Worst Songs On Linkin Park's The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party is well album but album has bad songs. And Linkin Park still far away to HT and Meteora sounds. Let's see worst songs of The Hunting Party.

The Top Ten

1 The Summoning

I don't know who created this list but all I will say is there is no such thing as a bad song. Whoever is used to the old Linkin Park, take off your nostalgia goggles. Because Linkin Park aren't always gonna make music that is suited for you. So either get used to the new music or go away. Personally, I think every Linkin Park song was great, and I thinks the people who are nostalgic should be happy that this album was released

An instrumental song like Tinfoil from Living Things. There's no reason for love this song. Very bad. - Nimbusman

Why is this even a list? Every LP song is great.

Every Lp song isn't great. Living Things is really worst alb├╝m on this world. Also this song is really bad for this album

2 Final Masquerade

This is their best song, how is it on the top of the list!? - fierceoni226

This is the album's best song, not 2nd worst... Idiots!

WHAT?! That song is so cool. WHY IS IT HERE? - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

You are so stupid, I have not heard a good song in a long time and once I heard this song, I was amazed! If you ever lison to this album, this is the best song I recommend. Listin to it!

3 Drawbar

Before album released, I hope great things on this song. Because Tom Morello is in this song. But after album released, I disappointed. This song instrumental and I don't like instrumental songs. - Nimbusman

4 Wastelands

I don't like this song. I don't know why. Something missing. Shortly, fourth worst song on THP. - Nimbusman

The song sounds so pop... This is the WORST SONG IN THP! THE HUNTING PARTY IS MY FAVORITE ALBUM and this is the ONLY song in the album that I don't like

It's not awful by any means, but it doesn't have the punch that other THP songs have. It just sounds like LP trying to hard to sound like, well LP, and this is just a dry, boring song.

5 A Line In the Sand

A Line in The sand is best song? Are you kidding me? This song is really bad

Song is the longest LP song but riffs are not well. Solo too slowly and easy. Chorus bad. Verses not good. Bad song. - Nimbusman

Why is this song on this list
This is by far the best song of lp after numb
Best on this lp
Heaviest lp song
Being long is no reason to vote this :/

6 War

Too short. Group wasn't work on this song. One thing is well : solo. Others trash - Nimbusman

7 All for Nothing

This song is great. But title is "Worst Songs" I must put this song down of the list. Great work. - Nimbusman

My favorite song from the album. I love Mike's raps. - 05yusuf09



8 Until It's Gone

Meaning of lyrics are awesome. Well song. One bad thing chorus are repeating same things. Must be creative - Nimbusman

Too boring and generic... although the album is great!

This is my favourite song people.

9 Rebellion

Good song but verses too slow. If they little more fast, this song be my favourite song. - Nimbusman

Good song, but this is a System of a Down style song. - 05yusuf09

10 Guilty All the Same

The Contenders

11 Mark the Graves

Seriously? Lowest on the list?

12 Keys to the Kingdom

My best song in this album. Too hard and rhythm is awesome. Screaming is too good. Guitars and drum are perfect. - Nimbusman

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