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281 7 Years - Lukas Graham 7 Years - Lukas Graham

This is complete garbage. Lukas's voice is hideous, he sounds like a dying squeaky toy. The nursery rhyme chime and overbearing violins will make you want to stick pencils in your ears. The lyrics are whiny and pretentious. It's just a listing of events in Lukas's life. Yeah, sure, you drank and smoked weed at 11. I'm not buying one minute of this crap. Get a life, "LUKAS GRAHAM". - Spark_Of_Life

Pandering, slow-paced bull that is covering the airwaves nowadays. It honestly makes me miss brag-raps and Ke$ha. At least they had the decency to make the song singable. OH, AND THAT INSTRUMENTAL! It is just trying way too hard to pull emotion out of the listener, and falls flat on its face.

This is possibly one of the dumbest songs of 2016

This Song Went from 364 to 135 to 66 to 116, to 93 to 77 to to 71, we need to get this song higher - VideoGamefan5

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282 Hello - Adele Hello - Adele

Sickening to see this song so high on the list just because it's "overplayed" or "singed by everyone". Come on, can we see into the pros of the song? Adele has a beautiful voice that matches the theme of the song, the beat is soulful and non-distracting, and the theme of the song is great, even if it's not as good as 21's hits.
Please, I'll repeat this; Over singing or overplaying won't make a song bad. I used to dislike it but I realized it's supposed to be a break from the partying we've heard. If you dislike it, fine, I respect your opinion, and I hope you can respect mine too even if you disagree. - Swellow

Even if this is worse than everything from 21, it's still fantastic. Trolls. - WonkeyDude98

I like this song. Please respect my opinion!

Admin Keeps Letting this song and highway to hell lingering throught the entire list, admin just stop, both of those songs keep moving to different spots, just stop admin - VideoGamefan5

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283 My Humps - Black Eyed Peas My Humps - Black Eyed Peas

This is already on the list. I am not trying to be rude, but please read the entire list to see if the item which you want to add is already on here. This list may be very long, but it would not hurt to skim through it.

So bad it appears twice on the list

Fergie's good but this song is full of butts and crap

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284 Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue - Toby Keith Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue - Toby Keith V 1 Comment
285 Psalm 49 - Ian White Psalm 49 - Ian White
286 Harlem Shake - Baauer Harlem Shake - Baauer

Why is Strawberry Fields Forever On here. One of the best songs ever is on this list. How retarded do have to be to put a great Beatles song on here. I've only heard this song a couple times, but Harlem Shake to me is kind a annoying - westofohio

I don't get this song. I don't get it at all.

This is dance music, its just VERY OVERRATED

Baauer can and has done better - ProPanda

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287 Kiss You - One Direction Kiss You - One Direction

I hate this song so much. The nerdiest boy in my class dedicated this to me at a School dance a thon. I moved a week later. Bad song=Bad memories

I wish I could bang my head on a wall so hard until the song is over for 100000000000 years

This song is terrible how can my sister like this


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288 Timber - Pitbull Timber - Pitbull

Even as someone who doesn't care about the two artists involved in the song, this is a literal mess. It's the combination of all the sexual innuendos from a bro-country song combined with the fluff and corniness of a chart-topping pop song. A lot of people defend this song as the only good one from two of the artists involved, but in reality, it sounds like Pitbull and Kesha were high when doing this... - Swellow

I love this song this is not fair they are putting good songs on this list

What this song is awesome!

Kesha's chorus is outstanding,while Pitbull's is horrible

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289 Run It! - Chris Brown Run It! - Chris Brown

Believe it or not, this is one Chris Brown's best songs, though we all know that doesn't say much. It was before he beat Rhianna.

Why is AC/DC's Thunderstruck and Papa Roach's Forever below this piece of dog poo? Ruined 2005 for me.

The best character for Jeulz Santana to voice is Crunch Bandicoot.

The best character for Chris Brown to voice is Pac-Man.

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290 Nightlife - Green Day Nightlife - Green Day

Why wasn't this on the list when American Idiot and Boulevard of broken dreams were?

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291 We R Who We R - Ke$ha We R Who We R - Ke$ha

This is a good song.

The haters always hate, give em the finger and have fun with this absolute cool song

This song is just as bad as Blah Blah Blah

This is an awesome song #FreeKesha

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292 Let There Be Rock - AC/DC Let There Be Rock - AC/DC

What the heck get this song off the list know

Get all of the AC/DC songs off this now!

The most overrated band of all time. They're basically Nickelback just with critical respect. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

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293 I Love It - Icona Pop I Love It - Icona Pop

I swear every lyric in this song is repeated stupid annoying! Even though I hate shut up and dance by walk the moon, I couldn't see it so this one had to do,

This song makes me wanna vomit, eat the barf, then vomit again. Actually, I shouldn't even call it a song. The lyrics are just pure garbage. Really.

Overplayed to death doesn't BEGIN to describe it

I like this song!
I don't know why people hate this song.
So what if the lyric gets repeated,it is catchy.really makes you wanna jump.

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294 Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

It's already on the list.

I really love it but Oath is better

I love this song it's damn catchy

Absolute crap, it's meaningless, basically it's saying I left you you saw someone else because you don't want to be a loner and I obviously don't love you, now I'm jealous and I want you back. ABSOLUTE ****

295 Mmm Yeah - Austin Mahone

Stupid song makes me freak and the music video is stupid. the only thing that makes me impressed are the speakers in the saloon

I really hate this song

296 Story of My Life - One Direction Story of My Life - One Direction

Realise that music is not about who's good any more. It's about what gets most money, and looks. Any one of my friends could do better than any song by one direction

I know right boring - BigBrotherSucks

This song sucks so much.

I love the song

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297 Dessert - Dawin Dessert - Dawin

The guy who's singing the chorus sounds like a baby.

Silento's boring and nasally, but passable verses are ruined by Dawin's autotuned chipmunk voice. Wow, I thought we all decided chipmunk voices in a song were a bad idea around 2010. Both these pathetic excuses for "singers" need to go away FAST. - Spark_Of_Life

Silentó, the guy who made the infamous Watch Me, comes back in this song with an even worse vocal talent which can be compared to that of a squeaky toy. Dawin's part, meanwhile, is forgettable and full of sexual clichés, innuendo and entendres, ruining the average-quality beat.
-1/10. - Swellow

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298 Crocodile Rock - Elton John Crocodile Rock - Elton John

I don't have anything against this song. It's pretty good actually. - Elsa

299 Cowboy - Kid Rock Cowboy - Kid Rock
300 Never Gonna Give You Up - Ashley Tisdale

Still better than the original. - Swellow

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