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61 Storm the Albatross
62 Rosy the Rascal

She is the evil version of Amy and instead of calling scourge by his real name she calls him "SCOURGEY" that line is so stupid she always hunts down sonic and scourge and only appeared in the comics whenever I see an image of rosy this is what I say "SHE'S GOT MORE HAMMERS THAN A HARDWARE STORE"

Why is she Amy Rose nowadays with a straighter, shorter haircut?

Why did she become Amy Rose? :(

I prefer Pac-Man Archie Comics.

She creeps me out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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63 Heavy the Robot
64 Shahra the Genie V 2 Comments
65 Caliburn V 1 Comment
66 Zazz

Zazz, I Like Sonic Lost World But This Dude Just Disgusts Me - VideoGamefan5

He is just annoying especially in sonic dash it's just his voice but I hate egg man most although he is pretty fun to mess around with

I like this zeti: him, Zavok, and Zor are awesome. - DCfnaf

67 Maria Robotnik

Why put on this list in the first place she just played a small part in shadows life the only thing that made him smile that's why I like her

She's dead. So kind of irrelevant now to the series. She's just in flashbacks.

Maria Robotnik may be adorable, but she's as annoying as any Sonic character is meant to be.

68 Vanilla the Rabbit

She isn't invited to the night club. Cream the Rabbit is (if she weren't underage)!

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69 Zavok

Zavok is a crappy leader anyways. Why do him & his other siblings of the crappy Deadly Six have lines anyways?! I especially hate Zavok, Zazz and Zeena.

70 Shade the Echinda

Shade is just another character they needed to add. Sega doesn't need shade. Shade was only in one sonic game, which was Sonic Chronicles; the Dark brother. That's why I'm glad sega got rid of shade. Knuckles was supposed to be the last echinda.

I'm surprised Sonic is on Archie Comics instead of Mario. I think Archie Comics is picky.

Imagine if Betty Cooper (more like Betty Pooper) fought with Princess Peach (more like Princess Preach).

She was awesome and needs more screen time

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71 Excalibur Sonic Excalibur Sonic V 2 Comments
72 Fastidious Beaver

I didn't like him in Do Not Disturb. - FireMarshallBillBurns

73 Mayor E. Pluribus Fink

In Victory he destroys Sonic and gang's petition papers in the paper shredder for the rec center they were trying to save without even looking over them..like what!? - FireMarshallBillBurns

74 Patch D'Coolette

Most of the Archie comic sonic characters are completely unnecessary

He's another evil version and this time he's the evil version of Antoine he's from the anti freedom fighters together with scourge, Fiona, him, Alicia, Buns rabot and THAT CRAZY ROSY THE RASCAL that always chases "scourgey" around

75 Sonic the Werehog

So annoying in the Wii version. What we're they thinking?

Sonic rocked this better than what Mario could never do.

Had better combo-ing than Lyric's combo system. - mattstat716

I like cause of his formation freak the game even sonics darkspine formation and hyper sonic too all formations that í love freak some of the games.

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76 Sir Percival

Its Blaze and she shouldn't be called sir.

77 Perfect Chaos

He isn't what you expected to be, he isn't a god and if you've seen Sonic x when Super Sonic completely destroyed him, you know what I mean. And it only takes one super character to beat him whereas it took 3 supers to defeat solaris and metal overload (if the chaos shields count as super forms).

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78 Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat

I hate Blaze because of her attitude. I don't care how cool her powers are or if she's a princess or whatever, she acts like a restricted wall of the franchise.

One, she behaves like one of those typical edgy depressed characters - We already have Shadow for that role, believe me. That kind of personality doesn't suit her; And no, just because she has a destroyed dimension or something shouldn't make her like that. Look at Silver, he's a jolly optimist even though he's dealing the same problem.

Second, she shuts others out. She just keeps gluing to Silver, Marine, and Cream. Apparently it's been said that she hides from people because she doesn't want to hurt them - But it's supposed to be the other way around. Look at Elsa from Frozen. By restricting herself, did it turn out well? Only when she finally joins people at the end it gets better. Blaze is the same; She needs to be present for people to help her, not run away and cry in a cave. I'll admit I like her ...more - MillieTrina_Prower

Blaze is my favourite character! She just is so awesome! Also when you play as her in sonic rush adventure she won't be affected by fire! She's so mysterious but also very sweet and a little socially awkward! (Plus she's a purple kitty! )

Blaze the cat is beast she is the perfect match for sonic the hedgehog

Stop making Blaze the cat look bad, MillieTrina_Prower. I an see why you hate Blaze the Cat even though she is one of the better female Sonic characters besides Shade the Echidna. Modern Amy Rose chooses to be upset, and she doesn't deserve more love than Blaze the Cat because of that. Blaze the Cat is awesome because she is a strong female character. But yes, she's not that great. She's an above-par character, and much better than most other female Sonic characters. Why does Modern Sally Acorn get credit for doing nothing?! :(

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79 Tails

I love tails and he isn't useless as everyone thinks and no matter what people think he will always be my hero and will always defend him

Why is Tails on here? He's my third fave sonic character!

1. He is one of the best sidekicks ever, besides Yoshi from Mario.

2. He can fly

3. He is a genius

4. He Has Saved Sonic if you got a certain ending. - randomuser2525

Are you crazy?! Tails decides to hang with Sonic & have a brotherly relationship with Sonic the Hedgehog, who is so stupid that the only way to rescue worlds was to put Amy Rose & Miles "Tails" Prower in danger. Guess how dumb Sonic is! Sonic is one of the stupidest Sega characters, EVER!

Tails is cute and shouldn't be on hear but he is quite weak
I can beat tails easily with no trouble

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80 Vector the Crocodile Vector the Crocodile


Vector the Crocodile aka Vector the Pedophile

Vector sucked anytime, especially in 2-D & because of his arch-rivalry with Donkey Kong, & more especially because of how he was in the Sonic franchise (which is a fair to severe mistake).

Such a bossy crocodile who should not be casting lines w/ extensive voice acting.

Vector the Crocodile still is a rival to King Bowser & Rosalina (eventually).

Imagine Jaime Luis Gomez aka Taboo voicing Vector the Crocodile w/ Vector the Crocodile singing/rapping the lyrics Taboo sings/raps.

Haven't seen a good find the computer room in a while...

FIND THE COMPUTER ROOM!... comment! - mattstat716

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