Worst Sonic Boom Episodes

This list consists of some of the most violent, disgusting, or confusing episodes. It is just my opinion. If you like or love any of those episodes then it’s OK.

The Top Ten

1 Mech Suits Me

That mech suit is so ugly and hideous.

After Sonic finds an ancient mech suit, he starts to love it and act aggresive. He then tries to literally kill Eggman. This episode consists of Sonic even betraying his friends. And then rebelling against the mayor demanding a ransom. This episode is very violent, aggressive, and malicious! - TopTenX

Sonic finds a mech suit and becomes evil and try’s to kill egg man that’s taking it too far
A - TopTenX

2 Eggman the Amateur

Eggman starts to really torture and embarrass Sonic and Knuckles when they become actors in his evil movie. This episode is so humiliating and I really feel bad for Sonic and Knuckles. - TopTenX

3 Buster

Sticks adopts a robot dog that bullies Sonic and his friends. That robot dog is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. - TopTenX

4 Role Models

It’s that whistle oh that pathetic whistle every time blown by that pathetic platypus that torments Sonic and his friends and worse, tries to make them lose their next fight against Eggman. That platypus is the worst character in the entire cartoon. - TopTenX

5 I Can Sea Sonic’s Fear from Here

Sonic is such a coward in this episode. I can’t believe Eggman would do something like this! Destroying the village is one thing, but I can’t believe Eggman would create an invention and send it underwater so he can send a devastating tidal wave and destroy the village. Sonic is afraid of water and doesn’t want to fight. But if he didn’t face his fear then the village would be destroyed. And in the end of the episode he is still afraid of water!? I thought he overcome his fear! - TopTenX

6 Vector Detector

As soon as Amy lost his hammer, Vector takes the case. But during his debut to the series, he shows his colors as a greedy crook only by his iris turning into dollar signs. And then he blames a few famous people in town who never committed the crime via clues!? And then at the end of the episode he finally admits that the hammer thief is Dixon!? Vector is a weird detective. - TopTenX

7 Late Night Wars

Comedy Chimp gets fired after Knuckles takes fashion just wearing a trash can!? AND IT MADE KNUCKLES VERY POPULAR!?!? IT’S JUST A TRASH CAN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! - TopTenX

8 Curse of the Cross Eyed Moose

Sticks gets scared away by a cross eyed moose and thinks she'd been cursed. And she visits a monkey to break the non-existing curse? Dude! It's just a moose! Why is it a curse?!?! - TopTenX

9 Tommy Thunder: Method Actor

The most popular movie actor in the village becomes very annoying and follows Sonic around and sometimes gets in the way. Tommy Thunder is an ego maniac that brags all day. He is one of the worst characters. - TopTenX

10 Just A Guy

The villagers are the worst, this episode really shows how, probably worst episode besides Role Models.(If they just want to show how much a jerk are these characters, they did well! Really, at least they got to do the right thing at the end of Role Models.)

I believe that Just A Guy is obviously the worst episode. First off, Sonic is criticized for calling Mike the Ox, a guy, something most people are because guy just means person. Besides, Mike probably wouldn't survive 10 seconds in a battle with Eggman, which we see happen later in the episode when he gets hurt watching the Eggman battle Sonic invited him too as an apology. Then the villagers criticized him again, and guess what they call Mike? A GUY! Sonic then refers to the villagers as people and guess what, he's criticized not once, but TWICE! I probably would quit like Sonic did. Thankfully the problem was resolved with Sonic saving the day with some of Mike's help, but the the Lightning Bolt Society was criticized for calling the villagers people. At that point, I didn't really care.

I think the episode was supposed to make fun of the fact that people get offended over everything. - Drawbox

The Contenders

11 Flea-Ing from Trouble

This episode consists of Eggman creating robot fleas and sends them out to itch Sonic and his friends so they get quarantined so that Eggman can destroy the village.
It's kinda embarrassing to watch. - TopTenX

12 Chili Dog Day Afternoon

Most likely Sonic just eating chili dogs.

13 Knuck Knuck! Who's Here?

This episode was very depressing and upsetting.

14 Unlucky Knuckles

I just can’t take the malice in this episode. Knuckles’ bad luck begins to literally torture him and make him lose any game. And he tried to make it stop by torturing himself more than his bad luck tortured him!? He punched a bunch of rocks, he gets crushed by safes, he fell off a cliff, he launched himself into a tree with a circus cannon, he gets stung by bees, and when he thinks his bad luck is over, another safe crashed into him as soon as he opened his mouth! You should probably thank Sega for making a bad cartoon make bad luck look so painful. - TopTenX

15 Blue with Envy

Swifty the Shrew is annoying. And his catchphrase "Radical Speed" is the most annoying catchphrase ever.

16 Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Days?

Eggman is so annoying (in a bad way), unlikable in this episode and way too childish and totally not in a good way. Not to mention he is such a writters pet and Gary Stu. Talk about annoying!

17 Bro Down Showdown
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