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161 Started from the Bottom - Drake

Drake never even started from the bottom. Eminem really started from the bottom and I'm surprised that you don't really hear him that much anymore because more people instead listen to lil Wayne and drake in which I just can't understand why!

Took it in the bottom now I'm here

Maybe the reason people listen to lil Wayne and others is because the music industry knows that North Americans will listen to anything you give them (no offense to any North Americans).

He started on the bottom of the list now he Is moving up - 1507563

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162 You'll Think of Me - Keith Urban

This is one of the most beautiful songs ever! What is wrong with you people?

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163 U.O.E.N.O. - Rocko

There's nothing good that can be even said about this song. While both Friday and Baby were terrible songs, at least they were better than this piece of garbage. Rocko, the least annoying, wastes his talent on bragging about glam, with Future making it a lot worse. However, in this song, Rick Ross, especially with his infamous date lyric, seems to be imitating Bill Cosby. - Swellow

I would probably have a laundry list of complaints about this song, but all I hear is autotune. So I guess it's awful?

Lower Than Hello, Kill Me - VideoGamefan5

I was neutral when I first heard it but Damn this song is sure awful. Could this be a worse version of Stimulated? Probably not. In this song they rape grown up women but in Stimulated he rapes a goat...I mean an underage 17 year old.

Future still uses damn autotune which is making me hate him The More I hear his terrible "voice". NaH I wont say anything out Rick Ross since he will find me and sit on me. RR is terrible and all he does is brag about cars. Who's Rocko? Oh wait, nobody knows.

I used to get mind messed the 1st when I heard this song and couldn't make up my mind if it was a 2/5 or 3/5 so I settled on a 2.5/5. Now it's a 1.5/5.

Great job Rocko! You official terrible - AlphaQ

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164 Radicals - Tyler, the Creator

The forced swearing, the GODAWFUL instrumentation, the creepy vibe, the attempted pandering to rebellious teenagers, the laughable chorus ("KILL PEOPLE BURN SCHOOL! "), and the ridiculous lyrics all make for one of the stupidest and most ear bleeding songs ever made. This entire album is as horrid as Wonkey actually says it is. - DCfnaf

This is the worst song of all time per DTM by Sam Cvnt and Turn Around by Burger.

Plus the forced swearing, chorus full of nothing an everything about this is a no-no. I was gonna vote for Stimulated but this deserves the vote more. -iNFiNiTY/5 - AlphaQ

165 Don’t Wanna Go Home - Jason Derulo

Please go home and don't ever come back!

Jason, please go home and don't come back. - Swellow

I never liked this song. I don't find it appealing. - madoog

166 Speaking in Tongues - Justin Bieber
167 Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber

Sean Kingston coupled with a young Justin Bieber covered with autotune. Glad this abomination was forgotten as soon as it was released. - Spark_Of_Life

I'd say this is one of the only two actually bad Justin Bieber songs along with #thatPOWER, all because of the chorus. - WonkeyDude98

I think it's all terrible but the chorus is no doubt the worst part. - JamesBourne

One of the childish song.

It Socks
"Girl Come on Get Closer,Look In My Eyes"

168 Good Intentions - My Morning Jacket V 1 Comment
169 Strawberry Kisses - Nikki Webster
170 If I Had a Million Dollars - Pickin' On Series
171 Back to December - Taylor Swift

I love this song. I wish she still did country. She's was great at country and now she's going to be like almost every pop singer a stupid brat. SO mad at her for switching to pop. And why would anyone put hollaback girl on here or any song by Gwen she is my (imaginary) bestie laugh out loud love you Gwen

Taylor Swift was better when she was still doing country music and not making some break up crap, Back to December is one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, better than Never Getting back Together

How is this song in the list? It's so beautiful

This is one of Taylor's best songs... 5/5 - DCfnaf

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172 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Miley Cyrus

Horray, she's now ripping off legendary grunge bands with her crap.

At first all I saw was smells like teen spirit and if the nirvana song is anywhere on this list I will personally punch whoever put it there.

Well I've heard worse covers from other artists ( especially Bill Nye who is a scientist for gosh sakes! ). The only good thing about Miley Cyrus is that she will NEVER EVER reach the success, fame, and adoration of fans like Nirvana.

Wait, wasn't this Nirvina or something? Sorry if I spelled that wrong.

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173 Yahhh! - Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

this song sucks so much - it ain't 1! - idolangelx13

Soulja boy is pretty much the one who killed hip hop.

This song sucks! No wonder it got bad reviews.

Yahhh! : What A Retarded Name For A Song - VideoGamefan5

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174 Same Love - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

WHAT! This song is such a protest to the homophobic lyrics in rap and hip hop music. Also, it has a tune and beautiful and not boring sounds. I'm just not a piano ballad kind of person, with the exception of say something. Also, I live the music video.

Great song, great rapper, great feature, great message. How could you not like it? - Spark_Of_Life

Don't get me wrong, the message is great and all... But the song is just so bad... Terrible lyrics, terrible beat, no flow, no depth to the song what-so-ever, I could go on about the song for days. Overall, Macklemore executed the song very, VERY poorly, and thus, "Same Love" deserves to be on this list of worst songs of all time.

This is a beautiful song!

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175 Blank Space - Taylor Swift

I dislike this song because it has no real redeeming qualities and what this song is about has been heard in so many other songs throughout music history. Who Cares! No intelligence in such a song anyway! Pure junk pop like most of it you hear today. Kids it's almost the end of the decade and your music does not say much as other decades in the past have stated. Better get on the ball with some intelligent, social and music of real statement and creativity. Every decade from the 90's and before the 90's has you so incredibly surpassed in music that made a statement and defined each decade. This is what you have to offer. You need to really change your top 100 taste to make a statement of any value for future decades to even care about later. So disposable it is right now, music that is!

You do realize this song is supposed to be a diss at the people who call her "psychotic" and say she does nothing but date boys and write break-up songs about them? - Swellow

You guys shouldn't have commented! (I mean EVERYONE who commented! ) then there would've been a blank space! (Help me I cannot joke)

This is actually a great song. Amazing self parody. 4/5 - DCfnaf

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176 I'm a Banana - Onision

I think it's pretty damn catchy.

Boy if you don't get

It's upper annyoing - princepretty

177 Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles

No. Awesome song. Nothing bad was on Abbey Road. Please, whoever put this on there must be looking for assisted suicide. - JBDBIB_Baerman

OH hell no you didn't put this song - Shadow6461

No. - olliv

178 The Wheels On the Bus - Cedarmont Kids

Me : Play some disturbing music!
(this song plays)
Me : Not THAT kind of disturbing music, the CREEPY kind of disturbing music! - IHaveSynthEyeZ9000

This is a little kids song

This song is dumb.

People always assume little kids love this song. WHY? WHO WOULD LIKE THIS S**T?

179 Rhythm of Love - Plain White T's

This is a good song not the best but not number 100 on the worst songs ever.

This song is nice, I like it. Why is it here?

This song annoys me so much, yet, I have no idea why!

180 Teach Me How to Dougie - Cali Swag District

This may be old but I'd rather listen to Suzukake Nanchara than this so-called music. Why did this trash get popular in the Philippines and not Japanese idols?

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