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321 XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil Uzi Vert

Someone add the Blackstar album

322 Higher Love - Steve Winwood

This Song is good what is wrong with people

Cute song. Reminds me of a Disney movie from 2007. - playstationfan66

Your mom sounded like a dying horse when I shoved my member up her poop chute last night. This is a great song you dick smoker

You people need music education.. BAD
This is a great song & amazing artist.. Shame on you!

323 High Voltage - AC/DC

A great title track to a great album! - matty925

Oh really u ass

Someone must have been shocked by High Voltage if they added this awesome song - christangrant


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324 When the Sun Goes Down - Selena Gomez & The Scene V 1 Comment
325 You Da One - Rihanna

I love this song. it's one of the best songs of Rihanna. I don't know why it's on the list

i love it

326 The Appariton - Iron Maiden

Why is Iron Maiden on here? People have been pushing it with AC/DC but Iron Maiden?!

Note how the title is actually worst songs, not worst artists. If iron maiden made watch me, I'd put the song here. Good artists can make bad songs, it's possible. - Themusicman

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327 Rude Boy - Rihanna

Why would you want a rude boy?

An amazing Rihanna song and a jam

That picture looks creepy...!

The lyrics are slutty and disgusting. I can't believe I liked this song when I was 6 - Iamcool

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328 That's the Way I Wanna Rock 'N' Roll - AC/DC

I lost faith in humanity when Anaconda was nominated for a Grammy and AC/DC was put on this list

Um sorry but not every song by ac dc is good. This list has nothing to do with the artist. Some ac dc songs are bad, nobody is attacking ac/dc, stop being so dramatic. - Themusicman

People need to stop being so dramatic. Some AC/DC songs got released on this chart, who cares? It's just a song, voting for it makes it higher. Besides, not all of their song are amazing anyway. Please find something to do that is better than meaningless disses at the industry. - Swellow

No way sure this isn't there greatest song but there's nothing wrong with this song piss off ya rock hater - christangrant

Mother******* U are a pop lover so U put this here

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329 Daddy - Psy

This song is actually good. It's his best song since Gangnam Style, I'll say. - WonkeyDude98

Psy why r u even trying?

330 (You're) Having My Baby - Paul Anka
331 I'm the Map! - Dora the Explorer

It's just an anthropomorphic piece of paper shouting "I'm the map" the whole time.

Whoever puts kids songs on this list has either (a) al it of free time on their hands or (b) no life.

Honestly, this isn't all "I'm the map". Ever hear the parts before that?


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332 Goodbye - D4nny V 2 Comments
333 Billie Jean - Michael Jackson

Love this song haters

Love this song hates

This song is overrated and so is Michael Jackson! He's a pedophile. - olliv

NONONONON take this off - Iamcool

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334 Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black

He sounds like a girl. this is not rap

335 A Circus Is a Prison - Dot and Santa Claus V 1 Comment
336 Shark In the Water - V.V. Brown

Lol no. I know this is only at 437, but still, this song should not be on this list. It's actually quite fun.

337 Obsessed - Mariah Carey

This is one of the greatest songs ever! Mariah doesn't deserve to be anywhere on here!

It's Mariah. Only her Glitter album and the one before it sucked. enough Said.

338 Fine China - Chris Brown

Is his girls were fine China, he would break them

The most annoying song ever, it makes my ears bleed, he's so ulgy with his blond hair.

This song should not have been given to Chris Brown. I think LoganCrews said it best. This song should have been given to Ne-Yo.

339 Dogfight Giggle - Todd Rundgren
340 Wop - J. Dash V 1 Comment
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