Worst Songs from Eminem's Recovery

The Top Ten

1 On Fire

This song should be the number 1 of the worst songs of this album.

2 You're Never Over

How dare you! That song is great.

3 Untitled
4 Cinderella Man

Are you kidding me why is this on the list

5 Cold Wind Blows

This should not only be #1, but it's also one of the worst songs in his catalogue. Everything you hated from Stay Wide Awake except accents is all here. - WonkeyDude98

7th worst?! It's the 3rd BEST on the album - eminemgreenday

6 25 to Life

How is "On Fire" the worst song on the album? I found that song to be pretty good actually. 25 To Life isn't a bad song but it is definitely the worst on the album. Eminem did a great job but his rapping and lyrics didn't impress me as much as some of his other songs (ex: No Love). And that hook! Absolutely disgraceful. It didn't go with the song at all. It's like driving on a highway and suddenly coming to a stop. It's out of no where and it's surprising (in a bad way). It also sounded like it was being sung by a girl from a church choir. Very overrated song and it is not anywhere near the quality I'd expect from Eminem. If you want to listen to some quality songs on this album, just listen to No Love, Cold Wind Blows, So Bad and Almost Famous. Real masterpieces.

How are masterpieces like Cold Wind Blows, Almost Famous and So Bad above this trash song. I'm a huge Eminem fan and I should know this is know masterpiece. Eminem does fine but it's nothing special and that chorus is AWFUL. It's terribly sung by some retarded sounding girl and it doesn't go well with the rap or beat. Overall it's not a terrible song but overrated and not that good. 5/10

Anyone else on first listen think this was another Kim diss until the end?

7 Going Through Changes

I don't hate this song but the beat depresses me so much.

8 So Bad
9 Almost Famous

Embrace its presence.

10 Love the Way You Lie

The Contenders

11 Talkin' 2 Myself
12 Seduction
13 Space Bound
14 W.T.P.

How is this 14 and Cinderella man 4th

15 Won't Back Down
16 No Love

I LOVED Eminem's verse but I liked only a few parts of Lil Wayne's part.

9th worst?! It's the 2nd BEST on the album - eminemgreenday

I hate Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne's in it. Enough said.

17 Not Afraid
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