Top 10 Worst Songs from Non-Pixar Disney Animated Movies

Even though I'm on vacation in Hawaii, I still decided to make a list. These are the worst songs from animated Disney films that aren't Pixar movies.

The Top Ten

1 Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo - Home On the Range

This is the most memorable part of the movie! For all the wrong reasons! It is so annoyingly terrible and stupid! What were they thinking!? The villain of the film yodels which causes the cows to get hypnotized! How did they let something this incredibly stupid get into a theatrical movie!? The lyrics are stupid! The singing is stupid! The animation is stupid! It looks like an acid trip! This feels like a song that was written by a five year old! Actually, even five year olds can write songs that are smarter than this! Such a horrendous song! Home on the Range is such a terrible movie! And this is one of the reasons why! - MegaSoulhero

2 Zero to Hero - Hercules

Get this off the list

I know people really love this song, but I can't stand it! The muses are horrible characters! Why is there gospel music in a movie about Greek mythology? It doesn't make sense! The whole movie felt like it was written while the writers were high or something! The only good song in Hercules is Go the Distance. That was very powerful. Zero to Hero as well as the other gospel songs feel so out of place! Even the animation in this scene is too weird for my taste! I thought this was a movie about Hercules! Not some Vegas stuff! There was one line in this song that really made me angry! "Who put the 'glad' in 'gladiator'? Hercules! " Wow! Just wow! Are you serious! If they bothered to do their research, they would know that gladiators were ROMAN! Hercules is a movie about GREEK mythology! If they can't even get that right, they fail at creating a Hercules movie! The movie, by the way, recently had its 20th anniversary. Which I will talk more about in my next list. This is a horrible song ...more - MegaSoulhero

3 (I Wanna Be) Like Other Girls - Mulan II

Mulan 2 sucks! But you already know that by now. There is absolutely nothing good about it! Even the songs are terrible! The worst song in the film is I Wanna Be Like Other Girls! It's sung by the three princesses who are forced into an arranged marriage. And this song is about them not wanting to be in an arranged marriage. They want to act like regular girls and they point out a bunch of things that regular girls would do. I honestly don't know what kind of girls they want to be like. If they saw what other girls had to do in the first movie, they wouldn't be singing this. Sometimes I wonder if the writers even watched this first movie. This song starts out nice. It looks like it's gonna go in an emotional direction, but Mei ruins it! It gets very annoying! I understand that they want to marry someone who loves them for them, but the fate of China is at stake! There are people who like this song, but for me, it's a big reason why this movie is awful! - MegaSoulhero

The movie fails at life!

CS:GO sucks - PeeledBanana

4 Perfectly Perfect - Cinderella III: A Twist In Time

Cinderella 3 is actually one of the better the Disney sequels. However, it starts with one of the cringiest songs ever made! Just look at the title! Who says "perfectly perfect"!? No one! No one does! The lyrics make me cringe! It feels more like a parody of a princess song rather than an actual princess song! I also felt like the pacing of the song was way too fast. It's kind of hard to take in all of what's happening. And it even ends way too fast! It just left me saying "what happened? " But if you make it past this horrible opening number, the movie is actually not bad. If I were you, I'd fast forward through this scene. - MegaSoulhero

5 The Siamese Cat Song - Lady and the Tramp

I hate cats! I was thinking about putting "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" on this list, but I chose this because honestly, it's an even worse cat song! The siamese cats that sing this song have irritating voices! This scene would've been slightly better without a song! There was no point in this song existing! Even the background music isn't good! I remember watching Lady and the Tramp as a kid and even back then I thought this song was stupid. It doesn't really add much to the movie. - MegaSoulhero

6 Let's Sing a Gay Little Spring Song - Bambi

Why!? This is such a sappy song! I get that it's supposed to be happy, but it is just TOO happy! By the way, this is really the title of the song. The word "gay" originally meant happy. But I feel like the word with its current meaning is very much appropriate as well. It's been a long time since I've seen Bambi. But I just really don't like this song. And the worst part is, it happens right after Bambi's mother dies! That has got to be the most awkward transition ever! It went from such a sad scene to such a happy scene! This song isn't good. - MegaSoulhero

7 I've Got a Dream - Tangled

A lot of people love this song. But I just don't see why. It's not only bad, it's also cliché! Rapunzel is telling the thugs that she has a dream about seeing the lanterns and she asks them if they ever had a dream once. It looks like one of them is about to kill her because he walks over to her in a threatening way. He then says that he had a dream once. And the thugs sing about their dreams. They then become friends with Rapunzel and Eugene. See what I'm saying? This has been done a million times! It's nothing new! This scene feels like filler to me! People say the songs in Frozen are filler, but they give this song a pass because it's from Tangled! They're blinded by they're love of the movie that they refuse to admit that it's a bad song that doesn't serve much of a purpose! I know that it's so they could help Rapunzel and Eugene escape, but the musical number was unnecessary! The rest of the songs are good though. - MegaSoulhero

8 A Guy Like You - The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The gargoyles are the worst characters in the movie! Why did they get their own song!? Alan Menken usually writes amazing songs. This isn't one of them! In this song, the gargoyles are singing about Quasimodo being a great guy for Esmeralda to go out with or something like that. It's a good idea for a song, but the reason I hate it is because it feels so out of place with the rest of the soundtrack! The other songs are so powerful and dramatic! This is so comedic! It just doesn't fit in a movie like this! The gargoyles are already annoying, but this song makes them more annoying! - MegaSoulhero

9 In This Place - Ralph Breaks the Internet

"Oh steering wheel, oh steering wheel. Oh yes I want a steering wheel." Vanellope

Trust me, the steering wheel song above is so bad its good but only the first time. After that, it's so bad its just bad.

I hate this song with a burning passion!

AKA "A Place Called Slaughter Race"

10 Forget About Love - The Return of Jafar

I like Iago, but he is a terrible singer! This is supposed to be a love song but Iago basically ruins it! I just think it's weird that Iago is singing a song about love. Even during the part where Iago isn't singing, the song is still pretty bland. It's just a generic love song. There's nothing really special about it! Considering this a direct to dvd Disney sequel, I don't expect top notch songwriting. Still, they could've at least put a little more effort into the lyrics. - MegaSoulhero

The Contenders

11 Fixer Upper - Frozen

GAHHH! I HATE this song. Even worse than "we are cutting icce"

Every song from Frozen is good! Except for this one! This song is sung by the trolls when Anna and Kristoff seek help from them! But instead of helping them, the trolls sing a song, trying to get the two to become a couple! Because they're trolls! Get it? All Anna and Kristoff wanted to do was to get some help, but the trolls wouldn't listen! I also really hate how they actually force them to get married! This song feels like filler to me! It doesn't add anything to the movie! It could've been written out entirely! This is the worst song from Frozen! A lot of people say Let it Go is the worst song, but that's only because people hate hearing it over and over again! The song itself is actually good! There also a lot of people who hate Fixer Upper, but I'm actually pointing out legit reasons as to why it's bad! People only hate it because it's from Frozen! Not caring that it actually is a bad song that gives us real reasons to hate it! I'll admit though, it was nice hearing this song ...more - MegaSoulhero

12 Try Everything - Zootopia

I'd agree with "Shakira at her worst", but I don't think she was ever at her best.

Shakira at her worst!

13 Let It Go - Frozen

Yeah, MUCH higher. Frozen failed.

That’s a song that everyone is addicted to.

Should be higher!

14 Hakuna Matata - The Lion King

TLK hater found this list - TeamRocket747

What a great song - PeeledBanana

15 I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan

Enough with AMVs already!

16 Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? - Frozen
17 For the First Time in Forever - Frozen
18 Love is an Open Door - Frozen
19 A Whole New World - Aladdin

What a great song - PeeledBanana

20 Once Upon a Dream - Sleeping Beauty
21 Someday My Prince Will Come - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
22 Lost in the Woods - Frozen II
23 The Next Right Thing - Frozen II
24 Show Yourself - Frozen II
25 Into the Unknown - Frozen II
26 How Far I'll Go - Moana
27 You're Welcome - Moana
28 He Mele No Lilo - Lilo & Stitch
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