Sonic Free Riders isn't that bad

Sonic Free Riders, the Kinect game of Sonic, a great franchise. People really hate it so much, saying that the controls are broken and a controller should be used. However, I must be one of the few who at least enjoyed this game. The controls may have been broken, but I can at least enjoy it. I'll explain to you why this game is MILES better than you think.

The Story

Doctor Eggman, disguising himself as "King Doc of Toreggmania", announces another World Grand Prix and promises vast riches to the winners. Four teams enter the competition, each seeking to prove themselves the best or win the prize money. However, at the award ceremony, Eggman reveals himself and his true motive: to gather data from all the racers to program into the ultimate Extreme Gear. The other racers defeat Eggman, but his E-100000G robot reveals itself as a disguised Metal Sonic, who deceived Eggman and stole the data for himself. Metal Sonic challenges Sonic to a final race, but loses and is forced to flee. Though many of the competitors are disappointed that the promised treasure was fake, they are happy to have enjoyed their time racing.

The story seems really interesting, however, I find it real dumb that people couldn't realize that it was Eggman, but oh well. I like how like Sonic Adventure 2, once you use every team, you get to the finale. I found it really hard to clear the first level of the final part, but managed to overcome, but the second part was a real pain. I like how surprisingly E-100000G was Metal Sonic in disguise. None of us realized it was him, I found that really cool that one of them was a mole. Like the other 2, I found Metal Sonic really hard, however, with enough focus and coolness (sarcasm), I managed to beat the lame ripoff.
9/10 (Has flaws, but good outweighs the bad)

The Levels
Let's start with the levels. They look fantastic. I like how each level has a mechanic where you can go to a specific area and then it takes you somewhere else in the race. It's a really nice touch. However, if there's one flaw in the levels, the swimming parts are so annoying. Literarily, you have to throw your hands in the air and move them fast as if you're swimming. Really annoying. But, I like how you can go on rails and get more air for boosting (I'll explain the gameplay in the next section below).
8/10 (Great level designs, however, the swimming part needs work)

The Gameplay
Easily my favorite part of the game. The gameplay has really nice parts. My favorite is the accelerating mechanic. In that, you can go as fast as you want as long as you have air (which you can obtain when you jump on ramps and getting rings). You can also do parts such as punching because you can literary punch your way to 1st place. Now despite my positive review of the gameplay, I do have to say that when I first got the demo, I was literary failing and I was losing control of Sonic and got 6th place. However, once I used online to help me, I managed to get 1st place a few times. The room can cause the game controls to be broken. So be careful when you're playing this game cause it can be broken if you don't have the right amount of area for playing.
9.5/10 (Can be broken, but it's great)

Conclusion: Sonic Free Riders is very overhated due to it being Kinect. I can understand Kinect has lots of flaws, but I enjoyed this game very much. It has bugs, but it's far from being the worst Kinect game or the worst Sonic game of all time.

Overall: 9.5/10 (Awesome, may need work, but it's very good. Good for anyone who likes the series)


I hate this game - iliekpiez

I'll say it's probably better than Lost Rings and Black Knight though - iliekpiez

And Rise Of Lyric - TheDarkOne_221b

I never played it, but I watched a play through on YouTube and the graphics and music are pretty awesome. If I were to play it (I would If I actually had an Xbox of any kind), I would read the instructions manuel a bunch of times. I did it for Sonic and the Secret Rings, and even though I didn't play it yet because I moved and can't find it, I would get the controls down pretty well. - PhoenixAura81

The room is kinda the problem. - TheDarkOne_221b