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341 Mega Babies Intro

Worst Gross Out Show until the 2000s

*facepalm* You people are such losers if you actually need to consider this a legitimate song.

342 The Second Law: Isolated System - Muse

This seems pretty random to be up here, I'd expect something like "Starlight", "Mercy" or "Psycho" to be here, but not this, most people don't even know this song, let alone Muse. Anyway I understand why Musers/Muse fans would think this is bad, since it is pretty boring, but the band have made worse songs than this, like madness, unsustainable and map of my head. Anyway this recently became one of my favourite muse songs, I'm not sure why I just think the music is beautiful and in no way annoying.

Who ever voted this should be slapped in the face they're the best band ever

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343 Wop - J. Dash V 1 Comment
344 The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum) - Cheeky Girls
345 Candy - Robbie Williams
346 Into The Night - Benny Mardones
347 Crocodile Rock - Elton John

I don't have anything against this song. It's pretty good actually. - Elsa

348 Big Dick - Little Big
349 All Summer Long - Kid Rock
350 Feeding of Nihility - Disfiguring the Goddess
351 Pandemonic Hyperblast - Anaal Nathrakh
352 Replay - Iyaz V 1 Comment
353 See You Again - Miley Cyrus

Do I really need to explain?

I'm confused, why aren't ALL Miley Cyrus's songs on here?

See You Again was actually one of Miley Cyrus' last good songs. - WonkeyDude98

354 Me Too - Meghan Trainor

I saw that this piece of garbage was rated better than Ride by Twenty One Pilots! I am a huge Twenty One Pilots fan but even if I weren't this would offend me. Meghan Trainor shames skinny girls or people that aren't her. I love the message that All About That Bass is trying to send but really you're shaming skinny girls

Calling this a "song" may be too big of an overstatement. Although calling a "flex-pop song" is a better statement. Regardless, it's awful. - Swellow

Awful. Autotune, conflicting song styles (rap, gospel, pop, or Anime theme song? ), and corny, egotistical lyrics make this crowded tune a hot mess. - Spark_Of_Life

I don't understand how Meghan Trainor gets so much attention as a songwriter. She can only write stuff like this? - urielectric

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355 Pop Champagne - Jim Jones & Ron Browz

How the heck is this not #1! It's atrocious! Overuse of auto-tune, one of the most off key performances I have ever heard, and even the song that was sampled has terrible audio quality! When a song can make the likes of "London Bridge" by Fergie, "Every Girl" by Young Money, "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna, and even "Fack" by Eminem sound good in comparison, you've created something that reaches a whole new level of bad.

I've heard so much bad music, but today, I have found the bottom of the barrel. Please don't tell me music can get any worse.

This has no rhythm, or beat to it at all. It's just one big, clunking mess with no redeemable qualities. Jim Jones sounds like a robot. Gross. - Spark_Of_Life

Get this to the top ten, please.

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356 You're the Inspiration - Chicago

What?! Chicago is a great band just stop

A stupid, sappy, sad, sucky song.

357 Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson

Ah yes, Uptown Funk. The most annoying song ever! Everyone believes it brightens your day, but it annoys my day. I have an excellent day a lot, but people just decide to turn this on and start singing to it, which ruins my day. Which is why I absolutely agree with this one being on here. My Korean friend and I think Walking on Sunshine is the other most annoying song. We love Gangnam Style, And we also find September very annoying.

How is this not higher! People always say it makes you smile and it's really catchy, but you know what I think? Overplayed, overrated, not even the LEAST bit catchy, and just flatout unoriginal. Anyone who calls this song good is out of their mind. People don't remember what makes music good anymore. This is proof.

Annoyingly repetitive, and since it doesn't curse, can't be censored for kids. I'm no kid but I can see many angry parents complaining about their kids saying "Uptown F you up! ". I have no problem with Bruno Mars, but I honestly have this song in my top ten worst songs (No, not on the site, but personally). - Yoshinaruto

Bruno Mars is not like Michael Jackson at all. He's not nearly as talented, and this song doesn't sound 1980's at all. - olliv

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358 With You - Chris Brown

I like this song but it got kind of annoying after awhile.

359 This is the Life - Hannah Montana

Her and her show have no class at all.


360 It's Not Over - Daughtry

This would've been one of the most boring and forgettable songs of all time, if not for the fact that it's one of the most overplayed songs ever.

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