Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric


Sonic Boom made the supremely short-tempered Knuckles the Echidna even smellier & more short-tempered because of the steroids. Also, Ray William Johnson would be a great voice for Knuckles the Echidna (most likely by Knuckles the Echidna having the same voice as Ray William Johnson). Knuckles should keep his sonic Boom design forever, & so should Sonic, but with much longer legs as shown in "Sonic's Legs In 2050".

If I could go back in time and stop 10 things and if someone already went back in time and killed Hitler, Bin Laden, and Joseph Stalin, I would stop this game from being made, along with warning SEGA about rushing sonic 06 and transferring half their team to secret rings, telling SEGA to scrap the were hog sections of sonic unleashed, stopped shadow the hedgehog from existing (the game not the character), stopping big the cat sections in adventure, turn secret rings and black knight into traditional sonic games, and use the rest in order to blow up the ET Atari game whole in New Mexico, remind modern Nickelodeon what a good show is before it is too late, stop sonic R, and stop the entire Barbie and Bratz franchise for all eternity.

Horrible glitches, horrible voice acting, the characters are slow, generic villain, Knuckles is an idiot, and Shadow is a jerk for no reason. So glad the Sonic Boom games are not canon. Yes, Sonic '06 is a horrible game too, it also has horrible glitches, a generic villain, Princess Elise, bestiality, and Silver was really stupid in that game...but some of the glitches were funny, the plot was complex and not that bad and the game would have had better story results had SEGA gave the game more TLC, some of the cutscenes were amazing and realistic looking, and the music was memorable and awesome. Also, Sonic '06 was an accident. It was the first time SEGA failed to make a good game by rushing the game production for Christmas. It should have been a lesson learned. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has no excuse.

Sonic 06 had some redeeming qualities about it, but this game has nothing redeemable at all. I can't believe this isn't 1. In fact, almost every person I see on the internet who say 06 is worst than boom admit that he or she has not played boom, but most people who have played both say boom is worse. I'm guessing this is the case here because nobody in the comments section even properly explain why 06 is worse. And when they do give a reason, it is usually boom is playable and 06 isn't. That is a lame excuse because 06, while very terrible, is still playable, and the real unplayable game is free riders.

This...THIS...NEEDS to be number 1. Sonic 06 was awful but it did some things right. Rise of lyric didn't do anything right. The music lets start cause sonic 06 succeeded that and rise of lyric...sorta has none. I mean it does but its always blocked out by when the characters say stuff but they say it ALL the time! The controls are like mixing Sonic 3D Blast on the genesis and sonic the fighters together and there that is Rise of Lyric's controls. Yep. The redesigns make me puke and they do awful one liners and they break the 4th wall ALL the time. The graphics look like a poor glitchy demo for the PS3. The multiplayer is bad and the glitches are so bad well except for the Knuckles infinite jump glitch cause that made the game more short for me! Yay! Oh yeah frame rate...slower than Sonic Labryinth. Overall this game is so bad and the people who keeps defending it...please die...please die. - spodermanfan1000

I was really looking forward to this when it was coming out, mostly because the dark age was over. There weren't any gun wielding characters (Shadow The Hedgehog), or stupid motion controls (Secret Rings). I was satisfied with Colors, Generations, and Lost World. I thought that this was gonna be a hit, was it? As Amy says in Sonic 06 ABSOLUTELY NOT! This was the absolute WORST GAME IN THE FRANCHISE, AND THE SECOND WORST GAME EVER! The sad thing is I enjoyed THE ENTIRE DARK AGE more than THIS!

I remember seeing an article that said new sonic game called boom and there was no pictures but I was so excited so I pressed on it and I saw the characters and I was literally just drooling... Just what sega then I later played the demo and I was really really trying hard to like it but no it sucked frame drop crappy graphics dull combat sonic isn't fast which is ironic because that's what he's known for just avoid this game buy something like I don't know sonic generations

Think Sonic '06 was bad? Even Sonic '06 is scared and repulsed to look at this disgusting, abysmal mess that SEGA calls a 'video game'. There is NOTHING good about this game. The graphics downgrade makes the Witcher 3 jealous, now it looks like a damn upscaled original Xbox game. And this is a game running on CryENGINE? What were they thinking to try and use CryENGINE on a Wii U game?! The framerate tanks down to like 10FPS for half the game. The soundtrack is boring, generic, forgettable and uninspired, the control is stiff and feels awful, the story is bland, forgettable and stupid. Sonic and his friends NEVER SHUT UP DURING GAMEPLAY. You can beat the game in under an hour with a glitch too. The updates BigRedButton made to this game made the graphics even worse too! This game received lower scores than Sonic '06, which I agree with as this game is so bad half the developers didn't even want to work on it! Sonic 06 was bad, but at least you could actually enjoy it! This game is ...more

This game, somehow regurgitated from the deepest depths of hell, makes Sonic '06 look like the work of a God. Terrible graphics, terrible gameplay, mediocre music and glitches, OH LORD THE GLITCHES! Eat them up and regurgitate them and what do you get? Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.

At least Sonic 06 could have been good (however, it would take loads of revisions and patches of the gameplay and story). Boom already made some people wet theirselves with fear with the redesigns and attempts to throw the gameplay in a new direction. 06 had a good soundtrack to boot, but this game seemed mostly lackluster in nearly aspect. I believe that this should go down like Sonic Labyrinth: some silly mistake that could go at a whopping price at $10 on Ebay.

This is the beginning of the end. The beginning of the end of my interest for sonic the hedgehog. I was hoping for this game to be better than sonic lost world. I am probably going to quit the entire series if the next 2 games are staying in this direction. This is coming from someone who liked sonic 06. If the 25th anniversary game is crap, it's over. - Shadowman

Every character in this game is stupid no I'm serious stupid! Amy is not a creep or a fan girl of sonic in this game. Sonic is different and a bit taller. Knuckles looks like a tall Knuckles mixed with a dog. Tails is an engineer? Okay what I can accept making new looks for sonic and knuckles and Amy not being a creep anymore but, Tails an engineer? Sega was smoking some weed when they though of this game. - spodermanfan1000

Unlike Sonic the Hedgehog (2006 version), there's no redeeming quality about Sonic Boom. Sonic 2006, at least, has a good soundtrack and had a few good ideas on the plot. As for Sonic Boom, it just simply sucks. Even the Nintendo World and Metro called it the worst Sonic game of all time. We beg you sega, try harder next time.

This is not only the worst sonic game ever made, it's one of the worst games of all time, horrible humor horrible graphics, glitches that are even worse than in Sonic 06, horrendous character changes, and not to mention the combat is boring, you just mash one button the whole time and the incredibly low framerate, this game makes Sonic 06 look like the Godfather in comparison, don't play this game.

Worse then Sonic 06. It has poor level design, lackluster puzzle-solving, numerous bugs and glitches, unfunny jokes, and repetitive combat system. Do not buy this game it all cost.

Awful didn't play the demo for more then 2 minutes it felt unfinished music is unfitting boring combat system glitches if you want a good sonic game buy something like sonic the hedgehog 123 knuckles adventures or generations not this

I don't really like Sonic Boom because of the extensive voice acting, & also Amy Rose needed to wear a scanty 2-piece instead of a 1-piece. Also, Knuckles is the sexiest character in Sonic Boom.

This game ties with Sonic '06 for being the worst Sonic The Hedgehog game ever made. Why? It has many glitches, bad dialogue, bad gameplay, and bad characters. I've always loved all of the characters in Sonic, but this game ruined them (especially Knuckles).

This game didn't look good when I first saw it, but now having played it, I found that it was EVEN WORSE.

Oh god... this game is actually comparable to Sonic 2006, and that's saying a LOT. That game is the golden standard of sonic games. This is an easy top 5

This should be number 2 (because Sonic 06 was bad) It took every bad glitch in sonic 06 and slapped it in Sega's damn face! The frames are 15 frames per minute. It feels like E.T. I haven't watched the series and I already know how to predict. Play it on my PlayStation 3! Dude this is one of the worst licensed games (Look it up on and you'll see how bad this game is. Shattered crystal is better. And also why is sonic riders on this list. I played marathons on it. Just put this higher, And take sonic riders off the list, great game not gonna lie

Why did they do these terrible changes to characters? Knuckles looks cooler, I'll give them that, but why did they make him a moron? Is it for a moron audience? I hate the hipster sonic and new tails. Characters talk too much. Game doesn't function properly often. Terrible story. Tons of lazy mistakes in cutscenes. Why did they do this to sonic? Why do you ruin the beautiful genesis games by making this? Why?

How is this not #1? Even if sonic 06 is as terrible people make it seem "although it's not and is pretty enjoyable" THIS GAME is boring as hell. There are MAJOR glitches that can cause you to skip HOURS of gameplay.

The worst part of this game: Sonic is still 15, Knuckles is still 16, Amy is still 12 & Tails is still 8. This game sucks, yet Knuckles got great after the release of this game, whereas Knuckles is 16 (times 2) years old.

Before I say anything I liked Sonic 06, don't shoot me, but THIS GAME! I hate it SO much, it's slow and boring. I think that every Sonic game, no matter how bad or good they are, they have their moments... but this one NOT AT ALL!