Worst Sonic Pairings

This is my opinion on the worst Sonic Pairings, don't hate me, I'm using opinions from across the internet. I'm using either pointless pairings, strange pairing or the most hated pairings (with not many people shipping it).

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1 Soneggman

Robotic and sonic hate each other the blue blur has be in the doctors hair for too long why would the hit it off

... Wait, those two are a thing? What are in those crazy crazy fangirls mind?! Sonic and Eggman? Arch nemesis and a hero? Please, kill me.

Just no...they are enemies not lovers so gross!

There's straight ships, yaoi ships and then there's the "call the police" category. I think this fits with the latter - Retzyn

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2 Bigblaze

What, cause they're both cats? Jesus christ. I can't believe this is a thing.

... Yeah pretty self explanatory - Silverbronwyn

Oh but why do you hate this SonAmy fans? After all, they're different sexes and the same species. That's why you love your stupid ship right? Oh do you really just don't give an f about Sonic's feelings at all?

Big should burn in hell

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3 Sonic x Elise

I wish King Bowser kidnaps Elise.

Elise is one of the worst characters SEGA has produced. She's bland and boring and people like her?

I think this is the WORST thing about Sonic 06. I think this is why people hate this game.

I don't even know what to say. Who even came up with this idea?

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4 Sonamy

I absolutely hate this pairing. Sonic sees Amy as a friend, but never romantically. While Amy has an obsession with Sonic, he has clearly shown he has no romantic interest in her. Fan girls (I'm a girl, but do not seek out pairings) are crazy to think that every little word or action means ", THEY MUST BE LOVE! " No, just no.

Its been obvious that this pairing cannot happen in the games. (Sorry people who support it) - randomuser2525

I like the idea of Sonic and Amy in a platonic crush relationship, not a lovely dovey one. They are not meant to be an animal version of Mario and Peach.

I've never liked this pairing. Amy may like Sonic, but Sonic doesn't love Amy. Not like that at least.

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5 Knuxamy

Just, why? Why on earth would they love each other! Knuckles is too busy for love (sorry ladies), and Amy just wants Sonic! - Silverbronwyn

I just think that this will not happen for life. Amy likes Sonic in almost all cartoons, shows and comics.

I'm pretty sure Knucklehead finds Amy repulsive and that wouldn't ever change.

Ok so I know this wouldn’t ever happen
But I kinda...ship...this...
Is-is that weird?

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6 Silvaze

This shipping can be counted as a pointless ship, first of all, Silver and Blaze have never met, as time was erased in 06', plus in Blaze's Japanese profile, it states that she sees him as a little brother. - Silverbronwyn

I know it's your opinion that you hate Silvaze, but logic doesn't madder. There is still the archie comics. And they were clearly standing by each other in Sonic Generations say stuff like "I believe in you Sonic." And "You can do it Sonic! " It's probably not gonna happen, but its WAAAYYY X100 Better then Silvamy. God, I hate that couple. The personalities don't match at ALL. It's easily the worst Sonic couple for me. But anyway, Silvaze is my favorite, but I respect your opinion. - LpsDisneyTmntFreak

Silvaze is such a ridiculous pairing. Firstly, it's been said that Silver sees Blaze as a SISTER, not girlfriend or whatever. Secondly, Blaze is too locked up on herself, let alone be with a guy who is naive. And thirdly, it's not a good time for them to have a relationship anyway, because they are too preoccupied with their guardian duties. I personally prefer Silvamy.

No this I great probably the best ship

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7 Sonadow

This exist... Apparently... Well that is creepy, weird, and just... Who thought of it? I can understand Sonic x Eggman being worse, but this is just... - randomuser2525

This ship is stupid as Shadow sees Sonic as a rival, even an enemy, if you've seen the Shadow the Hedgehog opening, then you'll know what I mean, Shadow is always beating up Sonic! - Silverbronwyn

Why does this even exist? Neither Sonic or Shadow are gay.

This is phedophila. You want to know why? Because sonic is 15 years old and shadow is 50 plus they're enimes and that will never work because it's descusting and phedophila

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8 Eggman x Cream

Okay what wacko nutty screw ball came up with this? I'm being serious. LOOK AT IT THAN ASK YOURSELF IF IT MAKES A LICK OF SENSE! If you think it does... Well you got issues.

What? WHAT? Dude, this should have been first. Cream and Eggman? No, just no. Someone please burn this thing, I couldn't stand it.

I don't even know where to begin with this

Top 10 Anime Disasters

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9 Sonouge

This makes no sense, out of all the boys she flirts with, why would she choose Sonic? She flirts more with Knuckles and even Shadow! - Silverbronwyn

Rouge loves Shadow, what.

I had to put it up. Shadow/sonic makes you sick? Try this


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10 Shadshrek

Who ever came up with this is sick in the skull and belongs in a mental hospital.

Why is this even a thing? Shadow and Shrek DOES NOT related in ANY ways and that's the end of it

Don't even get me started on this "so called pairing" Iv actually seen the video. It's it really sick and whoever came up with this pairing first needs to go kill theirselves

This is the worst ship. Ever. I'm really glad that this is a joke.

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11 Shadamy

Whoever first thought that Shadamy was a good idea should be shot.

This is what happens when shippers run out of characters so they close their eyes, pick two random characters, give the "ship" a name, and act like it's canon. NO!

Why the fudge is this couple so popular, this is THE WORST couple I've ever seen

Amy mistook shadow for sonic in sonic x [ is she color blind ] ONCE. 2# describe amy in three words [ kind annoying fan girl ] shadow [ mean, pissed murderer ] ya see what I mean. if Amy and shadow became a couple it would be an abusive one and probs dive Amy to kill herself
now would you want that to happen

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12 Silvadow

If you've played 06', you might have seen the scene where Shadow kicks Silver in the back of the head... True love, that is <3 (sarcasm if you didn't notice) Silver and Shadow worked together once, and time was erased, so yet again, they never met. - Silverbronwyn

No way, Shadow is actually Silver's father

In '06 There is a scene where Silver runs at Shadow to attack him, but Shadow uses chaos control to slow him down, then proceeds to kick him in the back of his head. Yes, they worked together on one mission but time was erased, so they never met. TREU love that ISH!

Ok so when they fight that's what makes it a bad couple (even though who made them fight was satin in heghog form), but when they shown they can work well together, it doesn't matter because it was all ereased, like when they attacked each other?

Makes sense /rollseyes

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13 Sonic x Tree

Just... No words come to mind. (Sarcastically) Well do show me this Tree! I bet she looks amazing in pink! Oh and some makeup, Sonic you go!

An animal and plant can't date.

True love... if the tree was amy

...How is this number 13?

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14 Shadouge

Shadouge is awesome and is better (and more likely) than Knouge. Deal with it.

Shadouge is the best couple shadouge forever!

But this is near the top of the best sonic ships list...i'm so confused

Shadouge sucks...

(flameshield on)

15 Sonic x Knuckles V 4 Comments
16 Sonaze

This shouldn't even be higher than the sonic and Liam Neeson one in my opinion

I love it, in the Sonic rush series, Sonic is the reason Blaze knows what true friendship is, it took love, hope, trust and respect and Kickass fighting to find love between friends, this is far thr coolest character interaction

Ok I get if your shipping sonic and blaze from sonic rush but if your shipping sonic an blaze from 06 and after that then no

This couple sucks!

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17 Sonic x Liam Neeson

This is genius! - VeronikaHolm


Why is this in existence? Jesus is this an ACTUAL ship or is it just one of those stupid ships like shadsrek oh god don't get me started on that trainwreck

This is beautiful ty whoever made this!

18 Shadkal

This makes no scence they never even met

I never will understand how Shadikal is so popular.


19 Amy x Kion (The Lion Guard)

What in actual hell

20 Sonkey

We'll just go with Donkey Kong for now.

Sonic X Donkey

Donkey kong? D=

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