Top Ten Worst Songs to Listen to On a Date

Just when you thought that you were putting on some Beatles, you get this songs like these that you didn't noticed because you got to excited to give a f***

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1 I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island
2 Fack - Eminem

Ah, you're definitely the right guy I mean, who does love a man with fetishes of having a gerbil shoved up their arse - SuperHyperdude

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3 Lemme Freak - Lil Dicky

love LD

4 F**kin' Problems - A$AP Rocky

I just love dogs, the bad, female ones and that's my problem. You got a problem or you will BE the problem. - SuperHyperdude

5 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

Not only is the song annoying, but it has an awful meaning, basically saying women are objects, which is ironic because Nicki Minaj is a woman. - Turkeyasylum

I didn't wanted to bother with this but I just had to. How can you really have a butt if you're into fake ones. - SuperHyperdude

Do I really need to explain? - EpicJake

6 Kim - Eminem

If you know what the song is you'll vote for it, it's about Eminem cussing and murdering his ex-wife I'll like to see her reaction - simpsondude

7 Whistle - Flo Rida
8 Kiss You - One Direction

Gee, it's a tad apparent someone likes you. - Puga

Desperate to get a date much? - SuperHyperdude

9 Attention Whore - Melleefresh & deadmau5
10 Criteria for a Black Widow - Annihilator

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11 A Lap Dance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying - Bloodhound Gang

Song talks about how a guy picks up a hitch hiker then messes her and kills her and sees her on a milk carton and jerks off to her picture

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12 F******g Hostile - Pantera
13 Welcome to Your Death (W.T.Y. D.) - Annihilator
14 Terrorist Mind - Dead Brain Cells
15 Rocky Mountain Bear F*****r - Caym
16 Welcome to Dying - Blind Guardian
17 Twist - Korn

I wonder what that would be like?

18 People = S*** - Slipknot
19 Don't Talk to Strangers - Dio
20 Masked Jackal - Coroner
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1. Kiss You - One Direction
2. Fack - Eminem
3. I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island
1. Criteria for a Black Widow - Annihilator
2. F******g Hostile - Pantera
3. Welcome to Your Death (W.T.Y. D.) - Annihilator
1. I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island
2. F**kin' Problems - A$AP Rocky
3. Lemme Freak - Lil Dicky



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