Worst Sonic the Hedgehog Games

Sonic the Hedghog is one of the greatest video game characters ever. But does that mean all his games are good? Hell no. The blue blur himself has been in some downright terrible games. Here are what I consider to be his worst.

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61 Sonic & Knuckles

This is a great game! But there are some flaws of this game such as the DS port, the versions on the 3rd-millennium consoles & the game not being a crossover between other franchises. I always loved this game.

Hey! This game was perfect! Take it off the list!

This game is my second favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game, only behind Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

This Game Is Awesome

62 Sonic Jam

Tiger's Game.Com system is well known for having an awful blurry screen, so putting Sonic on it was never going to go well. It's impossible to see what's happening most of the time leading to cheap deaths, plus it makes Sonic Labyrinth look fast.

This was on the saturn LOL

There was a game.com version, so how is that version not #1? It's so much worse than Sonic 06 & Sonic Boom! - BlueSheepYT

63 Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania failed to revive the franchise. Instead of doing new things, they recycled old ones and thus Sonic Mania got bad.

It's SO COOL - VideoGamefan5

AWESOME, best sonic game EVER! - VideoGamefan5

64 Sonic Battle

Can Nintendo & Namco please make Mario Battle & Pac-Man Battle? Both of their Japanese versions will be the first ever Japanese versions of games in the Mario franchise to have coarse language. Please vote for Mario Battle & Pac-Man Battle over Sonic Battle!

Its WAY TO OVERRATED and I thought other fighting games such as sonic the fighters were better

Nintendo & Namco could've got away with games such as Mario Battle & Pac-Man Battle.

It was fine

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65 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

It's not very innovative at all. Plus genders will always be equal, so why have a "Girls' Team" when you are able to get male Mario/Sonic characters to interact with other Sonic characters disregarding the gender?! I give this game a 4/10.

This Game Is A Rotten Egg You Would Like To Put In The Top 3! - VideoGamefan5

What A Piece Of Trashy Sucky CRAP - VideoGamefan5

It's SO BROKE LIKE crap - VideoGamefan5

66 Sonic 3 & Knuckles

This is gaming heaven! Please take this off the list.

This game is only bad because of its not-too-cool entitlement, the fact that the game doesn't contain Mario in it, if we were bad at this game & above all the fact that this game is a Sonic game. The game is overall good for a Sonic game. The classic era designs for the Sonic characters are all great, but the modern era designs for the Sonic characters. Also, Amy Rose has always been supposed to be Sonic the Hedgehog's little sister out of Sonic Undeerground despite Amy Rose already having a dead brother in the comic series (whereas there needs to be Archie Pac-Man comics, NOT Archie Sonic/Mega Man comics). Also, imagine Amy Rose & Inky (from Pac-Man having a lot of sex.

I also prefer Super Mario Bros. 3 feat. Knuckles.

Are you kidding me? This on a bad list? What drugs was the person who was adding this doing? - MinecraftHater

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67 Sonic Advance 2

2nd worst entrance to the special stages.

How is this here?! You must be retarded if you think this game sucked

Cream the Rabbit is a cranky rabbit. :(

She even would've angered Chris Thorndyke.

Sanic Hedgehog shut up idiot

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68 Sonic Dash

This game sucks & should be replaced by Mario Dash (still on the iPhone".

The Mario I am referring to is definitely Nintendo's mascot.

We hate you, Sonic Dash! There should be Mario Dash.

Sonic Dash got a totally average score anyways.

Also, what's with Sonic/Mega Man Archie Comics? Why are there no Pac-Man Archie Comics yet?!

Agreed! Sonic Dash shall be replaced by Mario Dash.

Super Mario Run?
Meet Sonic Dash. - mattstat716

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69 Sonic Mega Collection

I prefer the Classic Era over the Modern Era.

I prefer the Classic Era over the Modern Era.
This reason its like a sonic generations

70 Sonic Classic Collection

The only indecent thing about this game is the title screen and slowdown.

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71 Sonic Advance 3

The reasons why this game is bad (as opposed to this game's predecessors because it doesn't add/involve this annoying ) is because of its 2D character models, English voice cast (except for Scott Drier as Knuckles) how the sisterly relation/unbreakable bond of Amy Rose & Cream the Rabbit (INSTEAD OF KNUCKLES! :O) are similar to the brotherly relation of Sonic & Tails. Otherwise, for a Modern Sonic game, the Sonic Advance trilogy is worth your money! Classic Sonic for the win!

Its Kinda Fun But Advance 1 And 2 Are Better - VideoGamefan5

1 thing: It doesn't work with SA2B. - noo7na7

Its fun yeah :D

72 Sonic X-Treme

This game is not even been released

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73 Sonic Gems Collection

It Sounds Good At First, But Most Of The Games In It Are Rubbish, NOT ALL Of Them Though - VideoGamefan5

The only good game in the collection is sonic CD

74 Sonic Pocket Adventure
75 Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Megadrive version rules. But Game Gear version sucks. It's too difficult and Tails dies if you don't get the good ending. - Shadsilvson11

Let me ask you something, does hard=bad game? Does bad ending=bad game? - Sanicball

Mega drive version is awesome but the game gear version SUCKS. - Chaotixhero

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is great for a Sonic game. Also, Sonic Battle needs to be replaced by Pac-Man Battle.

Unplayable! :D

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76 Sonic Adventure 2

I strongly DISAGREE that SA2 is the worst sonic game ever created its has shadow and rouge in it and you can play as eggman, rouge and finally the most badass sonic character shadow it's the 2nd best sonic game in my opinion

Shadow, Rouge & Eggman are all awful, & so is this game, especially on the GameCube.

This game is... Ok. The story is a gargantuan plot hole with little to explanation with a few things. For one, WHERE THE HELL DID AMY APPEAR FROM ON PRISON ISLAND?! That's never explained. Why didn't rouge grab the emeralds when she's alone in the control room? Another issue I have with this game is the level design. Remember how explorative SA1 was? Yeah they decided to throw that all out of the window and make almost every level a linear hallway.

I hate every character's lines. I prefer The Adventures of Sonic Adventure 2.

Controls 5/10
It is not the worst, but it is very glitchy. I have lost the count how many times I died because of the controls. I hate it. Still, it could be worse.

Visuals 4/10
'It's roteen! ' -Gordon Ramsay
The Visuals are dated. The colors are to depressive and the animations are hilarious bad.

Music 8/10
Easily the best part of this game. I would like to give it a 9, but because of the bad sound mixing, I dropped to a 8.

Content 7/10
Just enough modes, characters and levels.

Gameplay 5/10
Every single character is not fun to play as. You can argue about Sonic and Shadow's gameplay (which is challenging only because of the CONTROLS), but you can't argue about Knuckles/Rouge and Tails/Eggman. Knuckles levels are confusing and not interesting. Tails levels are bland and (for the most part) easy. AND WHY THE HECK IS THERE A RACING PART!

Bosses 6/10
Some are easy and some are unfair because, again, of the controls. At least you ...more

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77 Sonic Heroes

Honestly, it depends on which version of Sonic Heroes you have. The Game Cube and Xbox versions were tolerable. But the PS2 version should easily be in the top 25 instead of the 40's. I just went back today to beat the final boss for Team Rose, and beating him was frustrating. The camera was impossible to position well, and the controls are insanely difficult to wrap my mind around, let alone master in order to get the 7 Chaos Emeralds, which feels unnecessarily hard to do here.

It's far better then Shadow the hedgehog and it's fun. The only thing bad about this game is the controls and the special stages. - Chaotixhero

This was the best sonic game ever it was perfect. They should make a 2nd one. I miss this game a lot it was better than secret rings. This was Sega's best idea ever. Forger sonic adventure 3 make a sonic heroes 2

The gamecube version is the best one. Yea I know I say that a lot cause usually it means that I think that the Gamecube is the best console but now I mean it cause the Xbox and PS2 version lag a lot while the GC version doesn't. - spodermanfan1000

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78 Sonic Rush

Whats up with the final boss its worse than sonic advances!

Blaze the Cat looks better naked showing off her slightly stout thighs.

Blaze is a bad character anyways yet okay for a Sonic character.

Blaze the Cat's new bodily size: 6'0" tall & 3'1" wide w/ secret weight that will possible be 222 pounds.

This was great, 8/10 - VideoGamefan5

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79 Sonic Lost World (3Ds)

This game has the worst game design ever, in a video game! I'll give you an example, imagine Superman 64 remade on the 3Ds and you had to control superman using gyroscope controls, yeah because that's exactly what the special stages are like! Its just another "collect all the colored spheres to get the chaos emerald" kind of special level but this is not another sonic 2 clone where you are running in one direction, and it's not like sonic heroes where the controls were literally all over the place and glitchy, OK GOOD! But like I said earlier, it is just a similar to superman 64, because sonic is floating in space, you have to steer sonic using the gyroscope controls. (ON A PORTABLE SYSTEM, WHY)?!?!? Also, you have to press a button (doesn't matter which one) to make sonic go faster. These special stages BARELY give you enough time to finish the stage! (Superman 64) It slowly starts to resemble superman 64 the further you get into the special stages! Mainly because the ...more

This should at least be higher than the Wii U version. The 3Ds version is the one that we can all agree on for how bad it is. I think this is worse than Bubsy 3D. Even though Bubsy 3D killed it's own franchise, you would expect it to bomb because the Bubsy games were not all that good to begin with. Sonic Lost World is from a franchise that has some of the best games I have ever played in my life. You have Sonic 2 which is the first game that added the spin-dash, making it the first game in the series that defines the purpose of sonic the hedgehog's existence. Sonic CD despite it's pathetically easy bosses, it took sonic 1, and made it even better than 1, and added metal sonic. Sonic 3&K, considered by many to be the best 2D Sonic game ever, it was one of the biggest 2D games you can see, it had Knuckles, they even made super saying powers for the 3 main characters, that was my favorite part. Sonic Adventure 2, MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME OF ALL TIME! It had everything that I wanted in a ...more - PS3FAN

People say the music is just as good as the previous games. Me personally, I think Shadow the hedgehog, Sonic Chronicles, and Sonic Genesis for the Game Boy Advance all had better music than this. I know this sounds like I'm trolling, but I am not. I'm sorry, but I thought bad games had better music than this.

How The Hell Is This Game So Low? , It's Not Terrible, But It Definitely Shouldn't Be Lower Than Some Better sonic games! - VideoGamefan5

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80 Sonic Advance

Okay. The graphics are the downside here. It's a great game, but for it to be plunked into the 3D era, and have graphics like the original Sonic games. 10 years later! But it did introduce the cutest character, cream!

Bad music and horrible

I hate the Sonic Advance series that are berathed of Mario, Pac-Man & Princess Daisy, Peach's self-proclaimed best friend.

Sonic The Hedgehog Genesis Is Better Than Sonic Advance

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