Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Everything about this game smells bad. Graphically it might good in some things like: a few cut scenes and some of the music works, but everything else is a complete disaster. The story is some of the worst even for a Sonic game, the characters are never a joy to see on screen, the new characters added are pretty bad. Silver the Hedgehog is bland and uninteresting, and Mephiles is a forgettable villain. Elise is possibly the worst princess in all of gaming. Not useful, doesn't seem to understand anything going on around her and gets kidnapped too many times!

You think Peach was the worst of it? I believe she has gotten kidnapped by Bowser 12 times in separate games. In this game Elise gets kidnapped 7 times! And do not get me started with that infamous kiss scene near the end of the game. And I've been told that fans to this very day even still defend scenes like this?!

The ultimate blunder is how awful the controls are. Every character moves too fast, so fast they can ...more

Well all knew the worst is this, appalling, terrible, stupid, idiotic game SEGA calls a Sonic game. Let me just say, who thought having a princess in love with a hedgehog, because I'd love to meet that genius and give him a piece of my mind!

Those stages with Sonic holding the princess, what the hell is that about?! Can't that princess use her own legs, or are they painted on! Every time you see Tails, he is cock eyed. At the end, Sonic dies and stuff, Eggman is sad. If anything, he should be jumping with joy. Sonic is lucky that he has no memory of the whole game, he wouldn't want that in his head.

Princess Elise has long legs, and yet she is slow. And Eggman looks awful in this game.

Oh man, I HATE THIS GAME WITH A PASSION! This disgrace to the Sonic franchise was meant to revolutionize it, but instead destroyed the franchise. The music was great (especially the final boss theme) but everything else was messed up. The game is infected with glitches, the controls are terrible, I can go on and on and on. Don't get me started on how bad the fight with Silver is. Only Jasper Batt Jr.'s fight is worse than Silver's fight. And to top it off, Princess Elise is SO ANNOYING AND WORTHLESS, and makes the plot creepy. SHE EVEN KISSES SONIC! Sonic 06 is not only one of the worst Sonic games, it is also one of the worst games of all time! - evil7

This game was without a doubt the worst sonic game. It had a buttload of glitches, loading screens that took FOREVER, and honestly, sliver is just a ripoff of trunks from dbz. Believe it or not, that's not the worst thing. The gameplay was tedious and not smooth. But you know what, this game had great graphics, a pretty cool story, and AMAZING music. 'His world' is one of the best songs I've ever heard. This game is a great example of how a company can make a good look for themselves, and then derail themselves when it comes to the games gameplay mechanics. This game had so much potential, but bombed when it actually had to operate. THAT is the most disappointing thing, and it's the main reason this game sucks.

This game is horrible. The only thing I liked was it's soundtrack and it's graphics. Their is so much wrong with this game. There are glitches everywhere, Bad Side-Missions, the game wants to load everything and the list goes on. The thing I hate the most about this game is Princess Elise because she is scared of everything. You even have to carry her through some of the levels. Why Why can't she do it herself? Sonic also loves her as well. Why Sonic would you love someone that is scared of everything? When Sonic dies Elise kisses him and that bit made me want to throw up. This game actually nearly killed the Sonic Franchise.

Princess Elise is so cowardly! And Sonic '06 is one of the worst games ever!

Cowardly villain, awkward controls (Although I got used to them), Amy not hitting enemies with her hammer, every boss in the game aside from Solaris, glitches up the ass, Knuckles and Rouge not jumping off the wall, mech speed sections (I'm looking at you Crisis City), the kiss, Tails' ring bombs, Shadow's vehicles, collectibles that do nothing, Silver's gameplay, now loading... now loading, awful side quests some of which are mandatory, forest hub of Soleanna, snowboard controls, Sonic's gems make him cheap in multiplayer, Silver is just as if not even more cheap in multiplayer, the list goes on and on and on. The only saving graces were the music, Shadow kicking Silver in the head, and the fight against Solaris. Sure, Shadow's story was decent, but it's ruined by the ending of the game.

How on earth could they screw up so bad? This game is so glitchy. I defeated the final boss in 2 minutes. Stupid deaths like drowning in knee deep water will annoy you every two seconds. You can screw up SCRIPTED scenes. Yet another one of Sonic's friends are introduced- yay another irrelevant creature that no-one will care about. The controls seem to be inverted when I try to play. The loading times are about two minutes- what the hell are they trying to load? The frame rate is horrible... but the absolute worst is the AMOUNT of glitches there are. I found about thirty glitches IN THE FIRST LEVEL. Like standing upside down on a ring. The dreary backgrounds and voice acting are terribly dull and many parts of the game are so broken it is skippable. It was doomed from the start, and that annoying Princess Elise- she gets kidnapped every two seconds, and even commits bestiality by kissing the dead hedgehog. ****! Sega won't learn from recent failures and was destined to fail when they ...more

No contest. Besides the sloppy controlling and the unavoidable glitches, there was also crappy plot (except for shadows part that was decent) as the devil in hegdehog foam just lies and ruins everything (woo...) and egghead unnecessarily steals a princess 6 times in the game. That is the crappy plot. What. A. Drag. But oh well, that's all erased.

Characters sucked. Little to no personality to the original sonic characters. And f reactions or any other emotion as well.

And let's talk about the new characters. Hedgehog satin was boring and uninteresting. Oh and silver. All there is to the character is stupid (and later on he became whinny, know-it-all & bossy). Yuck.

Sonic (06) -1000(that is a negative)/10

You know what, guys? I actually like this game! But if it makes you mad, fine! Yell at me! But it will never change how I feel about this game! Aside from all the glitches, mephelis was a great villain, the story was great, and so is the music! I still like the game play, glitches? Pfft! Who cares? You will find a way to get through them eventually. And don't complain about silver! He's a great character and has a unique gamplay style. Anyways, the reason it's so glitch, is because the game was being rushed by Sony and Sega didn't have enough time to patch up all the glitches. If Sega had the time, this game would have probably been one of the best sonic games ever created.

This game is much worse than Superman 64 & the underrated Hotel Mario! Also, this game sucks due to the extensive voice acting, Sonic Man, the cutscenes, the gameplay & etc. And the game also sucks because Mario & Princess Daisy were not in it.

Yoshi needs to rescue Princess Elise the Third.

I'd give Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) 961 stars out of 10000.

It's no doubt that this game is the worst. This game was criticized for its long loading times, horrible gameplay, terrible story, accusations of bestiality, and worst of all, the glitches. The princess and silver could have been interesting characters and could've been a vital part of the sonic series, but unfortunately, sega just wanted us to forget about this horrendous game. Unfortunately, sonic fans were scarred for life after this game.

Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) is the WORST Sonic game I have ever played because it has numerous problems like Terrible story Bad Graphics LONG loading times that takes more than 35 seconds in a cutscene or in a mission unresponsive controls and TONS of glitches Sonic the hedgehog cost 59.99$ and it is not worth your time and money Don't buy this piece

Let's be honest. The moment you clicked on this list you KNEW this would be number one. This is one of the worst video games on the entire planet! In fact, this game is so bad that it doesn't deserve to be on Earth, because if I ever got this, I would fly into space and throw this game into the sun! THIS GAME IS A HUNK OF CRAP! - evil7

Sonic pretty much defies all laws of physics in this game!
-He can walk on the roof while standing still
-He can go through fire
-On some stages, you can't stop Sonic running which results in stupid rolling deaths
-Sonic dies in knee-deep water
-Sonic can bound attack his way through a wall
-One racist comment in the game (what? )
-Elise is captured every two seconds

Does Sega want more reasons?

Happy 15th birthday, Sonic! Wait, "Happy Birthday"? More like Unhappy Birthday. This game is horrible. Sega decides to celebrate Sonic's birthday & they make a horrible game about him. On the bright side, Sega finally figured out how to do it right when they released Sonic Generations.

Sonic '06 gets 0-/10 stars.

Sonic Labyrinth gets 6/10 stars.

Sonic Genesis gets 6/10 stars.

Sonic Drift gets 7/10 stars.

Shadow the Hedgehog gets 3/10 stars.

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric gets 5/10 stars.

Sonic Free Riders gets 0/10 stars.

Sonic's Schoolhouse gets 6/10 stars.

Sonic 3D Blast gets 7/10 stars.

Sonic Blast gets 7/10 stars.

I was wondering, which is worst sonic boom or sonic 06, after seeing game grumps play both games, I can conclude that this is the worst game I've played, I got this game for Christmas and I was so excited to get it my mom let me play on Christmas (which only happened that one time) the minute I started playing I though this would be good because of the cutscene, then I played the game... the controls were stiff and I found new glitches every minute, then there are the loading times. Every time there was a loading screen, I got up to do something quickly, after playing silver's story, I went to gamestop and selled it, I didn't care how much money I got in return, I just wanted to get rid of it, I also apologized to my mom for having to pay $60 for this piece of garbage

Oh MY god! This game sucks! I've seen the Angry Video Game Nerd tear this crap-fest to shreds! There's a princess named Elise that apparently wants to do it with Sonic (seriously, he'll have better luck with Amy Rose, Elise sounds like a character from fanfiction), there's a bunch of glitches that make the game look like it was both rushed and done by half the regular group (it probably was,) the gameplay is horrible, and there's some questionable things in the game. If you've watched Cinemassacre review this you'll know what I mean. Overall, I'd recommend skipping this unless you're okay with this type of stuff or want the complete collection. Otherwise, STAY AWAY, TREAT IT LIKE A VENOMOUS SNAKE!

The music of this game is too overrated! Screw the whole game itself, which isn't worse than modern Mario Party games & Princess Peach!

Why do people thinks 06 is worse than free riders? At least 06 works when there are no hitches getting in the way (even then, not every glitch is that bad) the controls in free riders DO NOT WORK! ESPECIALLY THOSE STUPID MISSIONS WHERE YOU HAVE TO PUNCH STUFF!

They force you to play as all of Sonic's friends. This game is incredibly glitchy and unfinished. It's story sucks, and is needlessly confusing. There are a ton of crash spots overlooked by developers. The "realistic graphics" just make Eggman look like a bald, fat, Hitler with marfan syndrome. They recycled the voices from Sonic X. I could probably develop a cure for cancer twice during the load times.

And the saddest part of this game? Sega thought it would be great. They thought that it would be the best Sonic games ever. But no. It ruined what should have been a grear 15thanniversary.

Even if I hated the Modern Sonic games (which I don't) just because I didn't like them as much as I liked the Sonic Boom/Classic Sonic games (for many reasons), then I would've hated Sonic the Hedgehog '06, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis, Sonic Free Riders (why no characters from all the other SEGA franchises like in this prequels and other modern Sonic racing games/the Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing duology), Sonic Shuffle and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood more.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is a rushed game. It's so bad. Not only is it bad, but so was Sonic's 15 anniversary. That's right! Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Game Boy Advance) & Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) were released during Sonic the Hedgehog's 15th anniversary, and they are TERRIBLE. As if Sonic 3D Blast wasn't bad enough, Sega had to make more rushed Sonic games. SEGA, I HATE YOU! I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU AGAIN, UNTIL YOU STOP MAKING SONIC GAMES, FOCUS ON OTHER VIDEO GAME FRANCHISES LIKE SUPER MONKEY BALL, VECTORMAN, STREETS OF RAGE, AND ALEX KIDD & GET BOUGHT BY Nintendo! Thumbs up if you hate Sega & will love them again once they stop making Sonic games!

I hate everything about Sonic '06! Re: the storyline, the map, the hub world, the glitches, the extensive voice acting, the lack of crossover characters, the controls (on both versions), the cutscenes, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006): The Movie, Silver the Hedgehog: The Movie, the romances, the voice acting itself, the lack of Mario characters, the lack of some other Sonic characters, the bad character designs (especially Dr. Eggman's) & Princess Elise the Third (even if she is strongly underrated).

The best things about this video game are average. Re: the soundtrack, the 3D (which is the best thing about this game) graphics & how high the definition of this video game is.

Even if I find this game to be underrated (which I do not), I would give this game 18/100 stars.

Okay, Sonic The Hedgehog games are suppose to be FAST because Sonic himself is the fastest thing on legs. Yet when SEGA decides to make Sonic games where Sonic has to "explore" places, complete platform levels and long puzzles, it ruins the fun in a Sonic game!

And it doesn't help how the game is so glitchy and the graphics for its time are horrific! Just once it would be great if they had a Sonic game that was all about speed instead of walking, glitching out and having to go through a terrible story.