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61 Tails the Fox Tails the Fox

Tails is awesome and much better than Shadow will ever be. Screw the haters!

Really? Tails can be annoying in the Sonic 2 Bonus Stages but he is an amazing character to be honest. - KennyRulz244444

He is the awesome at character in the world !

He is cool

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62 Bean the Dynamite

He only appeared in 2 games 1 sonic the fighters and Sonic gems collection he always carries bombs all over the place in the Sonic, Shadow and silver show he blows up people's houses

He was such a cool character along with Fang and Bark. It's a shame that so many fans want them back, but they are limited mostly to cameos, just like Ray and Mighty. - JojoandSkulljocks

Why doesn't Bean the Dynamite appear in games anymore?


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63 Topaz
64 Wave the Swallow Wave the Swallow

Such a jerk towards Tails (an 8-year old mind you, Wave's 10 years older) for no apparent reason. - KennyRulz244444

Imagine Tracey Moore (voice of DIC's version of Princess Peach, theme singer of the old Strawberry Shortcake cartoons & voice of George Shrinks although she portrayed him to sound more male as well as Tracey Moore is a Calgarian) being the voice of Wave the Swallow. I know, she'd still sound the same as she did in Sonic Riders. That's because Wave the Swallow actually sounds like DIC's version of Princess Peach.

Say, how about Jordin Sparks voices Wave the Swallow?

She is a boring dumb dude! She is a girl though.

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66 Rosy the Rascal

She is the evil version of Amy and instead of calling scourge by his real name she calls him "SCOURGEY" that line is so stupid she always hunts down sonic and scourge and only appeared in the comics whenever I see an image of rosy this is what I say "SHE'S GOT MORE HAMMERS THAN A HARDWARE STORE"

Why is she Amy Rose nowadays with a straighter, shorter haircut?

Why did she become Amy Rose? :(

I prefer Pac-Man Archie Comics.

She creeps me out. - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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67 Storm the Albatross
68 Heavy the Robot
69 Shahra the Genie V 2 Comments
70 Zazz

Zazz, I Like Sonic Lost World But This Dude Just Disgusts Me - VideoGamefan5

He is just annoying especially in sonic dash it's just his voice but I hate egg man most although he is pretty fun to mess around with

I like this zeti: him, Zavok, and Zor are awesome. - DCfnaf

71 Maria Robotnik

Why put on this list in the first place she just played a small part in shadows life the only thing that made him smile that's why I like her

Maria Robotnik may be adorable, but she's as annoying as any Sonic character is meant to be.

She's dead. So kind of irrelevant now to the series. She's just in flashbacks.

72 Vanilla the Rabbit

She isn't invited to the night club. Cream the Rabbit is (if she weren't underage)!

Okay right she IS POINTLESS

73 Zavok

Zavok is a crappy leader anyways. Why do him & his other siblings of the crappy Deadly Six have lines anyways?! I especially hate Zavok, Zazz and Zeena.

74 Shade the Echinda

Shade is just another character they needed to add. Sega doesn't need shade. Shade was only in one sonic game, which was Sonic Chronicles; the Dark brother. That's why I'm glad sega got rid of shade. Knuckles was supposed to be the last echinda.

I'm surprised Sonic is on Archie Comics instead of Mario. I think Archie Comics is picky.

Imagine if Betty Cooper (more like Betty Pooper) fought with Princess Peach (more like Princess Preach).

She was awesome and needs more screen time

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75 Excalibur Sonic Excalibur Sonic V 2 Comments
76 Fastidious Beaver

I didn't like him in Do Not Disturb. - FireMarshallBillBurns

77 Mayor E. Pluribus Fink

In Victory he destroys Sonic and gang's petition papers in the paper shredder for the rec center they were trying to save without even looking over them..like what!? - FireMarshallBillBurns

78 Justin Beaver
79 Patch D'Coolette

Most of the Archie comic sonic characters are completely unnecessary

He's another evil version and this time he's the evil version of Antoine he's from the anti freedom fighters together with scourge, Fiona, him, Alicia, Buns rabot and THAT CRAZY ROSY THE RASCAL that always chases "scourgey" around

80 Sir Percival

Its Blaze and she shouldn't be called sir.

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