Top Ten Worst Sounds the Human Body Makes

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There're so many variations in sounds in farts (or trumping) as my nan calls it). I think it funny, especially if it's quiet and someone lets out a little squeaky one. It sets off the whole office.

Hey why do you people think it sounds bad I know it does but if you didn't fart or pass gas you would die so don't laugh at people who pass gas and don't do it as a joke

Seriously, fart jokes are literally easiest laziest comedy there is, and it bothers me to see in otherwise brilliant lives like this.

Some can smell horrid too :/


This should be #1 because it's so disgusting to hear or watch!

It's worse than a fart, that's for sure

I'd rather hear a fart than hear someone vomit. Faring all the way man!

What? I like listening to farts! Vomiting is really gross though...


To be honest, I hate loud snoring more than farts. Especially when my dad does it

My aunt Dottie has super loud snoring and I woke up one time when I was sleeping with her on a vacation and I couldn’t go back to sleep because she was snoring so loudly!

Dear god, its complete hell every time my dad comes over and falls asleep on our couch and overpowers the T.V. in his sleep like nothing...

My opinion on this is 50/50. Sometimes it's funny and I laugh at it, and sometimes it annoys me to death that I can't sleep.


This is one of my pet peeves... listening to someone smack their lips while they eat, so annoying

That sound is so gross. I can't eat when people next to me do that

But chewing gum is fun! I can't stop!

My brother does it all the time

Grinding teeth

Oh my goodness, I have a habit of doing this ;-;

My brother does it in his sleep.

If someone grindes there teeth it just feels like its shedding my skin I hate it so I'm going with this


EW and they smell bad too

I don't find the humor in them. They drive me crazy

Burps are more disgusting than farts. What's up with farts at #1?! Burps should be on that place!

Whether we like it or not, we all do it

Cracking joints

It is one of my biggest habits and I love doing it myself, but I cringe when I hear others do it. Yes, I know, I'm a hypocrite

My joints all ways do this. My mom says it runs in the family.

My joints are cracking all the time. And not on purpose!

This drives my mom nuts, and my uncle even cracks my sister's toes to upset her...

Abdominal/bowel sounds

Why is this not No. 1? Do you enjoy taking a test next to your crush and suddenly the dying whale in your stomach decides to talk?... Yeah, I didn't think so.

If you ever hear this one while you're in class, you'll understand.

The cause of most of my embarrassment D:

Its always when the room is full of people and is really quiet when my stomach wants to pretend to be a dying whale. Its really embarrassing


I must sound like hell wherever I go...

Most common and infectious


There are funny sneezes, but most sneezes just sound so bad that I feel like I'm in the middle of a pandemic. I feel bad for myself and apologize to others so bad when I sneeze because it is really hard.

Oh god have mercy...
My grandmother, she goes YYASSHH 1000000 times louder than a foghorn... NOT COOL!

It will be even gross if you had a cold. Then there would be gross stuff all over your arm

It sounds like my mom being mad

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Hiccup is emmbarresing plus very funny! If you don't believe me then guess what, when it was my birthday and birthday party everyone came and we put a Bremen cheesecake and a melted chocolate cake yum! Instead of everyone sing happy birthday everyone told me to sing it solo and everyone else clap for me. But something happened which was when I begen to sing I hiccup again and again and everyone thought I was singing so they didn't notice I was actually hiccuping. So everyone clap while I was hiccuping. In the end of my hiccup I told everyone I was hiccuping haha! Laugh out loud!

This is embarrassing right, in class I was making something with my friend, and then suddenly when my teacher was talking I hiccup so loud that it hurt

This is just annoying. Also painful sometimes.


Some girls can really carry a tune - let me outta here!

As if girls weren't loud and annoying enough.


Good meaning, by chavi madcap


Anyone who's been around babies know that this has to be the most annoying sound

Sometimes this is just entertaining. It even makes me laugh. Or maybe it just depends on the baby's tune of crying.

When someone is really hurt and sad tho it not annoying

Crying is a really annoying sound.

Collecting phlegm in your mouth

Does not make sounds, but still feels disgusting.

My dad does this a lot

Eww! Really awful noise.


It's annoying, especially for little kids.


I can't stand it when in the room right next to me when my parents moan it's so uncomfortable

Noise your back makes when laying naked on a wooden floor and making your body go up and down

So, you're a bottom?

ok that's weird


Especially grown ups repeatedly kissing babies over and over again...

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