Worst Songs to Chart in 2018

Adding every charting song that has received at least some negativity. Doesn't have to be from 2018.

The Top Ten

1 Billy - 6ix9ine

I absolutely loathe this but now I'm starting to wonder who's spam-voting it

It's not me. - StarlightSpanks

RAH RAH RAH RAH - CharismaticKat

2 Keke - 6ix9ine

This one's decent, I guess - CharismaticKat

3 Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky

Appeared on many people's worst hit songs lists for good reason. That controversial past line is just inexcusable. - Smashball23

This “song” just hit #1 in the UK.

Music is officially doomed. - StarlightSpanks

4 Sad - Xxxtentacion

NO - CharismaticKat

I know it charted, but while my place has a mediocre taste in music, they didn’t put this in there, and I’m sad, no, I mean GLAD! - MissRWBY202

Rip X - Patronus

5 Never Be the Same - Camila Cabello

I hate this song. - NickelodeonYesAddminNo

Lol this is pop radio trash. - CharismaticKat

This piece of *bleep* deserves to be #1 - Patronus

6 Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump

Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci Gang Gucci about 70 times I like it - BreakFastBeast2005

7 The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

I remember getting so annoyed at this.

Repetitive pop garbage and a rip off of Stay - THICCBOI

8 Bebe - 6ix9ine

Annoying - CharismaticKat

Keke, Fefe, Bebe, what's with these titles? - The01Bro

So rainbowperv is making Spanish pop music now?

9 Meant to Be - Bebe Rexha

Trash, not to mention it gets stuck in my head. And you know what the one thing I hate is... - allamassal

Irritating. - The01Bro

10 Cry Pretty - Carrie Underwood

The Contenders

11 Friends - Marshmello & Anne-Marie

Ugh - CharismaticKat

12 God is a Woman - Ariana Grande

No one likes you, Ariana - CharismaticKat

13 Roll in Peace - Kodak Black Feat. Xxxtentacion

It's pretty good in my opinion - CharismaticKat

14 Hope - Xxxtentacion
15 Gummo - 6ix9ine

69 sucks big time - Pointingfingers

Should be waay higher but I added this late so rip - StarlightSpanks

16 Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith
17 Jocelyn Flores - Xxxtentacion
18 Look Alive - Blocboy JB
19 Rockstar - Post Malone
20 The Champion - Carrie Underwood
21 I'm Upset - Drake
22 No Limit - G-Eazy
23 Baby Shark - Pinkfong

They are the worst. >

Pinkfong is so stupid on making this song.


NOO - CharismaticKat

26 Havana - Camila Cabello
27 Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares - Xxxtentacion
28 Thunder - Imagine Dragons

Ew so generic - CharismaticKat

Not as good as Believer or Whatever It Takes. - allamassal

In my opinion it's better than Believer but I respect your opinion - StarlightSpanks

29 Echame la Culpa - Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato
30 Bed - Ariana Grande
31 Perfect - Ed Sheeran
32 Finesse - Bruno Mars
33 Whatever It Takes - Imagine Dragons
34 I Like It - Cardi B, Bad Bunny & J Balvin

They play this all the time and its annoying.

35 Wake Up in the Sky - Gucci Mane
36 Changes - Xxxtentacion
37 Te Bote - Casper Magico
38 Moonlight - Xxxtentacion
39 Taste - Tyga
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1. God is a Woman - Ariana Grande
2. The Middle - Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey
3. Gucci Gang - Lil' Pump
1. Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky
2. Bebe - 6ix9ine
3. Friends - Marshmello & Anne-Marie
1. Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky
2. Billy - 6ix9ine
3. Keke - 6ix9ine

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