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361 All Around the World - Justin Bieber

Don't even get me started on the, he should never make music ever again.

Seriously! This man needs to be banned from singing, acting dancing, whatever he does!

He should stop singing

No wonder Canada didn't want him...

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362 That Should Be Me - Justin Bieber

When I first heard this annoying a#% song my ears started bleeding. He sounds like a little crying girl. If he keeps crying like this over girls he's gonna end up like all these other cry babies. Justin Bieber has no heart. He's an a#% hole. The only thing he needs is jail time to set him straight.

No, that should not be you, because YOU SUCK!

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363 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Marilyn Manson

Do people not like it because it's weird? Just because it's weird doesn't mean it's not good. It has a good message though. Where most people just want to use and abuse you. And some people chose to be used or abused for the heck of it.

The problem is not the lyrics, is that it is horrible compared to the original version of Eurythmics

This song is awesome. Whoever put this on the list is a troll.

Actually it's a cover of Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics.

Both versions of this song suck. - cwoodkiter

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364 Judas - Lady Gaga

I love the song so much Lady Gaga is incredible

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365 Look at Me Now - Chris Brown

This song is crap. The lyrics make absolutely NO sense(really, try to find out the meaning of this bull), Lil Wayne is as annoying as ever, and Chris Brown is probably the worst of the 3. It sounds like he's trying to act cool and hip and punk and he says some of the worst lyrics in the song.

Wow, a song so bad that Lil Wayne saves it. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne almost save the song from the talentless Chris Brown. - WonkeyDude98

366 Story of My Life - One Direction

I know right boring - BigBrotherSucks

Realise that music is not about who's good any more. It's about what gets most money, and looks. Any one of my friends could do better than any song by one direction

This song sucks so much.

I love the song

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367 Did It on Em - Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj and her idiot fan base all of them should be put in outer space never too be seen again

Is she literally singing about taking a dump on a guy? - Swellow

368 Roman's Revenge - Nicki Minaj & Eminem

Oh lord what has humanity come to?

Nicki. how do I put this lightly?


369 Stay with Me - Sam Smith

I honestly wish this whiny hack had never gotten big. This garbage he puts out is radioactively unhealthy and one of the reasons 2014 deserves as much hate as it got in terms of music.

Overplayed to death, whiny, and overrated. Listen to Omen, Lay Me Down, or Latch by him. SO MUCH BETTER than this awful piece of trash. Sam, what were you thinking? - Spark_Of_Life

Sam Smith is a terrible singer he's so whiny

I thought Drake and Soulja Boy were bad

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370 Cat Daddy - The Rej3ctz
371 Drag Me Down - One Direction

My brother will NOT be happy about this..:

This song is good.

Obviously 1ds best song

372 Renegades - x Ambassadors V 2 Comments
373 Lullaby - Nickelback
374 The Baddest - Froggy Fresh
375 Hands on You - Obie Trice
376 With You - Chris Brown

I like this song but it got kind of annoying after awhile.

377 Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - AC/DC

I'm not a big AC/DC fan, but they shouldn't be on this list. It seems, judging by the way the negative comments are written, that some stupid teenager, with a grammar that is reflecting of that stupidity, has been pouring votes on AC/DC songs to get some rock songs into the list. Was that person offended by the fact that 99.9 % of the songs in the top 100 are contemporary pop "songs"? Does that person even know any song by AC/DC?

This is one of their best songs in my honest opinion. Sorry that I'm commenting on all these AC/DC songs, but I really love their music, especially this track. - matty925

Greatest band to hit the earth. Deal with it
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution. Deal with it
I ate pizza for dinner. Deal with it

Now I truly Know a Pop Elitist added this because they think rock is just Noise Pollution well I'll tell you this Rocks never gonna die - christangrant

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378 Give Me All Your Luvin' - Madonna

Please retire, you Used to be Great, But retire now before you release something Worst than your 2012 and 2015 - VideoGamefan5

Please, release something good again.

FLOP! Grow up old witch

Not as bad as Bitch I'm Madonna

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379 Let's Dance - David Bowie

Seriously? Not his best song, but worse than anything by Avril Levine or Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst and bad enough to be in the top 100?! Uh. No.

Avril Levine? Is that the birth child of Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine? - Swellow

This song isn't great on it's own, but the fact that just a couple of years earlier bowie had been making avant garde, soul before that, glam rock prior to that, and hard rock even earlier and then make a disco song this good is just amazing,

This song isn't great on it's own, but the fact that just a couple of years earlier bowie had been making avant garde, soul before that, glam rock prior to that, and hard rock even earlier and then make a disco song this good is just amazing,

Someone add the Blackstar album to
The list

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380 Butterfly - Crazy Town
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