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321 Who Has Seen the Wind - Yoko Ono
322 Mega Babies Intro

Worst Gross Out Show until the 2000s

*facepalm* You people are such losers if you actually need to consider this a legitimate song.

323 The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) - Cheeky Girls
324 Through the Fire and Flames - DragonForce

Nobody actually voted for this work of art, it was artificially placed to the top 100 by a retarded hacker who's an elementary school girl and loves Justin Bieber and pop music.

I cried when I first heard this song, that's how beautiful it was and now I'm looking at it in the Worst songs of all time list...

What? Dragonforce is amazing and should NEVER be mixed into a list of pathetic pop songs.

This song is amazing. WHAT IS WITH THAT GUITAR?! - WonkeyDude98

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325 Dooo It! - Miley Cyrus

This abomination and blasphemy against music is the most pathetic excuse for a "song" I've ever heard. Literally, all it is is Miley screaming about hippies, pot, and f-bombs with weird autotune that makes her voice sound echoy and strained. Some sample lyrics:

"I don't give a f***, I ain't no hippie! "

"Why they put the dick in the p****? F*** you"

Wow. These are the third worst lyrics of all time.

Not to mention the music video, which is the worst music video of all time. All it is is a close up on her disgusting face while donut glaze, sprinkles, milk and glitter glue run down it while she swallows it and spits it out. She sticks her tongue out a lot to boot.

Ear bleeding in it's lack of talent and tase and eye bleeding in it's disgusting and creepy visuals. This "song" should be considered a crime against humanity and have every copy be blown into outer space along with anyone involved in this trash. Worst ...more - Spark_Of_Life

How is it that this song isn't much higher? This song made me blind. Like, know how Smaug couldn't see when the dwarves poured molten gold on him? That was me when I listened to song and video. Even moving this up 800 spots from the 920 it's at now would be too lenient.

How is this song so low? It's the worst song I've ever heard in my entire life. The entire song is Miley Cyrus singing through a horrible vocal filter with a terrible beat.

This is just sickening. Even "We Can't Stop" and "23" are much better this. The autotune echos and strains her voice. The instrumentation is annoying and irritating. The sound effects like the record scratching sucks. The lyrics are about hippies, sex and drugs ("Why they put the dick in the p****? F*** you! ") and they truly suck and mean nothing. The sounds of her rolling her tongue and choking in the background sicken me and remind me of the music video. "Wait, did you say the music video"? Yeah I said the music video and it's the worst music video in existence. It's literally a close-up of her mouth as she eats and spits out glitter glue and other things. She makes choking noises and sticks out her tongue a lot as well. Abysmal song and is well deserving of the top ten. Miley is SO much better than this. Terrible intro to an album of vomit. - DCfnaf

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326 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul

334? Are you kidding me? Even Baby of Friday is better than this pointless song. - MaxPap

Get this to Number 1, now - 445956

So bad, it's great. So bad that it causes any other song to automatically sound good in comparison. ANY song.

The only reason this song is #335 is because it just came out.

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327 Pop Champagne - Jim Jones & Ron Browz

How the heck is this not #1! It's atrocious! Overuse of auto-tune, one of the most off key performances I have ever heard, and even the song that was sampled has terrible audio quality! When a song can make the likes of "London Bridge" by Fergie, "Every Girl" by Young Money, "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna, and even "Fack" by Eminem sound good in comparison, you've created something that reaches a whole new level of bad.

I've heard so much bad music, but today, I have found the bottom of the barrel. Please don't tell me music can get any worse.

This has no rhythm, or beat to it at all. It's just one big, clunking mess with no redeemable qualities. Jim Jones sounds like a robot. Gross. - Spark_Of_Life

Get this to the top ten, please.

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328 This is the Life - Hannah Montana

Her and her show have no class at all.


329 Pokemon Go Song - Misha

Everyone vote for this to get it to number 1 - VideoGamefan5


330 Hips Don't Lie - Shakira

She sounds like tickle me elmo.! - alexx3

Worst song in the world! I'm 10 and I know quality music when I hear it! I should buy all of her songs and personally shred them all up!

There were better #1 songs in the 2000s, but this is still Shakira's best song by a mile. - WonkeyDude98

This song is good - VideoGamefan5

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331 Surrounded by Silence - Design the Skyline

Come on boys, THIS is what we should be hating on. The instruments are off beat, the vocals are terrible, a lot of autotune has been used and need I say anything more? The reaction to this song was so BAD that people threatened Victory records to unsign the band.

I hate these verb the noun bands honestly they all suck

Why hasn't this made to the top ten? It's worse than Brokencyde, more hilarious than BOTDF and absolute trash compared to Bring Me The Horizon.

It is my top ten worst songs ever. The beat sounds so off key, why mix dubstep with metal? The lyrics are about forests and vines, stupid, the screaming is annoying and bad. And some parts sound so autotuned and bad they sound like a BOTDF song. - AnimeDrawer

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332 Replay - Iyaz

Complete garbage - Spark_Of_Life

333 Fanboy and Chum Chum Theme Song - The Mae Shi

Every time this song plays, you want to kill yourself. Especially the obnoxious brain freeze part.

This sing is so annoying! I really hate it!

Not only the song is bad, the actual show is worst! Seems like it goes on forever, you just want to bash your head against a wall or some bricks. - yaygiants16

God awful. - 445956

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334 Highway to Hell - AC/DC

WY is highway to hell on this list whoever put this on here is a twat waffle

Justin Bieber obviously put this song on the list deliberately to annoy people with quality music tastes. - metaldude8

Why the hell is HTH in here? Stupid soulless people.

Well at least we know Where the person who added this all time classic is going - christangrant

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335 E.T. - Katy Perry

I was joking about this list being dumb, but not the song being good.

But I love this song... So catchy and cool... Hate the Kanye West version though. But the version with just Katy Perry is good.

This song is actually pretty good. Why would it be on this dumb list?

This song is okay - 1507563

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336 Break Up - Mario

He should rescue the dumb Princess Peach - malamJONES

Todd In The Shadows also said this is the worst song ever

Mario wrote a breakup to Peach Swift - AlphaQ

I like this song - Ededdneddyfan55

337 Fergalicious - Fergie

Not as bad as her mess called My Humps though. - Swellow

338 Cockiness (Love It) - Rihanna

This is so annoying and repetitive. How is this music? - drdevil

Another pop sex anthem. Just what we needed. - yaygiants16

339 Problem - Ariana Grande

This song is so awful. She sounds like a 10 year old excited about a toy.

This song is awful. It is indecisive, it has Iggy, and the world now has one more problem because this slop exists, not one less.

I like Ariana's verses, but I don't like Iggy whatsoever.

This song is so bad Its cool - VideoGamefan5

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340 Bread Delivery Song - Breadwinners

Horrible the show and song suck

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