Worst Songs from Ark Music Factory

The Top Ten

1 Chinese Food - Alison Gold

After doing further research, apparently Patrice's wife didn't really like this song! - BellaThornesuxx

It's even worse than Friday!

2 Friday - Rebecca Black

Is their anything more to be said about this? She didn't write this song. Patrice Wilson (the rapping guy) did. In fact, he wrote ALL the songs in this list. His goal is to find kids usually around the age of 11-14, than pay their parents for them to star in his music videos and sing his songs. The result later must be the laughingstock at whatever school they go to. - BellaThornesuxx

3 Shush Up - Alison Gold

This is a bad song and idea. I was doing kid stuff when I was eleven. Not guuurlfrieend stuff. Ark Music should know this.

Yikes! This girl is back with another song. This video actually got deleted from YouTube. If you haven’t seen it, it basically starts off with Alison robbing a store, and than going to prison and receiving the electric chair? Than she was dancing in front of shirtless construction workers and somehow giving birth to a doll...her outfits were pretty scandalous for her age as well. - BellaThornesuxx

I’m so happy I’m not an Ark Music singer. I’d rather wait and get signed to An Island or Black Butter than go through Ark Music hell.

4 It's Thanksgiving - Nicole Westbrook
5 Happy - Patrice Wilson

His failed attempt to make the world "happy". Plus he got dumped by his "girlfriend" even though in real life, he is married. - BellaThornesuxx

6 Skip Rope - Tweenchronic

The message of this song is NOT about jumping rope. Drug dealing and purchasing alcohol was more similar to what they were doing. - BellaThornesuxx

7 Abcdefg - Alison Gold

Patrice has done it again, dressing like Mr Rogers, and peeking in a window with a creepy smile on his face. He also drags Alison into a van and takes her a party. She was trying to get a guy to like her meanwhile Patrice spikes their drinks turning Alison's crush into Chinese food. And of course she ate him. - BellaThornesuxx

8 Lets Make Some Noize - Iris Zeitlow

And I thought he only favoured children... - BellaThornesuxx

9 Cupcake - Gina Naomi Baez
10 Get In My Car - Grace Liu

*I mean kids

That’s what Patrice said to those girls

The Contenders

11 Storybook - Abby Victor
12 My Team - Drew Jacobs

This is the worst, but is one of the funniest

13 Jump - Grace Liu
14 My Jeans - Jenna Rose

In title stands: Lunchbox Records so it doesn't seems belongs to Ark Music Factory!


15 Hot Stuff - Lexi Sullivan
16 Keep On Dreaming - Cami
17 Girlfriend - Griffin Tucker
18 Hysterical - Ellie Soufi
19 Smile - Nicole Westbrook
20 So Free - Angel Jasmine

Patrice said: “This candy is so free, get in my van please”

21 Dance the Night Away - Aruna
22 Perfect You - Hannah Rose
23 Shocked - Teona Dolnikova
24 Dancing Crazy - Reyna Armour
25 Hot Stuff - Lexi Sullivans

It sounds like kids having sex

26 Cupcakes - Gina Naomi Baez
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