What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction


This band is so popular it almost makes me cry (literally) everyone at my school loves them and my teacher makes us do their just dances during indoor recess lord help me the lyrics make no sense, too! You don't know your beautiful that's what makes you beautiful so you're not really beautiful you just don't know you are and if you knew you were beautiful you wouldn't be? These idiotic teenagers make me sick! And this is their worst song I hate it and the band! I hope these morons move to Jupiter! Gosh these idiots

Boy bands have two catagories for their songs to fall into: Decent or Annoying/Boring. Guess which one this song falls into? If you said the secret one: Automatically turn the band into a joke for anyone other than hormonal teenage girls, You are correct! This was 1D's first and possibly biggest hit, and is played EVERYWHERE and CONSTANTLY. The worst part is that it's awful the first time you hear it, and just gets worse the more you listen to it. The "singing" is really whiny, the instruments sound like they were ripped from Garage Band, and the lyrics are the typical pandering boy band ones. It is a shame that this disaster of a song was their first song, as it forever tarnished how I thought of them. The only song I can listen to without getting a headache is 'Drag Me Down'.

Lets us drink our fill of knowledge. Boy Bands like these aren't real bands and are only created by the music industry for money. Not just that, their songs are terrible, this should be number 2, because the song is terrible (number 1 is the best song ever, and its music video and the lyrics had nothing to do with the best song ever)

This song is just the generic "I love you, baby girl. You're the most perfect being on Earth and your beauty is superior to everyone else". Look, if I wanted to listen to crappy music made for the tween demographic, I would have listened to Beiber back in 2012. But fortunately I,and many others, have MUCH better tastes in music. The world doesn't need any more garbage like this!

The meaning is not what most stupid and naive girls think it is, they're saying you're beautiful, because you are SHY! For God's sake go seduce someone with some effort rather than saying that they're shy. These Five boys should be at home playing on their X-Box and not making millions of pounds.They don't even write their own songs, they just perform them in the sucking way possible, go get some talent 1D, sure their aren't any Whitney Houston's or Stevie Wonder's around, but at least most of the people making music have more talent than these geezers.

WHAT? The worst song ever. It makes even Justin Bieber (by the skin of its teeth) look good. I mean god, how do they make a song this horrible. It's like there trying to ruin the whole music industry. They are all ugly too, how do they get the girls?

Why "Ego" and "Umbrella" are higher than this rubbish. On Direction should go to the jail because of this song!

Oh gosh, this song is annoying, not the worst, but very annoying. They want teen girls to like this song, but I don't like this annoying boppy song. The music video ripped off Blink-182, my favorite band of all time, how dare they rip off my favorite band! Not the worst band ever, but a pretty cheesy band. They only got famous because they are hot, their music is not even good, it is awful and cheesy. They try so hard to impress teen girls, but it is annoying and cliche. - AnimeDrawer

Each and every person have their own point of view and I should not interfere but it feels bad how they are hated by some people. I personally think - They did not ruin music but saved many lives (at least mine) by making it so good and we cannot thank them enough for that. Maybe they are not as good as other legends like Backstreet Boys and The Beatles (I am NOT comparing) but whatever they are they are best for us. I am Sorry if I said something offensive. Its just my point of view.

I agree that everyone has there own opinion but how does a song save lives. I don't think this song is good because 1 D has no talent other than their looks which is the only reason this band has a fanbase they shouldn't have. - MrQuaz680

This used to be my favorite band. (a whole six moths ago.) Now I can laugh at how I always said they were bigger than the Beatles. I'm so glad I started listening to Green Day. I'm so glad I got out of this phase.

Aah! This was both of my sisters and my best friends favourite song at one point and I will never forgive them for playing it in my presence, it was absolute torture hearing it on the radio and I don't think I'll ever recover, if you're going to listen to british bands at least listen to something awesome like 'the wombats' or the '1975'
Haha no offense to any directioners on here


The only reason they're famous is because eight year old girls drool over them, (especially harry) and harry styles, get a haircut, you look like a girl.

I hate this song so much... They look like 5 girls on their period singing and dancing like pigs whit hemorrhoids

They absolutely suck! They use a load of autotune and their fans are obnoxious.

This song is literally and utterly one of the worst songs to be on the planet. The main chorus instead of those words I say out loud "I really really hate this song oh oh oh this song so bad I wanna puke

This song tells girls that they are beautiful, really One Direction really, there is way more topics that you can sing about than love and girls you know? This song is so bad!

This band is so stupid my whole class likes it these stupid guys they think they are cool but they are a disaster I hate em

I don't need a song to know what makes me beautiful I just look at myself in the mirror. And by the way One Direction sucks.

Don't listen to anything by One Direction, listen to thrash metal instead.

I just wish I could see Kerry King slash all the members of this joke of a band with his guitar.

So they're saying you're beautiful because you don't know that you're beautiful? Meaning that they find your lack of self esteem hot?

That just sounds creepy and wrong.

Don't even get me started on 1 direction! I mean, I get that it's one of those songs you have too sing along to because people thinks its that good, but COME ON! The band is ugly and the song is stupid - Icegirl119

You are so rude. Do you not get the meaning of this song. You are who you are no matter what people say. You're one of those people who tell someone they aren't good enough. Just because they're a famous boy band that sold out stadiums in less than 5 minutes because of their lyrics people can relate to, and show them they're beautiful, and you can't, doesn't mean you need to be so hurtful.

Cheesy song by a cheesy boy band who are only adored by cheesy fans for their cheesy looks.

Let me tell you if your not European you can't even begin to comprend my sorry to the whole entire world, People in other countries! English music is not like this! This song is the definition of eternal pain, It's proof Jesus died in vain!

I must say that despite the fact I voted for a different song, I despise One Direction. They have ruined the music industry by hypnotising teens to like them. Try having a thirteen-year-old in your house play them 24/7 and going to their concerts when all you honestly want is to hear a bit of your music (KATY PERRY! )

It's almost painful to listen to it - Porcupine