Marcel Buchaca


Lying to everyone about Sonamy being canon without any proper evidence and trying to use it as an excuse to bully others into worshiping Sonamy which against everyone's right to ship what they want which means he is nothing more then a lying troll.

Still attacking Kipper-Pines like a sick man-child Marcel and needs to be called out on it and he's also attacked others for having an opinion and still probably making death threat to anyone who doesn't ship sonamy so to every sane Sonamy Fandom he is not your side all he cares about is wanting death on innocent people who did nothing to him please turn him over to the police see to it that you screen shot of his comments and use them as evidence to prove that threaten to harm them or you if he's attacking you for calling him out.

Jerk should be arrested for stocking and witch hunting Sonic Miku.

He just a lying Troll trying to cause everyone trouble all over the internet he doesn't deserve to call himself fan and too retarded and way too arrogant to see right through himself since on his way to Encyclopedia Dramatica because he needs to punish with no mercy and I hope someone kick him in the BALLS.

Refuses to leave everyone alone over his stupid Japanese only Fantasy can someone kick him in the balls really hard if they find him.

Marcel Buchaca is a really Troll and is not a real Sonic Fan and is dragging others down which killing Sonamy for everyone he needs to go and need to have his account terminated since he refuses to listen so please can someone start some petitions to have Marcel Buchaca band from youtube for life.

Tries to paint himself as the victim when he's the one stocking & bullying everyone and when someone confronts him he plays the victim card oh by the way the jerk has a facebock site.

Marcel Buchaca is the real Nazi and he'd just Attacked an innocent Couple's Channel on youtube for being Sonally Fans and what did they do to him nothing can some call the cops on him before he hurts someone and threaten to harm them or someone else.

He is not a Fan and is really a Lying troll!

He tells people who don't ship sonamy to go to Hell and he also says it at dead people and Marcel Buchaca is 25 years old which make him more of a sick minded man child I hope he get yelled at and band from a Church like Chris-Chan.

Had no respect for a kipper-pines and said he is glad that they are dead which I see is nothing but a sick act of disrepect which make Marcel Buchaca a total sicko sonamy troll and to the sane fans please call him out on his sick behavior and have him reported because talking like that at someone doesn't make him a fan but of a sick person.

Why isn't he banned from YOUTUBE He has broken ever guide line YouTube needs to kick him out and block his IP Address and call the Cops on him.

Still making Death threats at SonicMiku to anyone who feel threaten by this guy block him and call the police and I think he's also a sex offender report him to the FBI and have him arrested for stocking people online and making illegal death threats.

Spreading lies about other people who did nothing to him and attack others who fight back he is clearly a troll spreading nothing but hate at Sonallys, Sonazes and many others he is a Nazi Troll who can't be trusted and needs to be removed forever.

Acting like a real Fanbrat who show his stupid hatred prove how much of Sonamy Bigot he is!

He nothing more then a lying coTroll who deserves to punished.

Marcel Buchaca is close to being a newer version of Yoshiwii1, Chris Chan, and SonicTeam765 mixed all together making this ugly looking Troll on Youtube & Facebook.

The jerk keeps listing inncent people for things they didn't really do! Please report him and he deserve to be banned for band from YouTube for doxing people, he nothing more but an crazy Sonamy Fanbrat looking to start a fight with everyone he not a true fan to the Sonic Fandom he is a dishonor to Sonic the Hedgehog.

Spams People's Videos with his stupid comments! And keeps on harassing people over opinions and things that were done along the idiot take the old comments too seriously and bullies the commenters and Sonamy Fanbrat who needs to shut the F@#$%-Up and leave people alone.

He is a false fan like those other fanbrats he doesn't truely care about the fandom all he cares about is getting is sick little Japanese only fantasy must been watching too much Japanese sex anime like other worse Sonamy Fanbrats do this is why Encyclopedia Dramatica was born because of people like him.

Acting like a brainwashed religious freak treating Sonamy like a religion and treat anyone who doesn't ship Sonamy like the devil Marcel is just sick Sonamy is a fanbase not a religion you self brainwashed sickoo I can't wait for more people to call you out on your sick garbage.

Still acting like a Sonamy fanbrat denying what he'd did and he if keeps this up he's the next Yoshiwii1 waiting to be posted on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

He's a Sonic Nazi Weeabo a poser and a wannabe who hates Sally & Sonally and Blaze & Sonaze this guy want to kill everyones right to like a fandom he is far worse then Yoshiwii1 please report him and have him banned.

Continues Doxing People's DA Pages and trying to frame them as Nazis if he's so smart why hasn't gone after GreenDingo777 yet he a big Amy/ Sonamy Hater who makes death threat and nasty journals about people he should write on Marcel Buchaca be he's a real Sonamy Nazi!

Still lying to People about not being a Fanbrat when he'd said SatAM was overrated that what a Sonamy Fanbrat always saiz and he's the one who's overrated and needs to be taken out of the internet so to anyone who hates Marcel Buchaca go to his Youtube Channel Flag for Harrassment.