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81 Beauty and a Beat - Justin Bieber

Okay, I'm pretty sure the people saying this song's worse than Fack are trolling. That song is the absolute bottom of the barrel next to Stupid Hoe, and no generic song by some easily hateable teenage boy is gonna get even close to topping those. That said, this song's utterly BORING.

Justin Bieber and nicki minaj? Seriously? I mean the singers horrify me, who would listen to this? Those who have not, you are lucky guys. And don't even get me started on the video

Hate this song how is better then Fack, Fack is a bad song but beauty and a beat is worse

I remember in second grade when every girl sang this song (including me), while holding hands at recess on the swingsets. - Catacorn

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82 Best Song Ever - One Direction

More like one of the worst songs ever!

The ultimate never judge a song by it's name.

I am surprised this isn't higher on the list. Not that I care anyway but I assumed a lot of people really hated it. Mostly because it says it's the best song ever...

This? The best song ever? Pffft, Anthem Part 2 by Blink 182 is the best song ever, not this cheesy teen pop song. - AnimeDrawer

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83 No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd

Pretty much any Rae Sremmurd song could be in the top 5. - WonkeyDude98

Want an actually good song with the same name? Listen to Karmin's version, which is actually somewhat flawless. This one is terrible. - Swellow

Just because me and Rae Sremmurd are both 14 doesn't make him any Better. Besides this song gets bad real fast - AlphaQ

Rae sremmurd can't rap, they suck crap - VideoGamefan5

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84 Scream and Shout - will.i.am & Britney Spears

No originality, terrible singing and the only half decent parts of the song are stolen from Madonna. Absolutely pointless - it's shameful this is even in the top 100. - maxbastow

You would think that a song that starts out with, "Bring the action! " would be better, but no. This is computer-generated crap.

Painful autotune, not even one original line, and Britney is simply a terrible singer. Also, this song is deathly boring. However, the bridge is great and it is a guilty pleasure of mine, as is almost every bad Black Eyed Peas song. - WonkeyDude98

I love Britney hate Will.i.am

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85 My Moment - Rebecca Black

This song is okay. Friday really sucked, but at least Rebecca is not being like Justin Bieber.

This song is good. Stop letting Friday linger. It's one song. From 2011. When she was 13. And had not recorded a song before. - WonkeyDude98

After Friday, you'd think she'd quit! - docreywashere

Just because this was sung by Rebecca Black does not mean this is terrible. Just because she made Friday does not mean all her music will be bad, it depends. But this song is not bad. - AnimeDrawer

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86 Who Let the Dogs Out? - Baha Men

One of the worst songs of All time! It's so obnoxious I can't even think of one person who likes this song!

This song tortured me as a kid.

Should be in the top 3. It's so bad I almost bled to death when hearing it.

Who let the Dying Dogs sing?
Who Who who - Hellohi

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87 I'm a Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) - G├╝mmibar

You're not a Gummy Bear, you're annoying! - Neonco31

When I listen to this song, I want to murder everyone in my 10 mile radius.-a 10 year old girl

That was way more annoying than do you wanna build a snowman,worst songs ever

This song will give you cavaties

88 Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

This is the song that got the band going downhill. Definitely one of the worst songs I've listened to this decade.

This should be number one, totally annoying, everything about it, the whistling, the lyrics, and what is mick jagger like 80 years old. don't think he moves to well

Bad song, true. Agree with everything you say, but actually if you saw a video of Mick Jagger performing recently, you'd be surprised! He can still move - VaticanCameos

Cheesy and laughably bad. So bad it's almost good. - Spark_Of_Life

Can't stand this song.

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89 Loud - R5

Just terrible. This song is not as bad as I Got That Rock and Roll, but it's really bad. Ross Lynch being in this band doesn't make it any better.

This song is pretty much one of the most cliche, generic, preppy teen pop party songs you will ever find. People talk about how great R5 is, but I was able to figure out what this song was about within 5 seconds. Ross Lynch cannot sing. This song has tons of autotune in it. It's just a party song about dancing around trying to find a girlfriend. Like any self-respecting girl would like him. I'm a guy, but I know GIRLS who have said he has no charm and is unattractive. Most GIRLS say Justin Bieber is more attractive.

Some people try to point out who's the worst Disney actor-turned musician. Most of the points go to Zendaya, Chyna of ANT Farm, but for me, it goes to the former Kidz Bop star, Ross Lynch. Pretentious, over-hyped "rock" songs like this make me gag. Thankfully, though, R5 hasn't been relevant in ages, and I can see why. - Swellow

This is not rock music, who even considers this rock? These are cheesy, cliche teen pop songs. I used to think R5 was rock music, what the heck was I thinking? But I never liked their music though. - AnimeDrawer

Your Farts are LOUD! - AlphaQ

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90 Hakuna Matata - Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver & Joseph Williams

People who get angry don't think and don't listen

Misunderstanding would lead to horrible problems

Song means one thing. it means this song is crap. if you love the song that I feel so sorry for you

This song encourages people to be child molesters

Can someone explain to me how exactly this makes you a child molter? That sounds laughably stupid. - Swellow

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91 Closer - The Chainsmokers

Where do I even begin? I miss songs like Roses, Don't Let Me Down and New York City. Everything was fine with the Chainsmokers up until THIS when Drew started to sing for some reason. In the end, the song sounds like he's trying really hard to sing but just can't, so he just autotunes his voice to the point where his lyrics sound slurred. His verses are crap, he sounds like a drunk mental patient. Halsey's verse is just as bad, her voice is irritating and she also sounds like a drunk mental patient that is choking on a wad of paper. The chorus is crap, it's just a crappy beat drop. The only somewhat good part of the song (and it's mediocre at best) is the bridge when Drew comes close to actually singing and not sounding like a drunk mental patient. And this trash pile of a song somehow stayed at #1 for 12 WEEKS, keeping good songs like Bad Things and I Don't Wanna Live Forever away from the top spot. And its STILL #23, which means it's gonna play on the radio for another ...more

It's really sad that despite 2016 being a wonderful year in music, it was also a bad year. It's not just this pile of trash but there were some other pretty trashy songs this year (i.e. 7 Years, sweatshirt, MILF$, Work, love yourself, etc). It seems that only trashy songs get the #1 spot on the charts. Not enough respect is handed to the good songs of 2016, like Treat You Better, and Bad Things (2 of the MANY good songs). Instead all the trash, like CLOSER gets put on a pedestal, and the good songs with actual MEANING, like Treat You Better get pushed aside.

People need to stop voting for songs they hate at the moment because of overplay. If this song was like five years old, it wouldn't even be near the top 100. - Spark_Of_Life

Why is this below the Theme from Dora the Explorer.

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92 Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Hey, this is a good song!

I don't know if I should like this or not like this. I mean, the vocals are awkward yet soothing at the same time. - djpenquin999

A bit too slow and quiet for me, but Karen O's vocals are actually pretty decent to be honest. - Swellow

Go tell someone at pitchfork that this is the wrostsong ever. I'm pretty sure the'll throtle you

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93 Love Me - Lil Wayne

I'm going to TRY to list all the problems of this song, but I don't know if I can because of how many there are. Well I did it for the much worse Anaconda, so I guess I can.

First off, the original uncensored title. Second, the chorus by Future and Drake, the former being the worst rapper of 2013 and the latter never having had anywhere near as much talent as a rapper than an R&B singer. They sound so unenthusiastic and depressed, even if the lyrics are meant to say otherwise, and the production of the chorus in particular is depressing and slow which doesn't flow at all with Lil Wayne's verses which at least have some kind of energy, even if it isn't much. This causes exactly what you don't want in a song leading to a chorus: a reverse crescendo. They don't sound like they are enjoying themselves at all and their lyrics don't make up for it, especially Drake's.

Next up is the verses. The production is still unfittingly dark even if it gained some kind of impact and ...more - WonkeyDude98

Worst rap song I've ever heard. Terrible beat, disgusting, vomit-worthy lyrics, lazy performance, and a creepy-ass music video.

The lyrics sucks terribly. It just made it mug worse to add Future and Drake into this song.

Nobody loves you. - Popsicles

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94 Rockstar - Nickelback

Terrible! Who put The Beatles in this list? MY GOD, have you lost your mind?

Terrible band terrible annoying song -

The lyrics make absolutely no sense.

This mashed up with Rockstar by Post Malone is hilarious and awesome. - Elijah_Cook

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95 Rack City - Tyga

I have a speculation. This was a phone call between Tyga and his mom while he was playing Grand Theft Auto, which got inadvertently recorded by one of Tyga's employees and then DJ Mustard was told to make something that fitted the song.

There is nothing in the beat. Except one three-note undertoned synth that gives the song absolutely no weight. The trap percussion and toned down chants that are in EVERY DJ MUSTARD SONG don't inject anything into the song. - WonkeyDude98

Oh god, this song is so awful, it's nearly hilarious to laugh at it's atrociousness. The beat is literally the same thing repeated on a loop with gang vocals added in, but don't forgot how Tyga's half-bored and monotonous voice work so well with the awful beat. The lyrics suck too. - Swellow

Tyga is grabadge. He's the worst rapper in hip hop.

Tyga should have sex with Chris Brown instead of Kylie.Kylie,Chris and Tyga are all losers. - Hellohi

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96 Hot N**** - Bobby Shmurda

Ha this talentless hack got arrested for attempted murder so we'll never have to hear from him again. Or at least by the time he gets out, he'll be so irrelevant that no one will listen to his crappy music. This song was popular for some reason. Glad he's gone. This song should be purged and have every copy thrown in a hole in the ground and buried so no one will ever have to hear it's ear bleeding lyrics and beat again. - Spark_Of_Life

This song belongs in the trash - Ajkloth

Good thing this guy is in jail right now after he attempted to kill someone, so we won't have to listen to this heap of junk for as long as he's kept in jail. - Swellow

Only reason this song got big was because of the line: "ABOUT A WEEK AGO" which is maybe a second long and became a meme. A very unfunny one at that. The song literally has nothing going for it.

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97 Roar - Katy Perry

Roar is actually a pretty good song according to myself. Actually, it is not a ripoff of Brave. It was in fact recorded before Brave and even though it sounds the same, the inspiration from both songs are expressed by different lyrics.

It's annoying, even I Kissed A Girl is better. It may have a good message, but the singing absolutely sucks.

Complete ripoff of Brave by Sara Bareilles.

Makes me want to throw up every time I hear it - Th3Zm0nst3r

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98 Sahara - DJ Snake

Oh look, DJ Snake made my ears bleed with the worst drop of all time. - DCfnaf

What? I love this song! It's DJ Snake and Skrillex, people! And the beat drop is great compared to Borgore's drops. - Elijah_Cook

99 Starships - Nicki Minaj

The music video shows Nicki Minaj and her fleet going to Earth, and about to invade our eardrums.

It's crappy and just gross! Can't listen this anymore.

Anyone saying they want to rid the earth of her is a little messed up. This song is actually much better than the crap she usually makes.

Give it a break! It's one of best songs. Man I miss the old Nicki - AlphaQ

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100 Star Power - Blood on the Dance Floor

I was right, this is the worst song of all time. I thought Who Dat Boy was bad, but at least the lyrics aren't about killing people and having sex. This song literally is about killing and sex and being egotistical, rude, and cruel, hate this. I hate this even more after looking up the lyrics better, and they are terribly written too. It is unoriginal too and samples Family Guy, it also has stupid sound effects like coughing. The beat is the most annoying ever, worst dubstep beat of all time, it is boring and lacks power. The vocals are just as annoying as the beat, Dahvie Vanity can't sing, worst vocals ever. - AnimeDrawer

How is this not higher? This is the worst song ever, it has the absolute worst intro ever, it is unlistenable. Plus the vocals make my ears bleed. The beat is terrible, the worst ever. Not even the lyrics are good, what a sucky song. - HollowAnime

All their songs are the same, oh my god.

Terrible, but not their worst...and that says a lot... - DCfnaf

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