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421 Phresh Out the Runway - Rihanna V 1 Comment
422 Water on My Face - Lil Yachty

Someone add the Blackstar album please

423 Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy
424 Star Power - Blood on the Dance Floor

How is this not higher? This is the worst song ever, it has the absolute worst intro ever, it is unlistenable. Plus the vocals make my ears bleed. The beat is terrible, the worst ever. Not even the lyrics are good, what a sucky song. - HollowAnime

Worst song ever, terrible beat, awful lyrics, and earbleeding vocals. This should be number 1, not Baby by Justin Bieber. - AnimeDrawer

Terrible, but not their worst...and that says a lot... - DCfnaf

425 Pumpin' Up the Party - Hannah Montana

bleeding love? beautiful liar? love like this? crank that? bubbly? with u? hips dun lie? umbrella? I kissed a girl? no one? sry this is whack but: vote 4 this

426 Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi

Now I know what I just said wasn't supposed to be intentional for the song's theme (how I said it's an excuse for people to not do their work), but I don't want people using it as an excuse to not do their work.

How dare you people put this song on the list this is a very popular song.

Only a lobotomy patient would consider Bon Jovi's best song one of the worst of all time!

Love song

V 5 Comments
427 Cigaro - System of a Down

System of a down is good don't know why this song is hated

Terrible song! Should be in the top 100... This is the only song by them that I don't like. I love all their songs except She's Like Heroin and especially this one.

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428 The Angel and the Gambler - Iron Maiden

I don't think even Iron maidens worst song should be in a list with modern pop garbage

I love maiden, but this song is painful to listen to in its entirety. Its biggest flaw is the insane length without any of the great transitions and instrumental breaks the band is known for. Still not as bad as Weekend Warrior, Hooks In You, and a few others.

They Said the chorus Of this song 22 times in a row.

429 Ronnie - Metallica

Not that great but can we get it off the list it's not that bad

V 1 Comment
430 Found Some Poo - Koit

I saw the title and died laughing

What a bad song! - drdevil

Ew. The name says it all.

This song was everything to me...
When I was 9.
They also made sequels.
I thought I would feel bad for Trudy (the character in the song) because she was abandoned by her dad after her obsession with poop. But she seems OK with it, dancing like it never happened.

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431 Eye to Eye - Tahir Shah

No offense on the singer, but this song is just pathetic! I can find Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black to be better than him because at least they had a musical interest. This on the other hand, is this what Pakistan is going to make in the near future? The lyrics are just so horrible that it makes Friday something worthwhile! I mean, "Substantial love is Heaven for precise eyes", That's pretty cheap. And for once, is he debating or singing?!

Pakistan doesn't need to breed terrorist or go nuke. A couple of Tahir Shahs can spread pestilence & dementia.

432 London Bridge - Fergie

What the hell is this garbage?

Never has Fergie been this band or that much or a Gwen Stefani ripoff. - Swellow

Can you please change the lyrics?

433 No - Meghan Trainor

Okay. To the "butthurt" dudes who hate this song. This song is not about saying NO to any guy that you meet on the street if they talk to you. This song is about boys that you've already said no too, but KEEP ASKING OVER AND OVER to go out with them and start to stalk them. "You need to let it go" is her saying, "Dude I said no already. Find someone else". So stop hating on this song because you think it is "feminist" when it isn't. - DCfnaf

This proves Meghan Trainor now needs to find a different producer, better yet, read some music knowledge books. No longer her bubblegum pop era, she shifts to the early 2000s, and she can't be like that either. And the lyrics only prove her as an arrogant, self-righteous moron. - Swellow

This song makes no sense and Meghan Trainor just repeats "No" a lot. Plus the music is bad. - Powerfulgirl10

This song is so bad Its cool - VideoGamefan5

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434 Hit or Miss - Jacob Sartorius

This isn't even music, just autotune and crappy lyrics, seriously, jacob sartorius can't even sing, he profits mostly off of other peoples' music yet his own attempt's to create quality music fail greatly

A cancerous ripoff of Cold Water and Let Me Love You. - Spark_Of_Life

Jacob needs to know that he can't rap

This kid made TWO? - VideoGamefan5

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435 Me!Me!Me!, Pt. 1 - TeddyLoid
436 Over Here - Rae Sremmurd
437 Let's Go - Will.I. Am
438 Dope Peddler - 2 Chainz

So glad that this got a bunch of votes. I can't STAND this song, with all of its horrible, horrible, horrible qualities. The botched sample that just sounds irritating, the terrible lyrics, someone please kill this song with a rake!

Awful, awful, awful, terrible, terrible, terrible song. - worstmusicoftheyear

First off, this beat is painful to listen to. The shreeking and screaming (found in WAY to many songs produced by "Bangladesh") on the background "kgo kgo 2chainz go kgo kgo go kgo! " goes so terribly with the rapping "STARTED OFF WIT A OZ END UP RIDIN FO DEEP" that you seriously have to listen to the song to get what I mean.
Second, 2Chainz has no talent. Period. None of the lyrics are interesting, thought provoking, or anything we haven't heard before. Even when the lyrics ARE trying, they're still really stupid.
Third, that deep voice in the background that comes out every now and then to add to the atrocity just makes me cringe.
The only relief this song gives you is when they take a break to play a bit of un-spoiled "The Old Dope Peddler, " the song they sampled, much better than this piece of crap.
-1/10, no joke. I don't even go below 0. EVER! And THIS SONG GOT A -1 OUT OF ME!

439 A Light That Never Comes - Linkin Park & Steve Aoki

They almost did it! Did what... Transformed themselves into a pop and techno band. Luckily now with the coming of the Hunting Party, we'll see much better stuff.

Okay, I must tell you that this song sucks. It isn't Link in Park at all. Its just boring repetitive techno and beats. Steve Aoki ruined the entire thing. No drums, riffs, passion, souls... Just plain David Guetta-ish music.

Even as a hardcore LP fan who loves all their albums, I think this song is atrocious.

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440 Everything at Once - Lenka

What kind of dance in this video in this song? Lenka is a good singer but this is her worst song. Why could a good singer can rip-off all of the children's rhymes?!? What a horrible song this should be number 1

Who put Wings (by Little Mix) here? It was a great song! However, Everything at Once (by Lenka) was horrible. Lenka has no talent, stupid and annoying lyrics and it has awful beats. It's HORRIBLE.

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