Worst Songs on the Slim Shady LP

back in 1999 slim shady made one of his best albums the slim shady LP and they were all really good but what were the worst songs

The Top Ten

1 Cum On Everybody

I love this song but compared to the other songs on the album this one wasn't as good - pocorn

2 Bad Meets Evil

This one was great but in my eyes not very memorable - pocorn

3 As the World Turns

Wasn't a bad song but there are still better - pocorn

4 Brain Damage

Were currently in the top 10 so number ten for this song isn't that bad - pocorn

5 If I Had - Eminem

This song was amazing like everyone forgot about this song it was also on the slim shady EP - pocorn

6 My Fault

This song in my eyes is very catchy - pocorn

7 Role Model

This is a good song actually amazing song but still not the best - pocorn

8 Guilty Conscience

The song that started an amazing friendship between dre and shady - pocorn

9 Still Don't Give a F***

Great song that's it I would suggest you checking it out - pocorn

10 Just Don't Give a F***

This one was on the slim shady EP amazing but still not the greatest even though it is really close to being the greatest - pocorn

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