Top Ten Worst Songs In My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


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21 Awesome as I Wanna Be
22 So Many Wonders (Fluttershy's Song)

This song is cute.

Flutershy has best voice


23 Love Is In Bloom

The instrumentals have too much thumping - Ihateschool

It should be number 1


That bass

24 The Generosity Song

She isn't being generous just creepily nice to strangers - Ihateschool

25 Find the Music in You
26 Derby Racers
27 What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me
28 Bats

This is one of the best and my personal favorite

I like stop the bats (it's called that)

It's so racist - Ihateschool

29 Smile Smile Smile

Come on every pony smile smile smile!

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30 Time to Come Together

Stupid lyrics and no catchy tune to make up for it. The whole song just doesn't make sense, since there already was a motivational song in the movie. Also, if you're making a musical, then keep in mind that characters are to be singing, not doing something stupid while you play the song in the background.

Generic pop song in a generic high school movie. It's a match made in Tartarus. :D (SARCASM! ) - Thifer20

31 Cutie Mark Crusaders

Yeah, this song was terrible, but it's at least funny. Unfortunately, this song is just off key, ear bleeding, and it gets stuck to my head. It's just so damn annoying

I wish they lost the competition this song was so annoying - Ihateschool

32 I've Got to Find a Way

I love this song,just adding more so people can vote and have more options.

33 Celestia's Ballad

Yes, it's the first time she sings. Even yet, it is SO DRAMATIC!

34 Becoming Popular
35 This is Our Big Night
36 Make a Wish
37 The Magic Inside (I'm Just a Pony)

I wanted to like this song! But the message was too generic. Plus, Countess Coloratura was boring. - Thifer20

38 Flurry Heart V 1 Comment
39 Babs Seed
40 Cutie Mark Crusaders Song

This was the song that the Crusaders sang in the episode "Show Stoppers". I know it was done purposely bad. But purposely bad is still bad.

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