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She's so obsessed with sonic, it's kinda creepy...

Okay, I HATE fangirls! Amy is just so full of herself! For example, if she wins in Sonic and Mario at the Olympic Games she says "THAT'S RIGHT, I'M THE BEST! " God! Her character design made her so unlikable! She is not sweet or cute, she is stroppy and annoying! If she loses she tucks herself into a ball and CRIES! She is a crazy pink hedgehog that doesn't even do anything important! A lot like cream she doesn't even help sonic, she just sits there wondering if he is okay! SHE IS SO USELESS! (Cream was a close second by the way) I honestly don't know why Sega added her at all


Sally is nowhere near as good (considering that both are Sonic "mary-sues") as Amy but I agree. - KennyRulz244444

I liked her but Free Riders and onwards SEGS ruined her character. At leased in lost world she was sane again. Please keep it like she was in lost world. Please make her the Misty (Pokemon I league) or Asuka Kazama (Tekken) of the series. Luckily my wish was fulfilled when they announced sonic boom.

Sonic definitely doesn't need her. As far as main games go, Sonic is mostly about Adventure, not falling in love with a stereotypical Valley Girl from California that claims in specializing in "tarot cards" (which isn't seen in the games, please keep that in mind). Definitely WORST Sonic Girl and I don't understand why her fans cherish her.

Amy is actually a pretty good character. It's when Sebastian and Archie decides to make her seem like a wacko. But she is way better than sally

MAD 10 is not a real person. It is a pointlessly existent YouTube channel that borrows from how the lists of TheTopTens were at these times.The MAD 10 version of this list got too much hate, nevertheless. Kasandra Wright is so overrated because of her "U suck Amy is the best" comment, which unfortunately received 1 like. Why is she dissingthe members of Team Sonic, Team Dark, the Chaotix and etc in favorite of Modern Amy Rose?! This list is awesome, even though Amy Rose is actually very good compared to the other Sonic characters on the list. I don't like her face either, but why just anyone for their facial appearances? Blaze the Cat is one of the best female Sonic characters, not Amy Rose. She drastically improved in the Sonci Boom Era by turning into a much stronger character that fangirls over a teenage surfer dude a lot less. Screw you, Modenr Amy Rose. You owe us an apology for your dress skirt sticking out like a tutu and getting furious at someone for doing what you forced him ...more

I hate Amy Rose! She should be number two after chris. Amy is a spoilt, whiny, stupid and colour blind. She is a villain who forces people to love her and if they don't she throws tantrums and screams. I hate her - TwilightKitsune

Just so you know Amy is a funny character and she wil always be funny and also is Sonic doesn't like Amy than why did he admit he likes her and gave her in episode 52 of Sonic X (French) and why was he sad when Amy ran away from him in Sonic Unleashed thinking he was someone else and why did get nervous when Amy was wearing a pink dress, huh can you explain all that, I give this zero stars and Sonic does love Amy, and also the archi said that when they went to Sega and asked why Sonic does not confess his love to Amy, they replied that it's because he is to shy

Mainstream Amy should have the personality of boom Amy. at least that one was bearable

Amy's so stupid Amy fans just flame me off dude! Amy just runs and protects sonic like a baby. I know blaze is a little stupid but Amy's the worse! It's like she is a baby girl that doesn't know she can poop and pee to day dreaming! I Hate AMy and Amy fans! Amy is so dum she is a dummy she is even more dum than warrio. When she gets hurt she makes a stupid girly sound. She is a weakling oh my goodness you don't remember she is so weak. She is fallen in love with peach. I also hate peach fans Amy is the worse ever even in some sonic games like sonic CD yo go save Amy. Amy is a weak head she really is Amy fans!

Okay... WHY IS AMY HERE?!?! This is the "Worst" Sonic characters, not "Best." There is nothing wrong with Amy I mean COME ON! People form crushes on people, even I can't stop obsessing over my crush! I love Amy and I say DON'T VOTE AMY AS WORST SONIC CHARACTER!

Prior to Chris, Amy is actually the WORST EVER! She's mean to Knuckles after he saved her, annoying, and a jerk!

The childish crush on Sonic was cute and adorable the first few (FEW) times it happens. Now its flat out annoying. In fact by this posted comment, I'm surprised she's not higher up.

Do I have to explain her? Clearly she has no idea what she's doing at any time. If anyone watches sonic boom, they need to see how stupid Amy is. Besides, she even smacks her hammer at people for no reason at all. When I first saw Amy in sonic x, I was like, what is she doing!?!?!?!. Exactly.

Anything Amy Rose can do, Sonic, Tails & Knuckles can do better!

Princess Peach is an untalented figure skater!

She couldn't be more annoying! Please Amy be quiet! Sonic said no and that means no! It doesn't weirdly mean yes if you keep pushing it!

Annoying stalker who won't shut up about Sonic! I hate her! She ruined Sonic for me!

Amy confused silver and shadow for sonic because sonic is always changing forms I mean shadow looks a bit like darkspine sonic and dark super sonic so for all she knew he could have transformed also Amy's attitude and temper is excusable come on sonic, shadow, silver, knuckles and blaze are like that and no one cares also who said sonic doesn't like her. She always keeps up with him and the way he runs he is just trying to get away from her hammer

She gave me nightmares as a child, I am serious. Her actions in the games and her large hammer petrified me and made me fear playing another Sonic game. Thanks, you annoying demonic pink brat. - KennyRulz244444

Amy is annoying. She thinks this piko hammer is her ultimate charge. She's hearts on hearts for Sonic. I prefer Blaze, she's much better than this kiddie character.

Amy replaced Sally just because amy is a hedgehog. Am so done

AMY'S UGLY, BRATTY, AND ANNOYING! All she is is Sonic's girlfriend. A lot of female characters in anything get bratty and annoying! She's like a Logan from B&B! UGLY!

Amy is a slut, jealous, and annoying who always trying to get Sonic, but she knows he don't like her. If she keep this up Sonic is going to get a girlfriend QUICK. If he do let his girlfriend like Sally take her down to the trash.

Knew she'd be here! She's basically Sonic's peach, just way more annoying!