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1 Glass of Water

This is one of my favorite songs in the show! Discord is by far my favorite villain, and he does not get a song until this one. I actually didn't want to watch the episode that much until I heard this song. It's catchy, fast, and the animation to go along with it is amazing! While there aren't really "real" lyrics, the person who plays discord sang it very well, which makes me want to play it 100 times!

I don't think it is bad at all, sure repetitive and pointless on the episode, but it is very captivating and fun to watch all the same.

What is the problem with this?

Honestly I love this song Discord is awesome, John De Lancie is awesome and I love the instrumentals, along with the visuals and the awesome lyrics.

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2 Tricks Up My Sleeve

Trixie sounds like her stupid narcissistic self in this song - Ihateschool

This song is good, it's catchy. Is it bad just because Trixie sings it? - Discord

I like this song for one reason - bobbythebrony

I like this song - Sugarcubecorner

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3 This Day Aria

Most people say this is there favorite song, y is it here? Did u listen to the band in the background, the contrast between each version of cadence, the animations themselves? This is such a great song, shame on you all for putting it here.

At this point I think people are mistaking this for the best list. That or people don't have good taste in music.

It's so catchy and it keeps switching between two different mares who look the same - mlpawesomeapplejack

Wait a sec... this was first on the best songs list...

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4 Junior Speedsters Chant

It's so annoying and messy - mlpawesomeapplejack

5 The Ticket Song

So Bland I Latterly Forgot Even Existed After 2 Minutes After I Herd It.

Its basically just a sentance with a tune - mlpawesomeapplejack

6 Hush Now Quiet Now Sweetie Belles Version

This is one of my favorite songs from the show. Probably because it's catchy. - RiverClanRocks

South Park songs have more talent going into them than this.

I love this song but why everyone dislikes it?

One of the best

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7 The Midnight in Me

This song tried to sound emotional, but all it is is just Sci-Twi whining and moping about her fears (which she clearly did enough of in this boring movie).

Reused music

Reminds me of "let it go" from frozen, but less annoying. Rebecca Shoichet's singing voice is still pretty, but it still didn't help that sci-twi is about the same as elsa (i mean their woe-is-me attitudes), from what I mean.

8 Art of a Dress

Rainbow won't look like "a tank"? Just because it rhymes with flank. Oh lord...

It's a Rarity song. How can I not hate it?!

It's a good song but not good lyrics - mlpawesomeapplejack

In the second part everyone is a dick to rarity even fluttershy - Ihateschool

9 Theme Song

All it says is "My Little Pony" over and over. It's annoying!

My Little Pony, My Little Pony oooh, seriously?!

10 Pinkie Pies Singing Telegram

This is the only throwaway song from Pinkie Pie that doesn't suck. Still, a throwaway can be thrown away. - Thifer20

Yeah this song is pretty weird. But it's Pinkie Pie so what do you expect? - RiverClanRocks

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11 I'm at the Grand Galloping Gala


I hate the gala song we all know that
Rainbow dash wants to be in the wonderbolts.

12 Flawless

Worse than Chinese food song by Alison gold

13 A Changeling Can Change
14 Best Friends Until the End of Time

The song was annoying and a waste of time. But not as worse as Let It Go.

15 Help Twilight Win the Crown

The mane 6 sounds awful singing together

I know

16 Friends are Always There for You (Friends Can Change the World)
17 Battle for Sugar Belle
18 Awesome as I Wanna Be

This song is about bragging how cool you are

19 This Happy Flowers

At least I could see why Rainbow Dash thought it was a nightmare. - Discord

Appears in Season 5 Episode 13. I say this should be like number 1. It's because the flowers are in RD's nightmare. And they singing a creepy rip off of Barney's song, 'I love you' plus they are stuck in my head! Wait, IS BARNEY RUINING RAINBOW DASH OR SOMETHING?

I think rainbow dash hates barney...

I swear the people who wrote this part were on drugs

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20 You Got to Share, You Got to Care

Probably the worst song from the 1st season.

I agree

21 Pony Pokey

It is weird and annoying - mlpawesomeapplejack

Let's just be honest... All of the songs SUCK

22 Derby Racers

This song is horrid.

23 So Many Wonders (Fluttershy's Song)

This song is cute.

Flutershy has best voice


24 Love Is In Bloom

The instrumentals have too much thumping - Ihateschool

It should be number 1


That bass

25 The Generosity Song

She isn't being generous just creepily nice to strangers - Ihateschool

26 Find the Music in You
27 The Rappin Hist'ry of the Wonderbolts
28 Smile Smile Smile

I love smile smile smile

Come on every pony smile smile smile!

I love you that cute music love it and sweet very good that popular T.V. show and all lot music make me happy love it

This song is so overrated!

29 What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
30 Laughter Song
31 Time to Come Together

Stupid lyrics and no catchy tune to make up for it. The whole song just doesn't make sense, since there already was a motivational song in the movie. Also, if you're making a musical, then keep in mind that characters are to be singing, not doing something stupid while you play the song in the background.

Generic pop song in a generic high school movie. It's a match made in Tartarus. :D (SARCASM! ) - Thifer20

32 Bats

This is one of the best and my personal favorite

I like stop the bats (it's called that)

It's so racist - Ihateschool

33 The Failure Song
34 Cutie Mark Crusaders

Yeah, this song was terrible, but it's at least funny. Unfortunately, this song is just off key, ear bleeding, and it gets stuck to my head. It's just so damn annoying

I wish they lost the competition this song was so annoying - Ihateschool

35 I've Got to Find a Way

I love this song,just adding more so people can vote and have more options.

36 Celestia's Ballad

Yes, it's the first time she sings. Even yet, it is SO DRAMATIC!

37 Becoming Popular
38 This is Our Big Night
39 Make a Wish
40 The Magic Inside (I'm Just a Pony)

I wanted to like this song! But the message was too generic. Plus, Countess Coloratura was boring. - Thifer20

41 Flurry Heart

huh - Ihateschool

42 Babs Seed
43 Cutie Mark Crusaders Song

This was the song that the Crusaders sang in the episode "Show Stoppers". I know it was done purposely bad. But purposely bad is still bad.

44 You Gotta Share, You Gotta Care
45 Sisterhood Song

From that episode where Big Mac dresses up as a girl. Apple Bloom sucks at singing.

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