Worst Songs Between Taylor Swift and Kanye West


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1 Bad Blood

This song is so damn annoying, it shows the most edgy and immature Taylor side, it has a damn awful beat and the video is incredibly annoying, why would you had a cameo of 20 celebs if none of those celebs will appear more than 5 seconds? Not even Kendrick Lamar could save this awful song - Pato_cargo

2 Bound 2

I know this is a controversial pick but this song is incredibly bad, the beat even if is not atrocious is pretty boring for Kanye, the lyrics are pretty stupid and makes no sense, I know Kanye was trying to have funny in this track but this is just boring, and the video is completely awful, Yeezus deserve to end on a better note - Pato_cargo

3 ...Ready for It?

Literally sounds like one of Kanye songs from Yeezus, at this point Taylor is just trying to appear as an edgy public image who don't like people watch her as just another cute face - Pato_cargo

4 Look What You Made Me Do

The same as Ready for It, but instead of sounding like one of Kanye's nightmares now it sounds like a b-side from 1989 - Pato_cargo

5 Drunk and Hot Girls

In my opinion one of Kanye's weakest works - Pato_cargo

6 See You in My Nightmares
7 Welcome to New York

God awful boring track, and is supposed that this song opens 1989? Seriously? - Pato_cargo

8 Our Song

I'm taking about the s/t version, this one sounds more like a teen country pop song, the fearless one is ten times superior - Pato_cargo

9 Shake It Off

I know this is a easy pick but is still a pretty annoying track - Pato_cargo

Overplayed too - Userguy44

10 End Game

The Contenders

11 Send It Up
12 You Belong With Me
13 Barry Bonds
14 I'm in It
15 Breathe in Breathe Out
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