Worst Songs to Chart in 2017


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21 Look What You Made Me Do - Taylor Swift
22 Wild Thoughts - DJ Khaled
23 Bodak Yellow - Cardi B

This is a song on the charts now. Please shoot me in the chest. - DCfnaf

When I first saw it on the charts, I had to play a sample. Nonsense title, nonsense stage name, bland lyrics about "MONEY MOVES" that don't even have to do with whatever the hell "Bodack Yellow" is. I think we may have found the lost female Migos member on our hands, singing the next "Bad and Boujee"


Anyway, this is the opposite of Tunnel Vision- great rapper and lyrics (unlike Black) but below average sound (also unlike Tunnel Vision). Still, same score, 2/5, though I actually see this one growing on me more. - ProPanda

Where do I begin? I hear this song at least once a day on the radio even though its # 37 on the charts and River by Eminem and Ed Sheeran IS NUMBER 16 AND I haven't HEARD IT ONCE what

Whenever I hear this “song” I want Darth Vader to come and slowly force choke me. Seriously. Its all bad, the content, the beat production, everything! Take away all the braggadociosness and you’ll have approximately 5% of content left! Sounds pretty much like most new wave rap songs. Unsurprisingly, it uses a generic trap beat, once again like most mainstream rap. I like to think that this song is a parody of today’s rap because I can’t imagine the possiblity that a human formed these lyrics with their mind and actually sang them. I think Cardi B is a narcissist and needs mental help! Even Donald Trump wouldn’t write lyrics this arrogant!

24 Issues - Julia Michaels

Weak vocal talent. Quite annoying song not to mention very bland and unoriginal

25 Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd
26 No Frauds - Nicki Minaj
27 Changed It - Nicki Minaj
28 All Time Low - Jon Bellion

WHY IS THIS HERE?!? - CharCharBinks

29 Cake - Flo Rida
30 Swang - Rae Sremmurd

The first and only time I watched this the voice and lyrics was so laughable, a 5 year old could do better!

31 Heavy - Linkin Park & Kiiara
32 Humble - Kendrick Lamar
33 Love on the Brain - Rihanna

Overplayed. Overrated. Disgrace to what was once a good singer. Why can't Rihanna go back to her mainstream dance-pop hits like Umbrella? This RnB/soul stuff is NOT FOR HER.

34 Rolex - Ayo & Teo
35 It's Everyday Bro - Jake Paul
36 First Day Out - Kodak Black
37 Magnolia - Playboi Carti
38 Drowning - A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
39 Rockabye - Clean Bandit
40 Now or Never - Halsey

Terrible, ripoff of an already bad song Needed Me, plus her voice is a ripoff of the talented Alessia Cara

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