ever created. -9000/5.

This is 5 times worse than all the songs in the Top 10 right now. - 51im_Ro55_2002

This song is atrocious and Die Antwoord is a name that hates ants because it say DIE ANTwoord.

Yea this is FAR worse than Baby, Birthday Cake and FACK

I apologize to anyone who likes this but. *sighs**farts* deez nuts/5...haha no. -15/5 - AlphaQ

255 Everything is Awesome - The Cast of the Lego Movie

This song is good and annoying at the same time.

It's so good whoever put it on this list well they are crazy

Oh yeah, the flu is awesome, it's like saying Ebola and diabetes is awesome, yeah, this song is meant to be bad

256 Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

I enjoy this song. I don't really think it should be here, but that's me. - Elsa

This is the greatest song of all time! Whoever put this on the list, stop listening to 99.3 and 95.1 and learn what music is.

No way this song is cool - christangrant

This is good, though. However, the rest of the album, "Leftoverture" is really good, and better than this song. But that's just my opinion. - JBDBIB_Baerman

257 Needed Me - Rihanna

Rihanna sucks now, but I think this song is decent...? - Powerfulgirl10

What the heck is this

Horrible, ear-raping intro of horn bleats only leads to Rihanna's boring, unintrested voice and smug, self back-patting lyrics. Not to mention the chorus has lots of weird "ohs" and "ahs" on it. If it wasn't for Work, I've given up on Riri two albums ago. - Spark_Of_Life

258 What's Up? - 4 Non Blondes
259 Big Girls Don't Cry - Fergie

This is an annoying song but I'll still belt it in the car

What the heck?!?!?!? This is one of the the best pop ballads I've ever heard! You people don't know good music :(

Love song! How rude!

This is great! Why is MILFS below this? - ProPanda

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260 Life is a Highway - Tom Cochrane


I love this version, but the Rascal Flats cover needs to be on his list in its place.

What! I have this album! I have always loved this song!

This song is not that bad

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