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381 Lullaby - Nickelback
382 Back to Sleep - Chris Brown

Go back to sleep and never wake up, you sexist, abusing pig. - Spark_Of_Life

Chris Brown, stop please - VideoGamefan5

383 The Baddest - Froggy Fresh
384 Hands on You - Obie Trice
385 With You - Chris Brown

I like this song but it got kind of annoying after awhile.

386 Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution - AC/DC

I'm not a big AC/DC fan, but they shouldn't be on this list. It seems, judging by the way the negative comments are written, that some stupid teenager, with a grammar that is reflecting of that stupidity, has been pouring votes on AC/DC songs to get some rock songs into the list. Was that person offended by the fact that 99.9 % of the songs in the top 100 are contemporary pop "songs"? Does that person even know any song by AC/DC?

This is one of their best songs in my honest opinion. Sorry that I'm commenting on all these AC/DC songs, but I really love their music, especially this track. - matty925

Greatest band to hit the earth. Deal with it
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution. Deal with it
I ate pizza for dinner. Deal with it

Now I truly Know a Pop Elitist added this because they think rock is just Noise Pollution well I'll tell you this Rocks never gonna die - christangrant

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387 Give Me All Your Luvin' - Madonna

Please retire, you Used to be Great, But retire now before you release something Worst than your 2012 and 2015 - VideoGamefan5

Please, release something good again.

FLOP! Grow up old witch

Not as bad as Bitch I'm Madonna

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388 Let's Dance - David Bowie

Seriously? Not his best song, but worse than anything by Avril Levine or Limp Bizkit/Fred Durst and bad enough to be in the top 100?! Uh. No.

Avril Levine? Is that the birth child of Avril Lavigne and Adam Levine? - Swellow

This song isn't great on it's own, but the fact that just a couple of years earlier bowie had been making avant garde, soul before that, glam rock prior to that, and hard rock even earlier and then make a disco song this good is just amazing,

This song isn't great on it's own, but the fact that just a couple of years earlier bowie had been making avant garde, soul before that, glam rock prior to that, and hard rock even earlier and then make a disco song this good is just amazing,

Someone add the Blackstar album to
The list

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389 Butterfly - Crazy Town
390 The Heat is On - Glenn Frey

WHAT? No, no this can't be on the list. I forbid you to put this on the list!

391 The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne V 1 Comment
392 Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In a Cave and Grooving With a Pict - Pink Floyd

I'm a Floyd fan, but this is their one song aside from a new machine that I think should be in the top 20. - matty925

As a Pink Floyd die hard fan, I'm okay with this song being here and I think that even the band members themselves wouldn't mind. - RalphSaad

It's just an interesting experimentation. It's not necessarily bad, but nothing good. It exists. Just trying something out. - JBDBIB_Baerman

Ok get this song off the list. It's a Pink Floyd song. Yes it's weird but so is most their stuff.

393 Here Comes the Sun - Richie Havens

The only reason I don't like this song is because I am not a morning person
At my camp I woke to this song EVERY morning
After a while it tends to drive you mentally insane

394 Gypsy Rap - Total Drama World Tour
395 I Will Survive - Gloria Gaynor

This is such a great song! One of the greatest if the decade when it was released

Obvious troll nomination is obvious - Spark_Of_Life

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396 7 Things - Miley Cyrus
397 Meatball Party - The Baboon Show
398 Prelude - Muse

Nothing by Muse should be on this list.

This isn't even a song really...and it sounds alright

399 The Second Law: Isolated System - Muse

This seems pretty random to be up here, I'd expect something like "Starlight", "Mercy" or "Psycho" to be here, but not this, most people don't even know this song, let alone Muse. Anyway I understand why Musers/Muse fans would think this is bad, since it is pretty boring, but the band have made worse songs than this, like madness, unsustainable and map of my head. Anyway this recently became one of my favourite muse songs, I'm not sure why I just think the music is beautiful and in no way annoying.

Who ever voted this should be slapped in the face they're the best band ever

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400 Tarzan Boy - Baltimora
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