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41 Vector the Crocodile Vector the Crocodile


Vector the Crocodile aka Vector the Pedophile

Vector sucked anytime, especially in 2-D & because of his arch-rivalry with Donkey Kong, & more especially because of how he was in the Sonic franchise (which is a fair to severe mistake).

Such a bossy crocodile who should not be casting lines w/ extensive voice acting.

Vector the Crocodile still is a rival to King Bowser & Rosalina (eventually).

Imagine Jaime Luis Gomez aka Taboo voicing Vector the Crocodile w/ Vector the Crocodile singing/rapping the lyrics Taboo sings/raps.

Haven't seen a good find the computer room in a while...

FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!... comment! - mattstat716

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42 Nazo the Hedgehog

Nazo is bossy (kinda) & might be a rival towards Rosalina from the Mario franchise.

Also, Nazo could be voiced by Psy.

He's is real but he did not appear in a sonic game, an episode or even in the comic series he did appear in a sonic X trailer but he didn't appear in an episode in fact he did appear in a fan made film Nazo unleashed

Nazo is annoying & needs to shut up sometimes.

Nazo the hedgehog
Nazi the hedgehog
Heil Hitler

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43 Chip

Copies off Shadow with amnesia.

Rips off Silver's voice

I prefer Mario Unleashed.

Chip is not even half a charator. Heis only in sonic game! and I don't like him

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44 Sonic Fan Characters

When ever fans make there own character they make a stupid origin and or make it super overpowered and or invincible. I also hate it when the fans pare up there characters with the REAL Sonic characters!

HATE Sonic Fan Characters, when I look up cool Sonic Comics, their Fan Character just HAS to be in it I'm looking Sonic not you're fan character! And SHIPPING you're character with one of the Sonic characters and having kids... KEEP ON DREAMING CAUSE THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

Ugh, I HATE fan characters! Idiots on Deviantart think that some should be in an actual Sonic game.

If any fan character makes an appearance in a Sonic game, I would cry in a corner in exasperation. Especially if that character was a female.

Not ALL sonic fan characters are idiots though. Some are actually pretty cool! Its just a rare species of the franchise. Lol - Miamstar44


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45 Mephiles the Dark

Lazy design, grating voice, overpowered, cowardly, overrated even more then Shadow, kills the main title character in the cheapest way imaginable, zero interaction with that said main character and most of all causes the moment we all hate in 06. Seriously why does no one go ape over this guy for killing Sonic!?

I think sega should have treated him better because he only appeared in sonic 06. he's THE DEVIL IN THE SONIC SERIES!

This guy is a knock off of a knock off. Worst story line and worst detail.

He doesn't deserve to be on this list

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46 cosmo

She should die or be with chis

I found her to be a bit of a stereotypical alien. She's quite, looking for "hope", and always seems to be calm. She might be a bit of a good addition to the Sonic canon if SEGA decides to throw her in, but I still find her a bit stereotypical and bland.

She was completely useless and didn't do anything

What do you mean with "didn't do anything"? , in episode 78, she sacrifice her self to save the galaxy and you CALL it as "didn't do anything"?!

Okay she is low on the list but.Why does she get hate? Over bein' tails's girlfriend.I ship Taiream but I don't mind tailsmo.She is a tad bit boring.But that's it! well sorry for this long comment.

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47 Antoine D' Coolette

He's such a coward in the T.V. series and in Archie comics series I mean come on he's a coyote and his evil version is way better

Antoine D' Coolette sucks because he is a Sonic character. But he isn't bad for a Sonic character. He's cute as heck like Miles "Tails" Prower, especially in 3-D.

Antoine D' Coolette's new height: 6'5" (196 centimeters).
Antoine D' Coolette's new weight: 174 pounds.

He's just a scaredy cat. enough said

He is a COWARD how can he get merryied and plus in the new comixs he so not cowardy

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48 Blue Cube Wisp

I most certainly prefer Mario Colors feat Mega Man characters/Pac-Man Colors over Sonic Colours.

All wisps are stupid. End of discussion.

This wisp in Sonic Colours in useless! - sagat2010

49 Cosmo the Seedrian

This Is The Second Time Cosmo Was Entered On This List

Compared to Tails, she is lanky.

She is so annoying and nosy Tails got hurt and even cried cause of her.

Cosmo looks more like kirlia from pokemon than gardevoir.

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50 Grounder

Grounder is cute like Scratch, but they need to be with female Mario characters like Princess Daisy & Birdo (a hermaphrodite).

51 Scratch

Scratch is the most annoying character in the history of fiction! Why did Eggman create this abomination!?! Imagine a comic relief character that doesn't make you laugh, but, instead he just wants you to rip your ears out and shread them into pieces!

I loved AOSTH but this dudes voice was annoying!

52 Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat

I hate Blaze because of her attitude. I don't care how cool her powers are or if she's a princess or whatever, she acts like a restricted wall of the franchise.

One, she behaves like one of those typical edgy depressed characters - We already have Shadow for that role, believe me. That kind of personality doesn't suit her; And no, just because she has a destroyed dimension or something shouldn't make her like that. Look at Silver, he's a jolly optimist even though he's dealing the same problem.

Second, she shuts others out. She just keeps gluing to Silver, Marine, and Cream. Apparently it's been said that she hides from people because she doesn't want to hurt them - But it's supposed to be the other way around. Look at Elsa from Frozen. By restricting herself, did it turn out well? Only when she finally joins people at the end it gets better. Blaze is the same; She needs to be present for people to help her, not run away and cry in a cave. I'll admit I like her ...more - MillieTrina_Prower

Blaze is my favourite character! She just is so awesome! Also when you play as her in sonic rush adventure she won't be affected by fire! She's so mysterious but also very sweet and a little socially awkward! (Plus she's a purple kitty! )

Blaze the cat is beast she is the perfect match for sonic the hedgehog

Stop making Blaze the cat look bad, MillieTrina_Prower. I an see why you hate Blaze the Cat even though she is one of the better female Sonic characters besides Shade the Echidna. Modern Amy Rose chooses to be upset, and she doesn't deserve more love than Blaze the Cat because of that. Blaze the Cat is awesome because she is a strong female character. But yes, she's not that great. She's an above-par character, and much better than most other female Sonic characters. Why does Modern Sally Acorn get credit for doing nothing?! :(

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53 Anti-Tails

Anti-Tails (A.K. A Miles Prower) he's one of the leaders of the drestrux and he only appeared in the comics not in games or T.V. shows not only that he's one of those characters like Scourge an evil version of Tails just like Scourge an evil version of Sonic seriously?


The Pac-Man franchise should have titans, not the Sonic franchise.

Pac of the Titans

54 Smalls the Cat

He is the evil twin of Big the Cat?

Small the Dog. - mattstat716

All Sonic characters suck anyway.

What is up with the evil versions it's so annoying like Miles prower, Patch, Scourge, Alicia, Boomer, Rosy and now this big tub of f*ck?! Isn't that enough evil versions

55 Espio the Chameleon Espio the Chameleon

He is the reason why Mighty is gone. He's cool. And all but the main reason why my favorite Sonic character is gone. He's still cool though

Espio is awesome

Now that's messed up you know

I want mighty he was so.cool

56 E-123 Omega E-123 Omega

Omega is awesome what

Get him to the top 35

57 Tails the Fox Tails the Fox

Tails is awesome and much better than Shadow will ever be. Screw the haters!

Really? Tails can be annoying in the Sonic 2 Bonus Stages but he is an amazing character to be honest. - KennyRulz244444

He is the awesome at character in the world !

He is cool

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58 Orbot

I am not voting because I hate it, but who the heck put him on the list:(

59 Bean the Dynamite

He only appeared in 2 games 1 sonic the fighters and Sonic gems collection he always carries bombs all over the place in the Sonic, Shadow and silver show he blows up people's houses

Why doesn't Bean the Dynamite appear in games anymore?

He sucks so bad


60 Topaz
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