Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj


This song is so horrible that, do you even call it a song? What is it? What is this... thing?! All it is is just an extremely horrible beat, the most obnoxious singing I've er heard in my entire life, and it's message which is trying to get back at your rival! You should never make any enemies or rivals because that'll only make it worse! At least with all of the songs on the list, you can call all of these songs SONGS! But song, this song is so bad that, it can't even be classified as a song. This song serves no purpose to exist! I mean, even Baby by Justin Bieber and Friday by Rebecca Black, you can call both of those songs the worst songs ever but Stupid Hoe?! What the heck is it?! What is it?! It's so bad that it can't even be called a song! It's lower than the worst!

I've seen The Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, The Ring, Friday the 13th, Halloween, Saw, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Psycho, The Silence of the Lambs, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and even Saw and I got really bored at watching them.

But THIS! This THING is what scared me so much I both pissed and crapped my pants! DO NOT check out this song if you want to have the worst nightmares imaginable!

Dear person who said that the song sounds like Optimus Prime banging on a washing machine,
Your half right, he is banging on something, but not a washing machine, her butt. Yup, he's spanking her. After he heard the first two words he started spanking Nicki, but she wouldn't stop singing...
Actually, she did, she's screaming. She's insulting Optimus Prime and screaming to let her (no, shes a boy! ) down. When he does let her down, she realizes that she was recorded by me. So I post the song on YouTube, and everybody starts hating on her (including me) So every time nicki sings, me and Optimus Prime team up on her. But the question remains...
Is the rest of her song good? NO!

Ok, now "Baby", "Friday", and "Best of both worlds" are terrible songs. However, they're actual songs. Now this? This is just some angry idiot failing to diss some other woman over an irritating whooping beat. This "song" actually makes me angry. And the saddest part? This actually charted.

To quote a famous critic:

I hated it. Hated, hated, hated, hated, Hated it. Hated it. Hated every simpering stupid vacant audience-insulting moment of it. Hated the sensibility that thought anyone would like it. Hated the implied insult to the audience by its belief that anyone would be entertained by it.

This song should be way higher than 12. It should be one through ten because it is THAT bad. Nicki Minaj isn't a bad rapper, but this song (can you even call it a song? ) is the worst piece of garbage to even be recorded. Ye, it's fun to hate on Bieber, and yes Friday is one of the worst things on the face of this earth, but this song... This song... Words can't describe how bad it is.

This is part of why the music industry is whack. Every song is either repetitive lyrics and annoying music that sounds like a computer giving birth, sex drugs, or just depressing song about how your childhood is gone and your life sucks now even thought you are a pop star. There are some songs and bands that I like today and I realize that even in the 80s when music was at its high that there were songs like this. I also allow that some songs can be sad and there are some sad songs I enjoy. However the ones I hear today sound whiny and don't really give me the feeling of sadness. There was songs about sex and drugs in the good old days but it was a lot more subtle and it wasn't every song and fifth graders weren't listening to this.

The first time I listened to this song. I was so saddened that I pity Nicki Minaj. She has so much potential but yet she wrote a song like this. I also am disappointed some people call these "Music". I respect Nicki Minaj but this song is such a disgrace to her, and to music as well. This song is at par with sounds like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black. In a funny way, these songs could be a new definition to the word DISGRACE. Sorry about the rude words but hey, the truth hurts.

There are some artists that shouldn't be called artist like Nicki Minaj. Music is a beautiful art and all of us should respect it, I get incredibly angry when this woman release new music or appears on the radio, she clearly doesn't know anything about music she just want to be promotional. If I were Nicki Minaj I would abandon music forever and start learning about good music like Jazz or Blues. Seriously Nicki, none is gonna remember you after you die your music is trash, if you barely can name it music!

People say that I take music too seriously. The reason I take music seriously is because if there people who were not taking the music industry seriously, this is what it will become. Obnoxious beats followed by irritating rapping and a seizure inducing music video.

Whenever anyone tells you that you're taking music too seriously, show them this song. Tell them that this is what will happen again and again if people don't take music seriously.

This is honestly one of the few songs I despise on this list. I think people have become so close minded and try to be an "individual" who listens to older stuff. Older stuff is great don't get me wrong, but it wasn't perfect. And this is what music is now a days. You can either stay cooped up in your little hole of mainstream hate trends, or you can open your minds to today's music, (Not Stupid Hoe though, or any Nicki Minaj for that matter)

If you say this song is horrible, you're being too generous. If you say this song is one of the worst songs you've ever heard in your entire life, you're being too nice. Heck if you say this song is evil, you are not being honest enough because even Hitler himself would not like this song! He wouldn't use this song to torture the Jews.

This is literally the worst song I have ever heard. Nikki minaj is the worst musician in history. She's ugly and can't sing. Her song is not even good enough to be a joke. I can't find any other explanation other than she wrote it as a joke song. I hope the people that are saying she's amazing are just being sarcastic. Otherwise, I have just lost my faith in humanity.
Anyone in this earth can write a better song than this one. How can anyone in their right mind like this song? Is music really that bad nowadays. Do people actually pay to listen to this? If so, it's much cheaper to make your ear bleed just by sticking a pencil in your ear. It'll hurt less, too.
How they found nikki minaj is they took the worst musician they could ever find and made her famous,

If this is to be considered a song, then I don't want to be part of society anymore! This is the kind of cr@p that makes me reflect on whether I'd be better off living in the mountains will bears, where I can escape from all of the shitty mainstream music that dominates the airwaves.

The difference between the Top 3 is that, whilst they are terrible songs in their own right, "Stupid Hoe" is a flat-out painful disgrace of not only what a "diss" track should be, but also in general, one of the most poorly written, horribly sung, terrible lyrical, and flatout bleeding to the ears most annoying song I have ever heard. - BloodyThunderX

Just... Stupid Hoe just NEEDS to be on the top of the list. Sure Baby's terrible but Stupid Hoe is just... the worst thing to even be called MUSIC! Clearly it's a complete disgrace to music and no way anyone can dare like it! Clearly nonsense to basically EVERYTHING we know and love (including some REAL music).

Do you know what the sad part is? People say this is better than her other song, Anaconda. Is it? I don't know. I haven't listen to Anaconda. And since this is the worst song that I've ever listened to in my entire life, and probably ever going to listen to, I'm not gonna listen to Anaconda or any of her other songs. I refuse to. It's too annoying to be catchy, and the music video is too disturbing for anyone to watch.

Seriously people, stop buying songs like this. Diss songs are only effective when you can actually tell what the song's about. This is just... No.

It's impossible to describe in words how terrible this... steaming pile of dog $h! T is. It's just an ugly, sexually promiscuous... thing insulting and calling itself a stupid hoe over and over again for the entire song, to the mind-numbingly repetitive and annoying background noise I've ever come across.

There no meaning and purpose in this pile of dog $h! T like real music should have, it manages to do everything universally poorly. How this creature ever managed to gain popularity and have legitimate fans is a mystery, a mystery we would never want to know.

The other songs r really bad also but this "song" if I can ever call it that just takes the cake music is meant to sound good whether it makes you want dance or want to make you head bang it's meant to be at least pleasing to the ears but this is the complete opposite I know it's from Niki minaj so we can't except much but the constant whoop, whoop, whoop her annoying voice and her retarded lyrics and video just makes it unbearable to listen to

I used to be a fan of Nicki Minaj, but after listening to this song, I can understand the things people say about her. And this song just made me want to throw out all of my Nicki Minaj albums and posters.

Nicki Minaj is gonna look back on this song and realize "why did I ever make this song? What have I done to myself?! "

One of the dumbest songs ever made anything Nicki Minaj puts out is garbage but this is by far one of her worst Where has all the good music gone! And why won't it come back it seems I have to listen to old albums just to remember what real music sounds like!

This is a SORRY excuse for music. People just hate on Justin Bieber and Rebecca because they hate the person themselves. But THIS IS GARBAGE. I can't stand the chorus, it is so stupid.

Like she said in Anaconda, she's on some dumb shh-

What else can I say about this song? There's absolutely nothing positive for me to say about this song!

This song is one of the worst songs that I have ever heard in my whole entire life. And the fact that people actually put time into making this song just blows my mind.

Every time I hear this song (and most of Minaj's other songs) I feel like I'm being murdered in the same fashion as Johnny Depp in A Nightmare On Elm Street (in fact, you could say that Nicki Minaj is the Freddy Krueger of the music industry).