Top Ten Worst Sonic Fans

Here's a list of the top ten worst Sonic fans to ever come out of existence. These people are the reason that Sonic fans are given a bad name.

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1 Sonicteam765

It is obviously not good to wish death on people you don't like. Even I don't want to wish death on salty Sonic fans such as Sonicteam765/DarkSonic180. But, Sonicteam765 needs to learn how to accept other Sonic fans' opinions and not accuse them of liking a game that he doesn't like. Recently, he accused some Sonic fans (who are looking forward to the latest game Sonic Forces) of "accepting laziness", when he doesn't know how video game development works.

This guy is 21 and stalked a 14 year old girl on the once.

So I posted a comment on a sonic video, and 4 weeks later I get an angry response. Next thing I know, I'm getting copy-pasted wikipedia articles sent to me on youtube comments, and I end up responding mostly with smiley faces. I eventually get bored and tell him I'm no longer responding, and overtime I'm getting many more replies telling me to kill myself, none of which I've responded to. I then look up DarkSonic180 on google in the hopes of finding a deviantart or something, but I find a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica. So it looks like I accidentally ran into a God. He is truly a deity walking among us and I'm one of the few blessed to have an encounter with him. Praise be Sonicteam765/DarkSonic180

A death threat-spewing psycho that literally thinks his opinions are facts.

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2 Chris Chan Chris Chan Christian Weston Chandler (Who is now known as Christine Weston Chandler), best known as Chris-chan, is an Autistic man who is the creator of the infamous webcomic Sonichu. He was discovered by trolls in 2007, which lead to him retaliating. In 2011, he came out as a tomgirl and started cross-dressing; more.

How is this guy not number one? I mean seriously, he defaced a bunch of unpaid Sonic Boom games in a gamestore ALL BECAUSE OF BLUE ARMS. The guy has been arrested too many times for vandalism. Not only that, but he created the worst webcomic to have ever come out of history: Sonichu. Really, look at his picture next to this comment. He's wearing a yellow abomination while staring into space. His drawings have barely improved over ten years, and he expects people to donate to him?

I feel sorry for this autistic manchild. He's too far-gone from reality. - MillieTrina_Prower

3 Marcel Buchaca

Can't even respect people who are already dead which is a new low for him because they did one review on some they didn't like that he'd like which prove he even has no respect for the dead as much as he has no respect for other people's opinions..

Can't respect other people's Opinions on youtube and other parts of the internet and tries to get innocent people listed for rants and contunies to harass others online and fakes saying Sorry.

Probably getting people's videos or channels taken down he needs to be flagged go to his channel and report him have him banned he is not to be trusted and he's a lair.

Don't know if he'd got any help but Samaj Hogue did used him and abuse him like he does with every Sonic Fan he comes across.

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4 Diogenes

Want a Sonic fans who complains all the time and thinks they're on top of the world? That's Diogenes. Diogenes is SO negative, and many people believe that his personal beliefs are some of the most noteworthy. He spends his time over at the SSMB trying to prove people wrong and act like he's a know-it-all.

A prime example as to why classic Sonic purists are the whiniest, most entitled, most annoying, most pretentious and most hostile part of... anything, really.

Really toxic, annoying and egotistical. And he's a classic purist on top of that.

You really should block this guy on EVERYTHING he spews his biased bullying on. Nobody wants a classic Sonic hivemind quite like him... and that's no joke.

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5 Psyco-The-Frog

An ignorant prick who tries to disguise his complaining and bullying as criticism in order to make sure he doesn't look like the bad guy.

A biased Sonic Adventure fanboy who insults others for having different opinions than him. He may have good points here and there, but that doesn't give him the right to be a dick.

Another reason why Sonic fans will never be taken seriously

Thinks everyone who disagrees with him is a "hater" when really we're all just laughing at him.

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6 The Shadow Imperator

A complete idiot and bully

The dude needs to learn how to control his temper. He says he wants to be a writer and work on original stories but I doubt any publishing company would want to hire someone who has a serious attitude along with an ego. His butt buddies Tuxknux and Gentlmen also deserve to be on this list.

The dude is quite hot headed and angry. He also has a bias against penders fans, and well, so does his fans...

TheShadowImperator A.K.A. Kelsey Raabe was a horrible person. He turned a passionate fan comic and it's forum into a warzone. I'm glad that he's off the project and I hope karma catches up to him.

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7 Nintrendodude

He only care about himself and is too egotistical to listen to other people's advice and rather keep feeding the trolls until they destroy him as much as he's destroying himself.

Extremely obsessed with Ken Penders

Literally everything that's wrong with the fanbase in one account.

It's Nintendodude's fault that Camyle Sega is running amuck and bullying everyone and needs to leave Ian Flynn alone or things will get worse on DA since he is too obsessed with hating Ian Flynn the Satam & Archie fandom is now going get bullied because of him Nintendodude you are disgrace to Camyle Sega you can go to Hell with him.

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8 Al Jerico (Aurtis89)

Literally an aspie that calls other people autistic and tells them to commit suicide.

Doesn't respect opinions.

Acts like a pathetic neckbeard fanboy that cannot have his ego questioned.

Basically, he is Chris Chan V2.0, except with more critical thinking.

Also there's the backstory behind his name's changes: A satire channel on YouTube posing as TheTrueSonicSpirit's alt named Sonic Adventure 3 (Shortened to SA3 for your convenience) started to doxx him and even go as far as showing his face on his YouTube videos and he keeps trolling Al Jerico and his friends. SA3 (Real username: Genesia Nemesis) is friend with A Perverted Fox (Real username: Crapfrog555), Ultimux and a couple of other trolls that recently have poisoned the YouTube comment sections where Al Jerico complains about Sonic for X reason. It is also suspected that another Sonic fan "Cybernik" is behind Ultimux and some of the trolls that attack Al Jerico.

I shouldn't feel bad ...more

This guy likes to use autistic as an insult. However, considering how easily he gets set off whenever someone has a different opinion than him, especially when it comes to the Sonic franchise, it's very likely that he has a form of autism himself deep down and just doesn't want to admit it.

Just a stupid fanboy, obsessed with Sonic Adventure and Sonic 06.

I heard that he got doxxed recently, he didn't deserve that, but nonetheless I would not be surprised if he pissed a hacker/troll/doxxer/raider off considering he pissed off at least 75% of the Sonic fanbase.

And this may sound strange to you, but I know that many trolls like Sonic unironically.

Anyways, this person is rude and he'll force his opinion down your throat if you disagree. Furthermore, he thinks that 06/Adventure are flawless while they are about as terrible as Sonic Forces.

Just ignore him, he's a sad man and a joke to the society.

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9 Truesonicspirit

An idiot and hypocrite...

Claims to follow the "True Sonic Spirit" yet does things Sonic would never do, Irony at it's finest.

An Adventure Fanboy on DeviantArt saying that we should move forward, yet he's biased towards the newer games and insults the people who disagree with him.

Yes he uses facts, but that doesn't mean he can act like a prick.

10 Mariotehplumber

Where do I even begin? He deliberately tried to exaggerate his own beliefs on YouTube and even got suspended and banned from many Sonic forums. He also cusses every other word in his videos, and doesn't stick to a good point.

This guy was originally Xcalibur64.
Some other guy by the name of SanicXcalibur69 apparently copied his name deliberately, so naturally he would change his name.
Anyway, I agree. He's a hypocrite, and, has recently become Hunter the Hedgehog and Al Jerico/Mischievous Yroo/MisfitOnTheStreets/The Den's puppet.

Just another YouTube troll. - SplatoonKing56

I don't how to say this but somebody needs a cure about taking his stupid ego out. This guy literally this he's "the best gamer in the world, that he's better than anyone and let people lower their ego" but cannot handle nor respect everyone's opinións on the internet, not to mention that John Burris(aka MTP)hates all modern videogames and later start with his "alter anger ego hatred" against harassing people about "liking" Nintendo games such as Smash Ultimate,Modern Sonic and Nintendo games.

Also did I ever mention this guy said that Nintendo girls are hentai and that he despites woman? Don't ask why but seeing him as a pervert Nintendo hater weeb it makes me hope that the official Nintendo should take down both his Twitter and YouTube account, idc if he's a troll or not since many people on around social media are just unacceptable from their thoughts and opinións nevertheless.

The Newcomers

? Semaj Hogue

Easily the worst Ian Flynn fan of all time - Hauser

This Kid is making Ian Flynn look bad!

Semaj doesn't know when to stop with his bratty attitude and keeps doing bad things that are against DA's rules have a good time getting banned Semaj you'll think twice before faking yourself as an Ian Flynn fan you lying egomaniac.

Still being a Dick about Satam and Archie Fans Semaj! You're so on your way Encyclopedia Dramatica and I can't wait for Camylesega and his followers to join you since your all Sonamy brats who need to be banned.

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? Hexidextrous

I'm 100% certain he has no idea what an opinion is. - jhalp

The Contenders

11 SammyClassicSonicFan

A lot of people don't know this, but Sammy has matured over the years and is like a whole new person. Sammy came back a few years ago with well thought out videos that gave genuine criticism and he also talked about the positives of whatever his topic was. He then left youtube again to focus on high school which he has graduated from and he is now going to college. He had a summer job not that long ago and posted a video with him in uniform. He speaks in a much calmer tone and barely even discusses sonic anymore, even though he is still a fan. I think it's time we let the past Sammy go and remember him as a prime example of how even the nuttiest of sonic fans can change for the better. He was also one of the few sonic fans that didn't spam hate comments and verbally attack people. SammyClassicSonicFan is an okay dude in my book. - Bronk

Why Isn't this number one - VideoGamefan5

This is the guy who made a video literally getting emotional over other people's personal beliefs about the Sonic franchise. He's like a younger version of Mariotehplumber. With his ear-rape videos and his whining topics, he's definitely not a good Sonic fan.

12 Sonicgmi22

This guy is a perfect example of why Sonic Boom haters are considered worse than the fans.

Why aren't there many rants on this guy? His personality is so bad that he nearly gives Chris Chan a run for his money.

An Israeli idiot who gets extremely pissed whenever someone criticizes him or he comes across something he doesn't like. He's basically a mix of SonicTeam765 and Chris Chan.

A Nazi psycho and art thief.

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13 Darksonic180

SonicTeam765's YouTube/Google+ account. He's just as much an annoying, stubborn, idiotic, and deluded jackass there as he is on DeviantArt. Seriously, this guy needs leave the internet and get some mental help.

Get this bastard off of the Internet.

This guy is just so stubborn! He's just like Al Jerico. - SpyderSoup

The meme himself - DensestPotato

14 Greendingo777

A rabid Amy Rose/SonAmy hater and major Nintrendodude suck up who can't handle opinions and has made a number of sock puppet accounts to harass/bully those who disagree with him, regardless of whether they're sane or not.

This guy makes Sonally fans look bad and he is a big disgrace and need to be kicked out of Sonally and show his face ever again.

This jerk thinks that all Amy Rose/SonAmy fans are idiots and the worst d-bags ever. But his toxic attitude only proofs that haters are no better.

Greendingo777 hates all Sonamy Fans and is making Sonally fans look bad by posting none bashers on this page he needs to go and never show his face in sonally again and he is no Sonally Fan and is just another fanbrat poisoning a fandom.

15 IvoryAlmonds

A whiney person who can't respects people's work.

Greendingo777 is the one who put and he deserve to be on the Wall of Shame for it!

Greendingo777 was the Jerk who put her on this list and Ivory is Innocent Greendingo777 is the real fanbrat do not be fooled by him Greendingo777 is a lair and manipulator who taking advantage of the fan wars.

Why is nintrendodude higher than her?

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16 Heru Sankofa

The author of the conflicting views blog. His posts aren't as cringe inducing as the ones on the SA3. But a lot of them still reek of bigotry, false information, and unnecessary anger.

He thinks he's too low on this list. So let's do him a favor and get him much higher.

A good example on why overthinking things is always a bad idea.

17 Skythehedgehog47
18 Hogfather

If you are a Sonic fan, AVOID THIS GUY AT ALL COSTS! He has a very condescending attitude and a very unlikable personality. The majority of his posts are trying to tell others why his opinion is superior to theirs. He thinks that anyone who has an opinion different from his is retarded, and is not afraid to mock anyone. This guy is THE epitome of a terrible Sonic fan!

19 Sammi Latola

She attacks people who calls her out.

This girl proves that Amy Rose/SonAmy haters are no better than the fans.

A crazy bitch who claims to be a "good" Amy Rose/SonAmy hater, yet goes around the internet attacking fans of the character and ship (including sane ones), stooping as low as to wish death/rape upon both them and Amy. And whenever someone tries to reason with her or call out on her BS, she'll make up a ridiculous lie to deny that she's guilty or in the wrong. Sammi is more or less a female version of SonicTeam765/DarkSonic180

20 ShanahaT

This guy shouldn't even be here, He never attacks people for having a different opinion. The real reason he's here is probably because people like Camylesega and Pink-Blossom20 hate the fact that the evidence he shares to back up his opinion in spectacular ways. This guy is one of the more down to earth, nice, and intelligent Sonic fans out there and he should not be here.

Sally fanbrat and SatAM fanboy. Attacks anyone who dislikes those 2 things. - stormbrick

21 Mixedfan8643

He's a insult to mature Archie sonic fans.

I use to like his reviews but when I look at his sonic satam review. Then I stopped watching him.

This guy takes cartoon too offensive and seriously.

Typical angry abomination from Deviantart. His offensive attitude towards the Sonic Satam fans makes him one of the most toxic "fans" of Sonic ever.

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22 Trueloveheart94

Obsessed with the pairing of Sonic and Amy, even going so far as to say that only those two should ever been playable and featured in the games. - xxxxxxxxx2

Sent a death threat to my aunt who previously had cancer because I called him out for being overly obsessed with sonamy

This guy is far worse then Yoshwii1.

23 Ashes2thestars

What can I say about this guy? He's probably the very definition of how NOT to be a Sonic fan. He'd often make terrible threads to get views and clicks, then he'd constantly praise Sonic '06 all the time. Not to mention that he made over thirty accounts over at the Sonic Stadium and got banned from seven other major Sonic forums. Pathetic.

He's actually not that bad of a person now. I don't think he should be on here anymore.


24 PrincessElizabeth013
25 Aaron Webber

I don't know much about this guy but I heard that he's being racist towards the adventure fans either rabid or mature. & he thinks that meme & making fun of past sonic games like sonic adventure 1 & 2 sonic unleashed & sonic heroes are keeping the franchise alive. I bet that's not going to work.

Really, the PR of Sega is ranked Higher then TrueLoveHeart94?
Ranked higher then someone who makes death threats and throws tantrums about Amy?

26 Nepenthe (BlizShadow)

Though not as condescending as everyone above the list, she can still be a narcissistic know-it-all who uses her moderating power for her own superiority complex. She also seems to believe that she knows the Sonic series better than anyone, and is willing to believe that anyone who doesn't have as much knowledge is retarded.

27 Gligar13Vids

He's negative. Enough said.

28 Mischievous Yroo

Al Jerico poorly disguising himself.

He a joke.
He always be rude to everyone. Calling someone with a mental disease like that too far. What a dick

29 Xcalibur64

Xcaliber64 needs to shut up

30 GothNebula

She's the reason no one enjoys Sonamy. Also she's a disgrace to fandom

I bet meltingman234 is not going to like her stories on YouTube or deviantart. Because her stories are Sonamy crap.

31 Rythehero2000

This guy has been trolling meltingman234 at deviantart Because he was pissed off at him because of his sonic the hedgehog retrospective.

Even made a stupid poster about Meltingman234. I hope supernicolas1234 made a rant about this guy.

He stole Meltingman234's meme

32 ver2k0

He should watch omegamario89's sonic videos.

Strange? no rants about this guy.

He's still a sega sonic fanboy & become & sonic boom fanboy & Last but not least he still a Stupid Archie sonic & sonic satam hater I bet meltingman234 is displease with this guy

This sonamy fanbrat is similar to the sonally fanbrat Sonicteam765.

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33 AkaiDalia

I'm surprised to AkaiDalia/CobaltPie isn't on this list - 1pink2red

34 Hunter The Hedgehog

An 06 white knight(naturally), a social reject, and a hypocrite all around. He accuses many people of "sock accounts", just because they're calling facts on the many many flaws of Sonic 06. He then precedes to calling people, "social rejects" just because of terrible 06 is. Right.

Verbal psychopath, just like Darksonic180 and Al Jerico/Aurtis/Cybernik The Hedgehog/Mischievous Yroo.

35 TerraCybercop

A Sally fanbrat. Laughably threw a tantrum when Amy got added into Mania Adventure calling fans of Amy "sick, obsessed people" and "fantards". Once even made a fake Amy fan account on DeviantArt to make Amy fans look bad. - stormbrick

She should be ranted in even though it’s long time back

36 The Cunning Condor

This guy is somewhat mentally messed up, and spent the majority of his time making fun of other people's artwork when he got banned.

37 DaggerBark

One of the biggest crybaby who was ever a sonamy fan

Stupid narrow minded brony with stupid friends.

Still Harrassing Anti Sonamys and lying to people about being innocent.

Retarded sonamy fanbrat

38 Aknotholeresident

Creepy jerk who blatantly bashed Sonic 4 just because Sonic's eyes weren't beady black! In his spare time, he also likes to wear diapers and act like a baby. I think I've said enough.

This idiot should be in top 10.

39 Zeke Lot

My mistake it's Clone Commander Jax! dude must be aware getting caught?

40 Ryannumber1gamer
41 cobanermani456

Why the heck is he on the list?

His videos are horrible and his voice is annoying! Why does he have a million subscribers? He deserves to have zero! - SonicFan4Life

42 jacobsonic84
43 Paulandamy
44 Shdowhunt60

A rabid tails fan that calls anyone who draws shipping fanart of his favorite character a pedophile. Also thinks people who watch anime are pedophiles. He managed to get himself banned on sega forums numerous times due to stupid autistic rage fits he would have after having his opinion challenged. He's also a furry loser that holds a minimum wage job at Mcdonald's. Just an all around petty bitch.

45 Screwattack! Screwattack!

They kill your favorite characters.

46 Tails' Channel
47 NicOfDoom2

Really cringeworthy, acts like a pre-schooler and obsessed with cross fiction, just look at either his DA profile and twitter and you will see a flood of cringe

48 ChocoToken

She is worse than SammyclassicSonicfan, chris chan, and Supermincraftkid combined. Don't believe me? Here's a link to the video v=rwg6_dUwC5Y

She is maybe one of the most insane people I have ever seen online. She literally looks like she would kill you if you weren't behind a screen. Her video is only 38 seconds long too. Yet it feels much longer because of how insane she is.

49 Teamrandom21

Idiot Got Dumbsville banned from Twitter.

He cannot control his temper, and never takes resposibility for it, and acts like a bully

Gets banned a lot because he can't control his temper (Sonic Online and even Silver Team prod). constantly bitches in his journal. - xxxxxxxxx2

50 KryptoRingPublishing

Thinks that he is a genius for combining the Archie Sonic comics with DC comics. Also gets upset if people don't see his vision. Seriously thinks he has a shot at being hired at IDW previously, but decided to write fancomics because he couldn't take criticism. Likes making tons of whenever he gets upset at soemthing. - xxxxxxxxx2

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