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41 Whip My Hair - Willow

Who in the name of Jesus let Will Smith's daughter sing?!

All Will Smith's daughter (W.I.L.L.O. W) says is
'I whip my hair back and forth'
Gr... And her brother once sung in one of Justin Bieber's songs

WHAT THE donuts! - sagat2010

I've always hated this song

This is what happens when your parents are rich enough to buy their kids a record label signing - Aquaturtle

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42 Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Without the annoying looping 'woo', it is just another bad pop song. With the annoying looping 'woo', it is a good candidate for the most annoying and worst song ever. It is not music - it is noise!

THE. WORST. SONG.I. EVER. HEARD. Robin Thicke is such an idiot and he can't even barely sing a song on his own! The minute I first heard it I knew I was listening to the most awful song that has ever existed on the planet. Whenever I hear this I turn off the radio if possible.

5 - Boyfriend - Justin Bieber / 4 - What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction / Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO / 2 - Gangnam Style - PSY /... And the number one most annoying song of all time is... / 1 - BLURRED F--KING LINES!

Sexist like no other. He's just singing badly about a woman. Disrespectful to all the women involved and not involved. Disrespectful to all hearers of the song, literally. Terrible. - redhawk766

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43 Booty - Jennifer Lopez

This not for shaking like this! It is for sitting and making poo poo! In other words, more crap. A grown woman with kids should know better than this.

That's what I say all the time! Butts aren't for being attractive. They're for...What you said. - TheAlbinoWolf

Another song about butts (yawn)

Iggy destroyed her career with Black Widow. She destroyed her chance for redemption with this.

Booty anthem. Enough said - DCfnaf

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44 Sexting - Blood On the Dance Floor

Why does this stuff get made?

Blood On The Dance Floor = Epic Fail

In the song, they're taking it so seriously, I just can't even...

The clean version of the song involves farm animals in place of the profanity and sexual phrases. Go check it out, it's as terrible as it to the original song (which sucked as well) like how the cleaned version of F*** You is to it's uncensored version. - Swellow

All BOTDF songs suck, but Star Power is the worst one of all of them. This song is awful as well. - AnimeDrawer

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45 Bitch I'm Madonna - Madonna

Really, Madonna? You should have given up around 2003. - Spark_Of_Life

The beat is awful especially the ending and Madonna acts like a child, one of the worst songs ever!

This song sucks

Oh my goodness Madonna, before this song I had no idea who you are. Now I know, it feels like my life complete -

Says no one ever - Aquaturtle

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46 On the Floor - IceJJFish

It's so beautiful, I'm gonna cry. (seriously though, what is this?! )

Like Barbie Girl, this is so bad it's good. It KNOWS it's a terrible song but it tries to have fun with being a bad song. Unlike Rebecca Black's Friday which is trying to take itself seriously by singing about endless parties and only hot people having fun, with an AWFUL (fake) singer. - Daviddv0601

I am listening to the sample and crying for my life

So bad it's good lmao - DCfnaf

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47 I Got That Rock'n Roll - Ross Lynch

I give credit to anyone who can actually listen the whole way through this song without either shooting themselves, ripping their ears off, or going insane. This song is so bad, it's impossible to give an explanation on, but I will try. The song is just painful on your ears. It's obvious that he used tons of autotune, and is lipsyncing throughout the whole song. He talks about how everyone adores him the whole song. The lyrics are cliche and simplistic. The guitar playing is not very cleverly faked. The solo is by far the worst guitar solo I have heard anywhere. It's pretty much just him hitting notes and playing super fast. ANYONE can do that. It isn't like the Stairway to Heaven solo, where Page plays fast but actually has STRUCTURE to the solo. This solo has no structure, it's just him going, "Look at me, I play fast! " All in all, this is the worst song ever by the worst artist ever, and it really fits in with the new Disney "image". Not to mention it was featured on the worst ...more

I've listened to the whole song without shooting myself, ripping my ears off, or going insane. This is probably the worst song Ross Lynch have ever did. He just says "I got that rock and roll yeah yeah" and it's just about how popular and adored he is. All that I can say is that he can do and did so much better. Ross Lynch is a talented singer and to be honest, this is not even rock music. If you want to listen to real rock music, listen to Green Day, Paramore or Evanescence, not this.

I just listen to this song, and I now have a new opinion on what the worst song ever was. And sorry, I only got past the first minute. Horribly written and pointless song. It's not even a pointless love song, it doesn't have a meaning (not even just one that isn't very cleverly hidden. ) I'm going to say most of my brain cells died at the first minute of the "song". It's going to be hard to get those back if I don't do some math quickly!

Oh how I hate Ross... He sings like A... (No words can explain) and their are some girls that have "r5" on their binders no I'm not jealous. I'm A GIRL (obviously) and his hair... I beat ten dollars that it's either bleached or a wig. Don't even get me started on austin and ally or teen beach movie. - Thatgirl

Really? Ross Lynch thinks he's rock? He is nowhere even near rock, he is just pure teen pop, rock is Blink-182, Green Day, Guns N Roses, Nirvana, AC/DC, and Queen, not this teen popstar trash. Lol, this is so funny because he thinks he is a rock musician when he is nowhere near it, ha ha ha ha! - AnimeDrawer

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48 Sahara - DJ Snake

Oh look, DJ Snake made my ears bleed with the worst drop of all time. - DCfnaf

49 Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

I can never get over the fact that this song completely stole the bass line from Queen and David Bowie's Under Pressure song. I just can't.

So? This song is trash but sampling is a thing in all kinds of music, it's not stealing. - Themusicman

I still can't believe vanilla ice took the bass line from a great and meaningful song and contaminated it with some gangster rap song

Its basically a comedy song now the video is hilarious.

It ripped of a great Queen song, one of their best, Under Pressure, how dare they rip off Queen! Plus, that song is way better than this unoriginal rap song. Not the worst, just unoriginal. - AnimeDrawer

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50 Love Me Like That - R5

I can't think of lyrics! Love me like... What? Oh who gives a crap. Love me like that. - SammySpore

What the heck? This song sucks. What is with the brag rapping? It sucks, this is one of the worst bands, I rather listen to Good Charlotte and Avril Lavigne than to listen to this piece of trash. - AnimeDrawer

Like R5 but what is this song?

This song sucks

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51 You Done Goofed - Blood on the Dance Floor

This song is just so plain mean and insulting, Dahvie Vanity tells a young girl to kill herself for accusing him of something he possibly did. Calling her a bunch of bad names and wishing death on a young girl is not just bullying, but cruel, evil, and tormenting. He could of taught the girl a lesson and how she made a mistake instead of insulting her. - AnimeDrawer

The fact that people think the girl deserves it is sad. Even if she was older, I would still feel bad for her. She has mental issues and a abusive father, and Dahvie Vanity writing a rude song to her, telling her to kill herself and calling her a bunch on names, what an immature jerk. Jessi may have lied, we don't know if she wanted to apologize and prove that she lied, or say she lied due to Dahvie's fanbase bullying her, but I think it is the second theory. Plus, this isn't the first time Dahvie has been accused of rape, many people have, and his content is enough proof. Either way, this song is really rude and it doesn't even have good lyrics. Plus, the rapping and singing is HORRENDOUS, Dahvie sounds tone deaf, his vocals make me not take the song seriously when it is supposed to be a sad song, what a failed attempt to make a meaningful song. - AnimeDrawer

I think I just found a new worst song.

My hatred of BOTDF was annoying, I get it. The problem with this song though is not that’s it is BOTDF. The problem is that it SUCKS.

Aside from the basic issues with BOTDF, this song is just evil. Look Vanity, I get that Jessi Slaughter tarnished your reputation by accusing you of pedophilia, but making a diss track directed to an 11 year old girl who probably has mental issues since she lives with a psycho father is just CRUEL no matter what. I’m not gonna call you a pedophile since in reality, we don’t know if you are one or not. However, this song makes you look like the villain. Instead of forgiving the girl or telling her that what she did was wrong, this is what he does:

Sics his fanbase on her:

"I've got the love of my fans [...] And they'll annihilate your ass when I'm under attack."

Threatens her:

"You've crossed the line, dragged my name through the dirt.
Believe me, ...more - DCfnaf

52 Freaxx - Brokencyde

I looked this song up 'cause of muesproductions and I couldn't believe how bad it was. It was so awful that I couldn't stop laughing at how serious they're taking it. - InsertNameHere

Do not look this song up unless you are either very curious and willing to be scarred for life, or have an extremely demented sense of humor.

I wonder if the starting goal for Brokencyde was to come up with the worst rock music they can come up with. That would explain some things.

I used to be very... I want to say elitist about what songs that I would listen to. Then I stumbled upon this.
I'm now very open to all sorts of songs.
Cause when a song is this bad, almost any song becomes a good one.

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53 Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber

Okay, I'm pretty sure the people saying this song's worse than Fack are trolling. That song is the absolute bottom of the barrel next to Stupid Hoe, and no generic song by some easily hateable teenage boy is gonna get even close to topping those. That said, this song's utterly BORING.

Justin Bieber and nicki minaj? Seriously? I mean the singers horrify me, who would listen to this? Those who have not, you are lucky guys. And don't even get me started on the video

Hate this song how is better then Fack, Fack is a bad song but beauty and a beat is worse

2012 sucks, this song sucks, Nicki Minaj sucks, Justin Bieber sucks! - olliv

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54 Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani

Why is this even on the bad song list? I guess it can be annoying to some people, but not to everyone. It's actually fun to bust out into it.

When Gwen moved to pop, she lost it. Gwen was 35 at the time of its release in a song filled with annoying cheerleader chants and lyrics a good 20 years below her age. The overchanting of "S*** is Bananas" is an absolute embarrassment to an artist who released the power ballad "Don't Speak" nine years prior.

This song may be a borderline unlistenable wreck with some of the most immature lyrics in a pop song, but hey, at least it isn't Spark the Fire. *gag* - WonkeyDude98

This song is really annoying and overplayed. I used to like this song, but now it is irrating and Gwen sounds really annoying in this. She used to be one of my favorite singers, but now I find her annoying once I discovered more music. - AnimeDrawer

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55 Hangover - Psy

Psy's fifteen minutes of fame came and went, and he made sure it stayed that way by working with Snoop Dogg to make this abomination.

Snoop Dogg saved the song, but PSY is annoying as always!

The beat is so wack and the lyrics sound like they where written by a2 year old, the parody version of this is a lot better

If I want to hear rap, I'll go listen to Airplanes ( it's a great rap song, there isn't any cursing or sex )

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56 Loyal - Chris Brown

"Yeah, girls generally fail at being loyal if you call them hoes, Chris. OR IF YOU BEAT THEM UP." ~ Todd in the Shadows

Well Chris brown ain't loyal and he like punching chicks. Dude hitting girls is just wrong. What's next? Tickling Penguins?!?! - AlphaQ

This song is an absolute disgrace and disrespectful towards woman. Chris Brown's a loser. Know wonder Rihanna left him.

This song only proves that Chris Brown can't be trusted, as well as the fact he still can't forgive Rihanna despite being being the douche in that situation. - Swellow

"Them hoes ain't loyal"? The one who ain't loyal is YOU Chris!

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57 Crayons Can Melt on Us for All I Care - Relient K

Crayons Can Melt ON Us For All I Care? What kind of name is THAT?!

This is a brilliant song. Press the listen to sample button and you'll see - DieHardPearlJamFan

I love Relient K but this is not even a song this just lasts only 10 seconds - paasadani

Who else though it would be a revolutionary song only to have tens seconds of your life deliberately wasted? Literally the entire song fits in the sample. - WonkeyDude98

And if you eat their crayons you'll get food poisoning! 1/5 - AlphaQ

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58 Closer - The Chainsmokers

Where do I even begin? I miss songs like Roses, Don't Let Me Down and New York City. Everything was fine with the Chainsmokers up until THIS when Drew started to sing for some reason. In the end, the song sounds like he's trying really hard to sing but just can't, so he just autotunes his voice to the point where his lyrics sound slurred. His verses are crap, he sounds like a drunk mental patient. Halsey's verse is just as bad, her voice is irritating and she also sounds like a drunk mental patient that is choking on a wad of paper. The chorus is crap, it's just a crappy beat drop. The only somewhat good part of the song (and it's mediocre at best) is the bridge when Drew comes close to actually singing and not sounding like a drunk mental patient. And this trash pile of a song somehow stayed at #1 for 12 WEEKS, keeping good songs like Bad Things and I Don't Wanna Live Forever away from the top spot. And its STILL #23, which means it's gonna play on the radio for another ...more

It's really sad that despite 2016 being a wonderful year in music, it was also a bad year. It's not just this pile of trash but there were some other pretty trashy songs this year (i.e. 7 Years, sweatshirt, MILF$, Work, love yourself, etc). It seems that only trashy songs get the #1 spot on the charts. Not enough respect is handed to the good songs of 2016, like Treat You Better, and Bad Things (2 of the MANY good songs). Instead all the trash, like CLOSER gets put on a pedestal, and the good songs with actual MEANING, like Treat You Better get pushed aside.

People need to stop voting for songs they hate at the moment because of overplay. If this song was like five years old, it wouldn't even be near the top 100. - Spark_Of_Life

Why is this below the Theme from Dora the Explorer.

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59 S&M - Rihanna

Even if I am a fan of Rihanna, there will always be a song that I will like less than the others. S&M is my least favorite song of Rihanna because the video of the song was banned in countries and also because of the horrible lyrics. Birthday Cake is my second least favorite song of Rihanna, that became my least favorite because Chris Brown ruined the song. By the way, Birthday Cake would be catchy if Rihanna continued the song alone or with someone else

I have to admit, I like the beat of the song, but the vocals and lyrics, no. I only like the beat and that is it, I love good electronic beats. But the lyrics are horrible and I don't like the singing. - AnimeDrawer

Rihanna has done worse (sadly), but this is some of the most lackluster songwriting I've ever seen. And since it's Rihanna, it's also completely overproduced. - WonkeyDude98

Dear Lord! What is this abomination? I see Rihanna has taken the route of average aging adult pop star, that had to release a desperately controversial song in order to stay relevant. This has set a precedent for other pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj. The beat is not catchy, it's crappy. She sounds like a drug addict when she sings it. And worst of all:
The lyrics and music video. With lyrics like:
"I may be bad but I'm perfectly good at it.."
"Sex in the air, I love the smell of it..."
"Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.."
This song is ABOUT SEX SLAVERY. NO WONDER IT WAS BANNED IN 18 COUNTRIES. Wow, Rihanna. Wow. And the video was so bad, it was BANNED ON YOUTUBE. I miss Rihanna back when she made Disturbia, Umbrella, SOS, Pon De Replay, and Don't Stop The Music. I mean I guess I got back to liking her when I heard Only Girl In The World and We Found Love, but then after Pour it Up, I WAS DONE. Why would Rihanna go from ...more

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60 Heart Made Up on You - R5

Disney people how a bunch of pricks with puffy hair to fake being a band and then back him up.

This is why Ross Lynch does not deserve his own band. - Turkeyasylum

This song sucks

I think ross does deserve his band becaue together they make lots of good music and all there fans love them including me I listen to hima and his band all the time I even have all there albums and posters and accessories and there the best family band in the world

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