Top 10 Worst Sonic Comic Characters (Fleetway and Archie)


The Top Ten

1 Super Sonic (Fleetway) Super Sonic (Fleetway)

I hate him, Because He's a bad Guy when he shouldn't be and he is a Separated tier Clone of the Original Sonic - ToadF1

2 Sonic (Fleetway) Sonic (Fleetway)

Not bad, but he's has too much of an Agressive Attitude - ToadF1

3 Sonic (Archie) Sonic (Archie)

Not bad, but too Cocky.
None of these Characters besides Fleetway Super Sonic are Bad - ToadF1

4 Robotnik (Fleetway) Robotnik (Fleetway)

Too Obese - ToadF1

5 Amy (Fleetway) Amy (Fleetway)

Character with Ugly Clothes - ToadF1

6 Sticks (Archie)

Annoying in General - ToadF1

7 Amy (Archie)

Trashy, due to the Lack of Importance in Role - ToadF1

8 Snivley (Archie) Snivley (Archie)

Trash Portrayil - ToadF1

9 Evil Sonic (Archie)

Sonic Clone - ToadF1

10 Emperor Metallix (Fleetway)

A weird King - ToadF1

The Contenders

11 Scourge (Archie)

A horrible womanizer scumbag whose charm turned one of the former Freedom Fighters into a traitor. *cough*Fiona*cough* He is pure scum and does not deserve respect.

12 Fiona (Archie)

She is a traitor which she should have never been. Enough said.

I blame Scourge for her Face-Heel Turn.

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