Worst Songs On Eminem's Relapse


The Top Ten

1 We Made You

*bashes head on the keyboard*

*Slaps forehead with palm

Da Hell? This was great... - B0S5J4M3S

2 Bagpipes from Baghdad

This song reminds me of the backlash that Berzerk got. It just doesn't really fit on the album. I like the beat

We Made You is actually really good. This sucks.

3 Same Song and Dance

I love this song the beat is probably the best in the album

I love the beat but I can see why it's here.

4 Hello

How is Medicine Ball above this? Medicine Ball had a catchy beat and an AWESOME first verse! Hello had nothing good about it. NOTHING!

This is the worst by far.

This should be #1.

What?! Medicine Ball is above this? This SUCKS! Medicine Ball is DOPE!

5 Medicine Ball
6 My Mom
7 3am

Relapse was terrible in general.

This should be above Medicine Ball. This sucked

8 Must Be the Ganja

I like this song I just don't like how he tried distance himself at the end by saying it isn't even a weed thing

Such a wigger always rapping about weed and drugs and girls

9 Crack a Bottle
10 Underground

The Contenders

11 Insane

Beautiful is above this song. Let that sink in.


12 Beautiful

What no this song is beautiful - amit1515

Finally! This overrated sappy song makes the list!

Why isn't this on number one?

13 Stay Wide Awake

Ummm...okay then.

14 Paul

A skit is under everything else...

15 Old Time's Sake
16 Deja Vu
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