Worst Songs on Eminem's Revival

The Top Ten

1 Need Me Need Me

To much pink

2 Heat

I liked this song but compared to the other songs on the album this wasn't as good

"Need Me" isn't perfect either, but this one just felt kind of weak... - gidlr

This one was pretty weak on the first time I listened to this I loved it but now I don't get it but need me was just a little worse than this song I actually still kinda like this song so I think need me should be at the number 1 spot and it seems right for this to be number 2

3 Chloraseptic Chloraseptic

Just so you know I'm not talking about the remix the remix was awesome

4 Remind Me Remind Me

I had mixed feelings on this song

5 Untouchable

I get the message this song is trying to give me and if it wasn't for the first 45 seconds I would like this song more

6 In Your Head In Your Head

I hated the sample in this song. Just laziness from Eminem. Plus it purely just sucked!

This song is good actually if you look at this list in reverse this would be number 12

7 Walk on Water

This song's awesome but compared to other songs this isn't as good

8 Nowhere fast

To be honest while I'm making this list I'm listening to this song

9 Tragic Endings Tragic Endings

Not a bad song

10 Like Home Like Home

I'm running out of songs here

The Contenders

11 Offended
12 Arose Arose
13 Framed Framed
14 Bad Husband Bad Husband
15 Believe
16 River
17 Castle
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