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21 Fun is Infinite Sonic

For those who don't know who Fun is infinite sonic is. Well he's not exactly a character however he is still very infamous in the sonic series. In sonic cd, some of you might know that you can access the sound test from the main menu. Well from the sound test you can access a number of secret messages. The creepiest message was one with a screen full of sonics kneeling down with their thumbs up, it wasn't normal sonic however, sonic was wearing I think something like an anonymous mask but at the time many people thought it was Mario's head. The message on the screen was 'FUN IS INFINITE WITH SEGA ENTERPRISES, MAJIN' main in Japanese many devil. The music added to the creep factor but that depended on which soundtrack you had. The boss theme played so obviously the us version of this message would have been scarier. Many people found out about this message by accident.

If you just found out about this character now, then I suggest you don't search it up now as I told you the ...more

Ok look I don't know who this character is, but don't look it up! You never know what creepy pasta might pop up on you! DO NOT SEARCH UP THIS CHARACTER IS WILL SCARE YOU! For some people out there in the world, thank you for taking my advice. That's all I have to say about this creepy pasta character or whatever! Bye!

Thank you, I was foolish enough to go against your advice but now I regret it and I will listen to people who offer good advice. Again thank you - TwilightKitsune

The day I found out about this character, it scared me for life. It also put me of Sonic CD for good! Trust me if you don't know who this character is, I envy you. Please don't be tempted, don't find out who this is, don't search it, you'll regret it!

Haha it's so funny look it up its not scary it made me laugh haha it's a sonic with druppy face just look it up there is no blood its funny trust me I'm using it as a backround look it up

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22 Sticks the Badger

She's honestly a tad demeaning to anyone who suffers from actual mental illness. I'm getting real sick of these 'OooOOoOoOo, I'm crazy because it's edgy! ' characters. People with actual mental issues tend to have reasons for them, and creating characters where their insanity is the butt of every joke just continues the social stigmas about mental illness that lead so many people, including/especially kids and teens (you know, the audience that this is projected at), into suicide. I though better of Sega. I know they're not the best writers, but I would have at least thought they'd have the best interest of kids in mind, as again, that's their target audience. She completely ruins the otherwise great show that is Sonic Boom.

She's mean to Tails whenever he does something by accident when it comes to his machines. I always felt sorry for Tails whenever he accidentally does something he doesn't mean to do, and Sticks is just an unlike able ass!

I hate her so much why did they even add her
To me, she's the most (tied with Sally) overrated character
And her VOICE! Don't get me started with her voice.

How is she lower than Shadow, Cream, Omochao, Rouge, Silver, and espically Eggman. She's the most annoying. Her voice is so irritating and she literally is no help to plot except being an idiot. I hate her and her dumb theories. - Drawbox

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23 Bunnie Rabbot Bunnie Rabbot

So stupid when does she appear anyway?

She appears in the comics. :) And yes, I don't really like her either. She was some bunny who went through half a robot transformation.

Me she is fake too why bother putting her in any thing SEGA

screw her

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24 Jet the Hawk Jet the Hawk

The main thing that I really hate about him is his voice he's sounds like a parrot. HE IS A BLOODY HAWK

What do people see in this guy? He's an obnoxious jock douche who always looks down on people after he wins against them, yet cries like a girl when he's the loser. Also, if Jet is so great, why does he treat people like crap? I admit that his design is kind of cool, but that doesn't cover the fact that he's a selfish prick, who thinks he's so cool, just because he rides a hover board. He's just like that jerk you met in school, that you just hate. Well, that is my opinion, now, don't go fanboy me because of this. It's a list of the worst characters after all

Jet is an amazing character! Such a cool design and quite unique. Loved him in the sonic rider series. A really good character overall, not as good as characters like Shadow and Espio but I still don't understand why he's a contender for one of the worst characters...

Jet is not a jerk. He is a bird who has a fetish with calling his rivals by their full names. - Tayxd123

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25 Kiki

Kiki is that monkey enemy from Sonic Advance but to me he isn't annoying

I like all Ukikis (never to be confused with The Chimp in Super Mario Galaxy 2 whose actual name is Theodore Chimp) much better! B/c they should appear much more frequently in any whole franchise!

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26 Zomom

I love sonic lost world. But this thing or character (I don't even know what it is) is annoying. He should be lower on the list

"HEY! WHO YOU CALLIN' FAT? " Hee hee~ I just love Zomom (even though his crewbies are without a doubt "one dimensional"). He gives the Sonic Lost World's cut scenes a good percentage of their comedy. However I can see why people find him annoying, and I respect your opinions. Thanks for reading! (...Man, thinking of him makes me hungry for a sub...)

I'm laughing because Sonic's head gets bashed with a 20 foot sandwich. - mattstat716

I don't like him. Sorry :/

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27 Manic the Hedgehog

Manic the Hedgehog: Sega's Luigi.

Why the #*%$& is he on this list? He is one of my favorite Sonic characters EVER!

Manic is way better then all the charaters he can fight eggman/robotnik without any superpowers!

He was only in Sonic Underground which was a T.V. series that you can now watch on KidsCo in which for some reason, I get paronoid about - sagat2010

28 Ash Mongoose

A lame excuse for a boyfriend is what I like to call him. When he first appeared, this was what I thought of him: He's bland, and has the bitterest of a bitter attitude." According to the Archie Comics he's suppose to be this big-time producer that is pretty much rich with whatever he wants. He's also suppose to be "super handsome". All I can pull out of that is a suiting nickname for him: Ash "Gary-Stu" Mongoose. As the comics aged, he got a bit better, but he still doesn't have much in him to be an actually character. Almost like early Sally Acorn (1992). He's basic, and is usually only there to support Mina (like how 1992's Sally was only there to support Sonic). Overall, he's a basic, bland character that really doesn't do anything in the series.

Why can't Mina just break up with him already? He's such a ungrateful jerk towards Sonic believing that he is stealing "his" girlfriend.

I just want to kill him, seriously. - KennyRulz244444

Allow me to do my Ash impression:

"What the hell do YOU want!? Go away, your continued existance on this planet displeases me. Why has God not wiped you from reality yet? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna get a tatoo, be emo, and stalk my girlfriend. "
Good, right?

Ash is a complete idiot. I see why Mina married Tails.

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29 Tails Doll

I know you have already said this, But the tails doll is a character in sonic R. He is known for his "scary profile". Against sonic fans. People have created myths about it, where you have to complete the game and tag 4 characters including super sonic. When you do this, he will either come out of the T.V. and kill you or you will get a bloody tails doll and it will kill you then (sorry if I scared you!

You made me laugh because that means people believed that story. - mattstat716

The Tails Doll is an acceptable Sonic R character, but the fandom has changed him into a stupid "creepypasta" monster. - KennyRulz244444

Should have made Metal Tails

It is not annoying, it's actually acceptable. Fans just can't stop making myths about it. Imagine is there was never a creepypasta version of him. When you search google, it will be filled with CUTE fanarts!

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30 Decoe and Bocoe

Them both are annoying as hell in sonic x

One word : ANNOYING

I am glad that Eggman replaced these idiots with Orbot and Cubot. - Tayxd123

31 E-101 Beta
32 Fiona Fox Fiona Fox

Seriously why does she even exist she thinks that she's actually scourge's "girlfriend"

She's also a ho - Chaotixhero

She's not a hoe she just happen to have a lot boys who like her your profile pic happens to be one of them

Her betrayal just came outta nowhere and what in the world did she see in Scourge? He treats her like dirt and she never gets it through her thick skull about that he doesn't care about her. Also how dare she slap Tails! Oh and she's unpleasant looking especially with that stupid black, goth bad girl outfit!


The main reason why she is annoying: "she slapped Tails".


It's natural.

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33 Scourge the Hedgehog

Main reasons why I despise Scourge
#1-Whenever I go on a sonic quiz I always get scourge
2- He's a show off
Finally he's one of the best sonic characters ever
Damn it be in a game

He only appeared in the comic series and he sometimes swears. HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND! What! What the hell was he thinking didn't he know that Fiona betrayed him come on really?

He's WAY too sexual. Check out some images of... Him and you'll get my point


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34 Bokkun
35 Erazor Djinn

He's too annoying and hard to defeat. Dimentio was heaven.

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36 Dark Queen

This proves Sonic and the Black Knight to be SEGA's Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is mediocre and Sonic & the Black Knight mainly sucks!

You have poor taste if you think Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is mediocre.

Really stupid reasons to hate a character. Just because it it similar to the Shadow Queen from Mario doesn't mean they ripped it off. - DCfnaf

She is even worse than the Shadow Queen!

Ripoff Of The Shadow Queen From The Thousand Year Door

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37 Edward Tanaka

Edward Tanaka can rival Luigi for sure.

38 Mephiles the Dark

Lazy design, grating voice, overpowered, cowardly, overrated even more then Shadow, kills the main title character in the cheapest way imaginable, zero interaction with that said main character and most of all causes the moment we all hate in 06. Seriously why does no one go ape over this guy for killing Sonic!?

I think sega should have treated him better because he only appeared in sonic 06. he's THE DEVIL IN THE SONIC SERIES!

I could talk about lots of things about him, but all you have to see is, SPOILER WARNING, that scene where he kills Sonic. It's not that he kills Sonic, it's HOW he did it. Compare it to how some other heroes died in a battle, then tell me he was not being lazy. I would've voted Amy, however I find Mephiles much worse. Also, Boom Amy is a gigantic improvement in my eyes.

This guy is a knock off of a knock off. Worst story line and worst detail.

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39 Dark Gaia

I prefer Mario Unleashed & Pac-Man Unleashed.

What were they thinking with the claws?

Please make "Mario/Pac-Man/Mega Man Unleashed", Nintendo, Capcom & Namco!

40 Cheese

Yeah, I agree with the first comment. All he does is say "Chao Chao" all the time.

Eh...cheese is mostly just there and doesn't do anything really

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