Top Ten Worst Songs In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


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1 Glass of Water

I don't think it is bad at all, sure repetitive and pointless on the episode, but it is very captivating and fun to watch all the same.

What is the problem with this?

I love this one! It's super fast, and after months, I can finally sing it quickly without making a mistake. - Discord

Flashdance reference

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2 This Day Aria

Most people say this is there favorite song, y is it here? Did u listen to the band in the background, the contrast between each version of cadence, the animations themselves? This is such a great song, shame on you all for putting it here.

At this point I think people are mistaking this for the best list. That or people don't have good taste in music.

It's so catchy and it keeps switching between two different mares who look the same - mlpawesomeapplejack

Wait a sec... this was first on the best songs list...

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3 Tricks Up My Sleeve

This song is good, it's catchy. Is it bad just because Trixie sings it? - Discord

Trixie sounds like her stupid narcissistic self in this song - Ihateschool

I like this song for one reason - bobbythebrony

It was only like 10 seconds long, right?

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4 Junior Speedsters Chant

It's so annoying and messy - mlpawesomeapplejack

5 The Ticket Song

So Bland I Latterly Forgot Even Existed After 2 Minutes After I Herd It.

Its basically just a sentance with a tune - mlpawesomeapplejack

6 Art of a Dress

Rainbow won't look like "a tank"? Just because it rhymes with flank. Oh lord...

It's a Rarity song. How can I not hate it?!

It's a good song but not good lyrics - mlpawesomeapplejack

In the second part everyone is a dick to rarity even fluttershy - Ihateschool

7 Hush Now Quiet Now Sweetie Belles Version

This is one of my favorite songs from the show. Probably because it's catchy. - RiverClanRocks

One of the best

Its loud and over ecxiting - mlpawesomeapplejack

No its good

8 Pinkie Pies Singing Telegram

This is the only throwaway song from Pinkie Pie that doesn't suck. Still, a throwaway can be thrown away. - Thifer20

Yeah this song is pretty weird. But it's Pinkie Pie so what do you expect? - RiverClanRocks

9 I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala

I hate the gala song we all know that
Rainbow dash wants to be in the wonderbolts.

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10 Theme Song

All it says is "My Little Pony" over and over. It's annoying!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony oooh, seriously?!

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11 This Happy Flowers

At least I could see why Rainbow Dash thought it was a nightmare. - Discord

Appears in Season 5 Episode 13. I say this should be like number 1. It's because the flowers are in RD's nightmare. And they singing a creepy rip off of Barney's song, 'I love you' plus they are stuck in my head! Wait, IS BARNEY RUINING RAINBOW DASH OR SOMETHING?

I think rainbow dash hates barney...

I swear the people who wrote this part were on drugs

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12 Pony Pokey

It is weird and annoying - mlpawesomeapplejack

Let's just be honest... All of the songs SUCK

13 Help Twilight Win the Crown

The mane 6 sounds awful singing together

I know

14 You Got to Share, You Got to Care

Probably the worst song from the 1st season.

15 So Many Wonders (Fluttershy's Song)

This song is cute.

Flutershy has best voice


16 Smile Smile Smile

Come on every pony smile smile smile!

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17 The Generosity Song

She isn't being generous just creepily nice to strangers - Ihateschool

18 Find the Music in You
19 Love Is In Bloom

The instrumentals have too much thumping - Ihateschool

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20 What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
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1. Glass of Water
2. This Day Aria
3. Tricks Up My Sleeve



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