Top Ten Worst Songs by E-Rotic or S.E.X. Appeal

E-Rotic have an almost equal amount of good and bad songs. S.E.X. Appeal have a rather silly debut album in a similar style to E-Rotic.

The Top Ten

1 Manga Maniac - Sex Appeal

The anime crowd will be pleased with this accurate depiction of what it's like being s manga fan (sarcasm off). - Martin_Canine

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2 King Kong - E-Rotic King Kong - E-Rotic

"My lover lover King Kong turn me on / I need your ring-a-ding-dong all night long / I need you here, I need you there / I need your ring-a-ding-dong everywhere / My lover lover King Kong do it right / Oh baby it's a ping pong deep inside / I want your ding, I want your dong / I want your ring-a-ding-dong my King Kong" - Martin_Canine

3 Video Starlet - E-Rotic

Mainly added this because the chorus is a rip off from "Video Killed the Radio Star". - Martin_Canine

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4 Fritz Love My Tits - E-Rotic UListen to Sample
5 Sex is a Thrill with the Pill - Sex Appeal UListen to Sample
6 Mambo No. Sex - E-Rotic Mambo No. Sex - E-Rotic
7 Help Me Dr. Dick - E-Rotic UListen to Sample
8 Hanky Spanky - Sex Appeal

From the same group that brought us "Love Me or Leave Me" or "Love is the Code". - Martin_Canine

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9 Don't Make Me Wet - E-Rotic

The music of this is extremely nice, so is the singers' voice and melody... but those lyrics.
I have nothing against sexual lyrics. In fact I even made a list about why they are overhated. But E-Rotic makes the unsexiest, most awkward sex songs I have ever heard. But they have enough good songs as well, so I actually listened to their entire discography. - Martin_Canine

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10 Gimme Good Sex - E-Rotic

Please stop refering to a man's genitals as a "ding dong". It just sound as un-sexy as it can get. - Martin_Canine

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