Chris Thorndyke

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Chris Thorndyke is a fictional character and the main human protagonist of the Anime series based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series created by Sega, Sonic X.


I adore Christopher. Sure, he may not have super powers or be the strongest, but I still like him. This is because he was raised wealthy yet with neglectful parents. Despite this being a mistake by his parents and having many friends, Christopher wanted to do so much more and would do anything to but couldn't. He was under servalence all his life and just wanted to more than play with toys and just sit around all day. He was determined to explore and have a great adventure yet he could never do that. He was the type of boy that could never ask of anything like this since he was a shy boy who would never want to ask to much of anything due to curtesy of others and that is respectable. So when Christopher decided to keep sonic here when he was about to go home was because Christopher was a boy who just wanted a normal family who would take him to see the world and just feel some love rather that be neglected. So this is why I adore him. I think there is much more to Christopher and SEGA ...more

I think out of all the characters in the Sonic franchise, he's the most underrated. - Jeff35122

This guy ruined my favourite moment on sa2b for the anime! When shadow doesn't come back ROUGE was the one who was the most worried and sad not this child.
He also is seriously in love with sonic and shadow, he cries for them all the time! It's so disgusting! Not the fact that it's yaoi (I actually am a fan of yaoi) no it's because of beastiality between a terrible character and two likeable characters! - misc13

If there is a Pokemon vs. Sonic game, please tell me. I would pick Ash to beat him up. It looks like Ash would be able to throw a punch. Plus Tails is so much cuter than you you LOSER! - Pikachulover1

Here's my list of worst Sonic characters.

Top 1. Chris Thorndyke.

Top 2. Princess Elise III.

Top 3. Cream the Rabbit.

Top 4. Omochao.

Top 5. Any random human.

Top 6. Modern Sonic.

Top 7. Amy Rose.

Top 8. Big the Cat.

Top 9. Dr. Eggman Nega.

Top 10. Chuck Thorndyke.

Chris Thorndyke sucks. He deserves to listen to Justin Beiber for an entire day, the next day he should be whipped and do hard work in the sun, the third day he should be cut, stripped, and slapped, and the fourth day he should die of dehydration. - LGYCE

Chris is an embarrassment to sonic X. He's trying to act cool to fit in with sonic & his friends and its annoying. HE is annoying. He's such a sonic fanboy. Like when he called shadow stupid for saying something about sonic.

Just like Amy, he's obsessed with Sonic. I'm surprised that sonic is not annoyed of all that constant fanboy crap. I would be nothing but embarrassed to have someone kiss up to me that way.

Chris is the most annoying, selfish, being I have ever seen with my own two eyes. If they had just gotten rid of him and put in Silver and this is not just my opinion, but other peoples to, the show would have gotten so many more seasons. Chris should be number 1 on this list.

Princess Peach is much worse than Chris Thorndyke. Sure, he's slightly short-tempered & all, but he is too underrated! Chris Thorndyke does not deserve to be top 1, however, the Mario franchise is supposed to get extensive voice acting instead of the Sonic franchise.

You know, I find it funny how there are a lot more unlikable characters with so many flaws in the Sonic franchise, and they don't really get that hated as much as this character, who has much less flaws compared to those characters, and doesn't really seem all that unlikable. Chris Thorndyke is such an underrated character. - Jeff35122

Sonic X is the worst anime I have ever watched in my life! Putting Sonic in the real world doesn't even make scene! Except for Sonic Unleashed and the Sonic adventure series. While I don't like Chris, the entire show is worse.

I agree with everyone who thinks Chris is a whiny kid who steals Tails', Amy's And sometimes Rouge's lines. He stole Amy's role of persuading Shadow to save the world, He stole Rouge's role of crying when Sonic gave her Shadow's ring and told her he died, And he keeps trying to steal Sonic from Tails.

Why is he higher than Elise? At least he doesn't perform bestiality.

I understand that he can be worthless and EXTREMELY annoying but come on, at least he isn't kidnapped every ' second. - KennyRulz244444

I literally see nothing wrong with this character. He may have had a few moments where he deeply treasures the bonds he has with his his friends like Sonic a little too much, and it will give him somewhat of a selfish or reckless streak in order to preserve those bonds, but he's not really that bad. - Jeff35122

He is USELESS. He's done absolutely nothing! Why is Cream getting hate when she's one of the most broken characters? (play sonic advance 2, 3 and chronicles and that will shut you right up on how weak Cream is) Cream can actually cause damage, but what does Chris do? NOTHING! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

Why, why, did Chris become Sonic's best friend. Tails is Sonic's best friend. Always has been, always will be. Chris, go away. Tails is probably so sad right now!

Even though we really hate Chris because he made Tails look stupid, this ain't gonna stop some of us for watching Sonic X. It's just Chris who is annoying!

I hate Chris so much. He shouldn't have gotten a line. He's bratty, annoying, whiny, and useless!

Chris Thorndyke is so underrated & could be voiced by Nice Peter.

He does so little for the plot, he could be replaced by a houseplant and it wouldn't make a dang bit of difference

I like how there is NO positive thing about chris on here - Zombieman99

I think Chris Thorndyke would have a fit if he had to suffer watching "The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3".

Chris Thorndyke gets 0/10 stars (2/10 stars as an adult).

Princess Elise III gets 0/10 stars.

Omochao gets 0/10 stars.

Amy Rose gets 2/10 stars (4/10 stars as Boom Amy and 5/10 stars as Classic Amy).

Big the Cat gets 1/10 stars.

Sally Acorn gets 5/10 stars.

Dr. Eggman Nega gets 1/10 stars.

Ella gets 0/10 stars.

Cream the Rabbit gets 1/10 stars.

Dr. Eggman gets 2.5/10 stars (8/10 stars as Classic Eggman).

Shadow the Hedgehog gets 4.5/10 stars.

Charmy Bee gets 3/10 stars (8/10 stars as Classic Charmy).

Black Doom gets 0.5/10 stars.

Froggy gets 1.5/10 stars.

Sonia the Hedgehog gets 2/10 stars.

Silver the Hedgehog gets 4.5/10 stars.

Vector the Crocodile: 5/10 stars (8/10 stars as Classic Vector).

Chip gets 2/10 stars. He looks much more like a Spyro the Dragon character.

Decoe and Bocoe get 1/10 star.

Metal Sonic gets 4.5/10 stars (8/10 as Classic Metal ...more

Why does everyone hate Chris, I mean seriously why?

*Super Kami Guru voice* Every hero needs a useless that's why they invited Chris. Useless character. Useless character.

Chris Thorndyke is so underrated but a lot of criticism towards Chris Thorndyke even got Wikipedia's attention.