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121 Well Suck Me - Blood on the Dance Floor Well Suck Me - Blood on the Dance Floor

No thank you, I don't think girls are dumb enough to put out with you two sycophants anytime soon. - Swellow

Well, I Suck would be a better title. - Spark_Of_Life

Um I think the title of the song just speaks for itself

Blood on the dance floor... I listen to one of their songs once, and within 30 seconds I wanted to grab a knife and stab my ears repeatedly

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122 Thunderstruck - AC/DC Thunderstruck - AC/DC

This is on the list twice? Come on. How can one of the best songs be on the list twice when other songs should be on this list a trillion times? - matty925

What? I thought this was just the song from Planes Fire and rescue

Ok I'm no ac dc fan but when I hear this song I can't help but ponder how the hell they could write a song so good. On par with my generation action by the who is say

Whoever put this on this list probably listens to nursery rhymes and opera.

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123 Cruise - Florida Georgia Line Cruise - Florida Georgia Line

I love the original song, but the remix is horrible. Why doesn't no one understand that country and rap don't mix together. Mixing those two together is like mixing fire and gasoline. It's terrible. I don't know what they were thinking when they decided to remix this song by adding rap and auto-tune. It just makes it worst. I think Florida Georgia Line need to stay away from rap music and keep producing more country music like they did with their 1st album.

The only people who can fuse rap and country properly are Eminem and Jamie N Commons. The remix proved that they still stand as that. - WonkeyDude98

Opinions are opinions so please don't get upset when I say that FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE NEEDS TO GO SCREW THEMSELVES.

This song just came on. Is there a volume lower than mute? - Spark_Of_Life

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124 Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor

Well the lyrics are very distasteful and just wrong. That is no way to tell anyone how to get a husband. Do people really listen to lyrics. Bad!

One of the worst songs of 2015. Meghan has a good voice, though. She needs to make more songs like the meaningful and great "Like I'm Gonna Lose You", not this piece of trash and the pile known as "Me Too". - Spark_Of_Life

I really love it but it's objectifying men

Awful as hell, - VideoGamefan5

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125 Work - Rihanna Work - Rihanna

You can barely understand the song except for the repetitive parts 'work work work work work dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt.' Everything about it boring and annoying. Stop playing it, radio stations.

Why does everyone like this song?!

This song is so bad, I actually try to convince myself I like it. I'm going insane.


Oh Shut The Hell Up Rihanna, Your Just Pretending Now - VideoGamefan5

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126 Chicken Noodle Soup - Webstar & Young B Chicken Noodle Soup - Webstar & Young B

Coming soon at the book store near you, it's Chicken Noodle Soup for a Stupid, Lowlife Fart Named DJ Webster Soul!

that was the crappiest song i have ever heard of, EVER

I've never heard this song and just by the title I could tell it is stupid. Nobody listens to songs like this and with not hearing it I want to keep it that way!

I like Chicken Noddle soup. Also, chickens are the best

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127 Yeah! - Usher Yeah! - Usher

I despise Usher in so many ways first off he's a god awful singer he whines and than he auto tunes it people called this guy the next Michael Jackson? What! WHAT A JOKE! Also he is the reason why we have Justin Bieber AKA The Worst thing that happened to music

I'm surprised I haven't talked about Usher more. He's basically a legend. This isn't one of his best, but it's a temporary dance session and it knows that. It serves that purpose well. - WonkeyDude98

I did not like Lil Jon and Ludacris in this song, only Usher did his part well

This song shouldn't be here. Its too good, and Usher is better than most other rappers, and he's not even a rapper. He's and R&B artist for God's sake. - MilesW1998

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128 Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

This has to be the most annoying song in existence. She just keeps yelling in your ears about how your girlfriend sucks and how much better she thinks she is. I wouldn't even go so far as to call this music.

Stupid Poser! She thinks she's punk that she makes music for 10 year old girls. - gothictomboy66

Not that bad, surprisingly. - Spark_Of_Life

Everyone, Avril is a whore. - TheAwesomeBrosVotes

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129 Billionaire - Travie McCoy Billionaire - Travie McCoy

Yes I will admit that I hate this song and it might not be one of his best, but Bruno Mars is amazing.

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130 Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd Swagger Jagger - Cher Lloyd

Sounds like somebody took her swagger and punched her in the throat with it. This song is just terrible

Most annoying song ever. That's all I can even say.

HOLY LORDY! Wow some one else was unlucky enough to her this, Don't bother listening to this song... BECAUSE YOU HAVE ALREADY HEARD IT! Seriously it's just a nursery song P. S that's not a joke

This Song Is an Absolute Failure - VideoGamefan5

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131 MMM MMM MMM MMM - crash test dummies MMM MMM MMM MMM - crash test dummies

Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, what a monotone voice this guy has (think of a Martian Barry White except, of course, the sexiness. ) And what the hell do the lyrics really mean anyway?

Really stupid song. I agree. Strangely enough the singer sounds exactly like iggy pop and that's disturbing - ChatonNoir

132 Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex Cotton Eye Joe - Rednex

DO NOT attempt to listen to this song. You might be curious, but you'll regret it after you listen to it

The only good thing about this is that's it funny and catchy. That's about it. The beat could've been given to someone else, and the lyrics are really weird. - Swellow

My music teacher mad us listen to this and we had to draw a pic about it I drew a guy with a banjo jumping off the walls - Wolfpelt

Should have drawn him jumping out a window. With a noose around his neck. As the people who made this song should do. And what I wish to do every single time I hear this song. - Thrash_or_Die

This is why country songS SUCK! I don't like the accent cause it sounds weird and I can't take it no mo! -50/5 - AlphaQ

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133 Surrounded by Silence - Design the Skyline

Come on boys, THIS is what we should be hating on. The instruments are off beat, the vocals are terrible, a lot of autotune has been used and need I say anything more? The reaction to this song was so BAD that people threatened Victory records to unsign the band.

I hate these verb the noun bands honestly they all suck

Why hasn't this made to the top ten? It's worse than Brokencyde, more hilarious than BOTDF and absolute trash compared to Bring Me The Horizon.

Why is this only number 142? , it's the worst song of all time

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134 Shush Up - Alison Gold Shush Up - Alison Gold

A terrible song with a perverted, sexy 12 year old prostitute in the music video.

135 All Gold Everything - Trinidad James All Gold Everything - Trinidad James

This song is truly atrocious. In 2013, a year where middle ground was thin because it had some great songs and some of the worst abominations of all-time, this song easily falls in the latter category. There is no redemption for this song. Not even if one of its lines was recycled for Uptown Funk.

OK, Trinidad, first of all, chain does not rhyme with ring. And then you take watch and in the next line, put... Watch. GENIUS.

This song is just boring.

Chain and Ring don't rhyme, dumb ass. I don't even have any of them so be grateful and not twerk - AlphaQ

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136 It's On Like Donkey Kong - Blood On the Dance Floor It's On Like Donkey Kong - Blood On the Dance Floor

Now turn it off before it poisons the minds of adolescent girls! - Swellow

It's already poisoned the minds of adolescent girls

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137 Faded - Tyga Faded - Tyga

The lyrics of this song are way messed up. It should have never been released on radio or MTV due to its disturbing content. Worst of all, Justin Bieber's and Selena Gomez's names were mentioned in the song

Oh, thank you for putting this song on the list, whoever you are. This song SUCKS with it's fake beat, and it's disgusting and stupid lyrics.

Faded? Like your existence LOL

I'm glad he FADED away. - Spark_Of_Life

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138 Fireworks - Katy Perry Fireworks - Katy Perry

What a mindless, meaningless, annoying piece of crap song. "Do you ever feel like a plastic bag" is one of the worst lines in modern music.

Can't we play anything but this for the fourth of july?

You know your song is bad when a man like JonTron (I mean like someone who can't sing) makes a better song.

This song is OK, - VideoGamefan5

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139 Laffy Taffy - D4L Laffy Taffy - D4L

This dude's voices sounds like he is high on acid. It is worse than some, albeit not all, of the songs in the Top 10, let alone the 106 songs above this. This song is a disgrace to music, and sending it into a black hole would still be a kind fate for this atrocity.

Apart from the vocals that sound like everyone got high on coke, the lyrics are an even more disgusting manner, though there is one lyric that is incredibly bad:
"They call me Jolly Rancher, because I stay so hard
You can suck me for a long time, OH MY GOD! "
Oh please, a Jolly Rancher shrinks when you suck it, and the more and more you suck the sweet, it gets softer.
So yeah, pretty stupid song. - Swellow

I remember when this song first came out. Yes, a very horrible excuse for a song. Using candy in sexual terms is so overrated like Lil Wayne.

The vocals are painful

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140 Something in Your Mouth - Nickelback Something in Your Mouth - Nickelback
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