Worst Songs on Eminem's Revival


The Top Ten

1 Need Me Need Me

To much pink - pocorn

2 Heat

I liked this song but compared to the other songs on the album this wasn't as good - pocorn

"Need Me" isn't perfect either, but this one just felt kind of weak... - gidlr

This one was pretty weak on the first time I listened to this I loved it but now I don't get it but need me was just a little worse than this song I actually still kinda like this song so I think need me should be at the number 1 spot and it seems right for this to be number 2 - pocorn

3 Chloraseptic Chloraseptic

Just so you know I'm not talking about the remix the remix was awesome - pocorn

4 Remind Me Remind Me

I had mixed feelings on this song - pocorn

5 Untouchable

I get the message this song is trying to give me and if it wasn't for the first 45 seconds I would like this song more - pocorn

6 In Your Head In Your Head

This song is good actually if you look at this list in reverse this would be number 12 - pocorn

7 Walk on Water

This song's awesome but compared to other songs this isn't as good - pocorn

8 Nowhere fast

To be honest while I'm making this list I'm listening to this song - pocorn

9 Tragic Endings Tragic Endings

Not a bad song - pocorn

10 Like Home Like Home

I'm running out of songs here - pocorn

The Contenders

11 Offended
12 Arose Arose
13 Framed Framed
14 Bad Husband Bad Husband
15 Believe
16 River
17 Castle
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