Sally Acorn

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Honestly I think Sally is too retarded because she only appeared in the T.V. series. She's so damn annoying and she has a crush on sonic. Out of all the sonic girls I would definitely pick Rouge and Fiona because they're the best female sonic characters I HATE SALLY ACORN I hate her so much that I WISH SHE NEVER EXISTED! I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT SALLY ACORN

Sally would be a better stripper than sonic character. I mean, what were you thinking Archie and sega passing off this sad excuse for a sonic character as a character. You even made her a princess!? You are revealing a naked woman to young viewers and this created some very gross fan art of sally. You guys should be ashamed of yourself for giving us this character who is a girl! Not a guy, but a girl! Even other characters after that started being nude like Barby Koala. Please give her clothing and change her role, or get rid of her for good!

Sally represents a huge chunk of what is wrong with the sonic fanbase: stupid shippers, furry freaks, nostalgia idiots, etc. Just look at her and ask yourself, is there not something VERY wrong. She's just so sexualized. Not just in her appearance but also in the way she's characterized. Really, the whole of Archie comics is fanfiction crap/furry garbage! Only a loser could enjoy them! They make me want to hurl!

I REALLY AGREE WITH THIS cause I HATE her okay and I know she ain't mean but I really don't like SONALLY and I agree cause she never appear in sonic games and she want sonic to be king and do you people want your favorite blue hedgehog to not run freely and rule a kingdom and not run around all the time and if so I hate you people and I know the poor in a kingdom but sonic would still care for the people in knothole even though it's in the comic but he would still care

I HATE THIS POOP HEAD SO MUCH! PLEASE MAKE HER DIE FOR GOOD AND NOT BE BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE! Okay, I calmed down. I noticed the most sally haters like Amy, like me. I'm a HUGE sonamy fan and I hope they get together but come on sonic, you deserve better than a snotty, spoiled NAKED chipmunk! Go with your own species (also one with clothing) so you don't create some weird hybrids of a hedgehog and a chipmunk.

Sally Acorn is stupider then big, needs more help then Elise and way more annoying then Chris she deserves to be number one on this list. She is a worthless useless character. I wish she never existed. She ruined the sonic fanbase her and all her fans. I want Mina back. GO TO HELL SALLY you bratty princess.

I find Sally to be one of my favorite characters actually... Yes, in the series before the Super Genesis Wave, she was quite dull and took the role of a mary-sue (you know, getting what she wants and getting all the men and all :P). But I have found that many people have hated her for many false reasons. One, she only wore an open vest. She's an anthromorph, not a human, sillies. :P Also, many Sonamy shippers call Sally a "horrible person" towards Amy. This is mainly driven towards the fact that at first, Sally said Amy was too young and too unprepared to be a Freedom Fighter. But the fact is 12 and under is really quite young to be battling battles to the death. Sally was trying to care for Amy. But one thing that truly is a ridiculous reason to hate Sally is because she's a princess. Blaze is a princess, but I don't see anyone complaining about her. To sum up, I believe Sally is truly underrated and is sometimes hated for no reason. Of course, I respect everyone's opinions on the ...more

Least favorite Sonic character. Not sure why she is so popular among the comic fans. In my opinion she is very annoying and bland. I hate the Sonic/Sally pairing. I really perfer Sonic/Fiona or Sonic/Mina.

If she didn't want amy to be a freedom fighter in the past because she was 8 at the time I think, why is CREAM training to be a freedom fighter in the comic book The Chase? Tell me why Sally. Maybe because u r a bratty girl who hates Amy because u think Sonic will like Amy. And your eyes before the super genesis wave are weird. Sally after that was eh okay but before she was awful.

God she's the worst Sonic character ever invented! She's nothing compared to Amy, Rouge, Blaze, or Cream. Basically, she is the anthropomorphic Bella Swan with no character development.

Amy you out grown sally you came into the world and fridged you sally un the new woman expect Amy no way in hell or any wear you world beat Rouge and finally they upgraded you Amy if they give you a super power like going super being a use which you are and looking (hot) she needs work on hotness but just make her a Agent and a good back ground story your hair longer with a super power and a incredible video game of your self un whatever SEGA picks for you don't you think guys oh I dout about the video game though but screw sally screw you.

God... I don't really like her (Sally isn't good couple for Sonic. Amy it's better couple for Sonic) seriously.. I hear someone say if she "Already sexualities". funny isn't?

Sally sucks son sally sucks I love son amy they are way better than sally. Anyway sally is a girl she needs more clothes she only wears a vest who's with me

She's a horrible character and I'm so glad she doesn't get any major roles anymore. The spot of female lead should always go to Amy.

I don't understand why everyone hates Amy. It's hard to like someone who doesn't Ike you back. But Sally, I feel like she's a hoe.

1 - Lack of clothing.
2 - Not a big enough role. Just Sonic's girl apparently.
3 - The fact that she's weak. I mean Blaze, Rouge, and Amy are all way tougher than her. - HELLADERE120

If you like sally acorn then you are worshiping a fictional devil. Sally is an evil monster. Why do Sonic and his pals like her

A.K. A Sally 'Carlos the Stripper' Aporn - sagat2010

Ugh I don't think that Sally acorn fits in the sonic franchise. Bland, poorly dressed nudie she is :3. I dislike the sonic x Sally pairing a lot because a chipmunk thing with a hedgehog is breaking the laws of nature and sonic x Sally doesn't seem right at all.

Sonic song to sally is "i hate everything a bout you" because he hates her!

I'm going to murder her then have DOGS eat her up >

Ugh. Sally Acorn. Sally, you know that if you didn't slap Sonic, Eggman would've been defeated earlier? Big and Omochao don't deserve to be above you, and not even Chris or Elise. Go back to the grave SEGA digged for you, and don't accept Archie's offer to pull you out.

She shouldn't have married Sonic in 30 years later. It should've been Amy and that would be more interesting.

Sally is stealing sonic away from his friends. In archie Sally is sonics best friend. UM HELLO? TAILS IS HIS BESTIE. THEY EVEN MAKE SONIC AND TAILS GET IN A FIGHT IN THE COMICS! "just for your info sally and archie isn't cannon. Also in the comics sonics love intreset is sally. IN SONIC RUSH SONIC I THINK LIKED BLAZE. AND IN REALITY HE HAS A SECRET CRUSH ON AMY! "if you don't belive me just type up sonic loves amy proof and press images or sonamy canon and press sonamy is canon and for blaze just type sonic rush cutseens." SALLY is stealing sonic away from all of his friends that just proves that sally wants sonic ALL to herself!

Proof the developers worship Sally

Nicki Minaj sure is a match to this great Sonic character.